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    Tamiya Fan since.. well.. since I first saw one. So a long time ago.

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Started out with a used Falcon when in grade school.  Didn't even have a radio, just the roller, with a motor and some bald tires.  Took it apart, cleaned it with my toothbrush (what grade school student needs that anyway??) and admired it for months until I could purchase a radio/receiver and servos from another kid at school.

Since that time, have owned over 130 RC's total.  Largest was 1:5 scale on 10s with twin motors, smallest was 1/24 scale but with a Steve Neu motor and ran on tiny 3s lipos.  

Now I'm just an old fart, trying to get a better hand at painting and mastering assembly details/tasteful mods.  Still love my latest project as much as I did my original Falcon.

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