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  1. I've been a fan of motors we use in RC since I had my first hobby grade car back in 1985. Check out the AYK GZ1200 motor from..1979!! My first "exotic" brushed motor was the Astro Turbo 05 Both brushed and brushless motors have their own idiosyncrasies. Brushed motors use more more mechanical options for tuning such as brush compound type, and shape, commutator finish and bearing choice. Brushless motors are mostly controlled by software to customize to one's liking. Either way, for me it's fun to tinker with. The sad part for fans of brushed motors, is that parts and supplies are dwindling. I changed the brass bushings to bearings in my Superstock RZ and BZ motors, and wanted to try some soft compound brushes to get a bit more performance out of them but it's hard to source any. I'mean yeah.. I could just get a cheap brushless motor and get more performance, but I like this process. Conversely, I chose specific brushless motors for my Kyosho Tomahawk and Turbo Optima. I love the pinpoint control the sensored motors give and proportional breaking makes it feel like I can skate each car along any line I choose. Either way, you can't really go wrong. Brushed or brushless.. you can explore options to maximize what you want out of them and enjoy.
  2. Thank you Matthias! Your build is very nice! Even more impressive considering this was done awhile back. Consider me a big fan of your work sir!
  3. Whoa~ Quite a lot going on in this photo.. a slipper clutch mod? plastic insert shape that follows the shape of the transmission.. threaded rod and nuts suggest a different motor mount position(perhaps larger pinion) as well. Do tell us more!
  4. I'm glad Kyosho is continuing to put out new models since the company was purchased by Shinsei Bank. Hopefully, this will be followed up with more goodies like a re-re Optima mid. This offering is a bit pricey, but I get it.. They already had the Mad Crusher platform (which seems very capable but for whatever reasons wasn't wildly popular among MT fans), and just needed a licensed body to cap it off to connect the history of the USA-1 in both monster truck reality and Kyosho product history. I'm curious to see how the this will fare against Losi's LMT.
  5. Would be my best guess to achieve the desired results.. then follow up with PS-59 Dark Metallic Blue. Just be sure to go light on the pearl as it can tend to collect in places like corners if you aren't careful and leave a bit of cloudy film.
  6. I can't stop staring at this..
  7. I can't stop staring at this..
  8. Tamiya Japan is the same, I'm afraid. There's a Tamiya Playfactory store about 20 minutes by train away from the main Hobby Shops in Akihabara here in Japan. Prices are insane there as well. It's really only a last resort for me, and even at that I only buy small parts or paint colors I simply cannot find elsewhere. Kit prices are generally 30-40 % higher than the local hobby store just 20 minutes away. It is a bit bewildering to say the least..
  9. Finished with a new coat and some shoes to look preppy on the shelf
  10. Hmm... don't see any mention of it here. Friday, April 16, 2021 Tamiya "59th Shizuoka Hobby Show Announcement New Product List" Released Tamiya has released "The 59th Shizuoka Hobby Show Announcement New Product List". ◇ 1/10 RC Land Frieder Quad Truck (TT-02FT Chassis) (Released in July) ◇ 1/10 RC TA08 PRO chassis kit (released in June) ◇ 1/10 RC Comical Hot Shot (GF-01CB Chassis) (Released in July) ◇ 1/10 RC Glass Hopper II Black Edition [RC Special Project] (Released in July) ◇ 1/10 RC Thunder Dragon (2021) [RC Special Project] (Released in September) ◇ 1/10 RC 2020 Ford GT Mk II (TT-02 chassis) (released in June) ◇ 1/10 RC 1998 Ford Escort Custom (TT-02 chassis) (released in May) ◇ 1/10 RC Top Force EVO. (2021) [RC Special Project] (Released in June) ◇ 1/10 RC Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 (CC-02 chassis) (released in June) ◇ TA08 PRO Titanium Bisset [RC Special Project] (Released in June) ◇ OP.2004 TA08 Aluminum Servo Mount (released in June) ◇ OP.2003 TA08 Stabilizer set (F / R) (released in June) ◇ OP.2005 TA08 Carbon Damper Stay (F / R) (Released in June) ◇ SP.1667 TA08 06 Super Gear (71T) (Released in June) ◇ SP.1668 TA08 04 Super Gear (110T) (Released in June) ◇ SP.1669 TA08 D parts (suspension arm) 2 pieces (released in June) ◇ SP.1670 TA08 Front belt (132T) (released in June) ◇ SP.1671 TA08 Rear belt (101T) (released in June) Source: Tamiya
  11. Love the pics and by the looks if it, a model assembled with great care. I can appreciate Tamiya's design intent with that was available at the time by keeping the motor low and forward of the rear axle. The battery placement and esc compartment followed by front gearbox taking up the rest of the chassis space is simply brilliant use of space and weight. It's no wonder this is a great handling car.
  12. Absolute beauty!! The color really pops along with those rims.
  13. Money. Those motors are hard to find, as are their spare parts. Shelf them and save for future reference. Run silver cans/lipos in your rides and you'll have plenty of performance for those chassis. Saying that, I'd still open things up and inspect and re-lube the drivetrain and add bearings if not done already.
  14. Have a re-re Blackfoot and Monster Beetle. The Blackfoot has the "Xeostar brace" mentioned above and runs a Superstock BZ motor. Stock 10T pinion and CVAs as well and I have experienced no problems at all. On a straight wide-open its as fast as I think this chassis can manage. Also used anti-wear grease on the swing arm pivot points, seems to give smoother movement and much less signs of wear than kit supplied grease. The Monster Beetle has the MIP diff and a Brushless 21.5T sensored setup, but it's probably slower than a stock silver can but can run all day it seems on a 5000mah 2s pack. I crawl up grassy hills and foot trails with it, and again have no issues whatsoever. I used kit supplied grease on the rear swing arms here, but when it's time to do a general clean I'll replace with anti-wear grease as well.
  15. If your goals are longevity, abundance of power and low maintenance, then brushless all the way. In the long run, you will save money by not having to replace things so long as you pick a proper set-up that won't overheat. I chose to use brushed motors on my vintage RCs that were designed before brushless motors were a popular option. Even still, I try to get the most out of them by optimizing performance with bearings and then doing proper maintenance when needed.
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