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  1. Love the projects! I'm doing a re-re grasshopper family during this period of isolation
  2. Hang in there buddy.. I struggle with paint jobs and this particular body (Scorcher/Beetle) has been a nemesis at times.. Admittedly, I'm a novice compared to many who belong here, but time and patience have allowed me to improve my results little by little..
  3. I have a stock brushless RTR Mad Bug and a Blitzer Beetle that I put a good deal of effort into painting and detailing.. as a basher, I would easily go with the Mad Bug. The hard plastic Blitzer Beetle body will suffer if bashed (and would be a waste if purchased just to destroy instead of proper paint/detail). The Mad Bug has some awesome dampers and is set up correctly from the get go. Haven't changed a thing on it and it's still a champ everywhere I've taken it.
  4. Not sure why my photos are uploaded vertically when they are normally horizonal..
  5. I have a Blitzer Beetle with a black can 20T motor on 2s with the stock pinion. Plenty fast for what I want, and 3s for when it's crazy fun time. On 3s things got a little warm so I added a heatsink to keep it in check.
  6. Looks like the throttle trim needs to be adjusted. Please advise if you need a hand.
  7. Yes, standard as in s3003 servo. Think about it.. the motor is hanging off the back end, the battery is sitting across the rear of the chassis just in front of the rear wheels.. what's left? esc (modern versions are very compact and light weight), servo? and.. mono-shock front suspension. All of the heavy components are towards the rear of the chassis, so there is a tendency to under steer a bit. With that.. I find that the s3003 servo can handle things just fine.
  8. I use a cheap chinese 2.4g radio and standard Futaba servo. I will defer to others about upgrades here, as the basic reliable stuff does enough for my liking.
  9. So far no issues with the sway bar but admittedly I don't run this car very hard. The mounting setup is very "low-tech" and has a bit of play but.. again, no issues with it.
  10. I went with a brushless motor on my NovaFox (14T sensorless) and used 12 gauge wire.. a bit much but I was able to rout things nice enough to sort of blend in with the colors of the stripes on the body. A bonus is wheelies-on-throttle blips when traction is good. It's a hoot to drive!
  11. Meh.. if it's fit for your shelf, then it's a queen. I think whatever a person has put their effort into either restoring to their own standards, or acquiring some long sought after piece.. it's still the same. In terms of selling an item.. perhaps the definition is a bit more narrowed down. There's certainly a difference between: 1) Never run 2) Never seen the outdoors 3) Lightly used for a test run only 4) "Adult maintained" 5) Ran like it was stolen
  12. Eagle Racing makes a superb set that I use on my Blitzer Beetle. I originally purchased them for the price (cheaper than Tamiya's equivalent alloy shocks) but they also included 3 sets of springs to tune with.
  13. Aha! But Moffman, this was back in the 80's when the sacred "holy grail" was as not yet discovered to be what it is. Hence.. mentioning my sentiments as relating to the OP's topic at the time of said opinion being indeed a valid point. Now.. had I mentioned CURRENTLY that I am disappointed in the Avante.. well.. fool me once, yeah? Wait.. did I just indirectly insult the Avante? ****, back to my LHS then! I need to make a few er.. em.. purchases anyway.
  14. Super interesting thread going on here.. I almost want to start another and see what would be the complete opposite: What cars did you think would be.. let's say "so-so" at best, but then find out were amazingly fun. Perhaps some mods were needed or modern upgrades to spice up old-school design intent. But, staying on-topic, I'd have to almost be blasphemous and say the Avante. I mention this because My dad and I used to race around back in the late 80's and he had one. It had a 10-turn motor as well. I had a Losi JRX-Pro with a Reedy Pocket Rocket 17-turn and it was never ever competitive. If he was able to hold a straight line long enough to take the lead, something eventually broke.
  15. And another somewhat fuzzy photo of the completed job:
  16. Very neat thread going on here. I can only speak from my own experience when it comes to modifying vintage Tamiya models with upgraded power. I've satiated my curiosity with just how far one can push the limits of brushless/lipo etc in other more modern RC platforms and therefor had no desire to ruin a perfectly good vintage model (or classic re-re) by overpowering it. I do however, recall my early memories of some RC cars and how otherworldly they seemed at top speed. In the 80s, I used to watch friends race RCs in a paved parking garage. It was only a few lucky kids who's parents could afford them, but I was always there to watch every time they met up. A Falcon with Technipower motor, a gold pan RC 10 with a green and silver Reedy Modified motor.. and a Fox with a Technigold motor. The smooth but dusty concrete meant that everyone spun tires at the start but eventually the Fox seemed to hit the highest top speed and pull past the others. They would turn around and race back towards the starting line, same results. Of course years later and I've always wanted a Fox for that very reason, so I purchased a NovaFox. Rather than keep it stock, ball races were of course included but I also picked up a 14T "Tamiya" brushless sensorless motor on sale at my LHS as well. I use "Tamiya" in quotes because I'm almost certain Tamiya rebranded another product this time.. but whatever, I thought it was a modern-day equivalent of what the Technigold would have been anyway. Call it a resto-mod if you will. Much to my surprise, with that 14T motor and 2s lipo this thing flies. It can pull the front wheels off the ground when stabbing the throttle at just the right moment and top speed gets to a point where planning ahead as to where to safely slow down becomes a concern. I wasn't planning for such overkill, but I like it. I only play with this one occasionally, as I need a much more open space to fully enjoy it. Either way, that's my take as to why I decided to add a but more oomph to an otherwise stellar re-re.
  17. Fantastic looking rig Moffman!! I too am a fiend for Tamiya VWs (own Monster Beetle, Blitzer, VW Beetle classic). Here's s snap of my Blitzer in progress. I've since finished up the paint and installed a light kit with Willie at the helm. My phone has a horrible camera and I've ordered an upgrade which is due to arrive next week. I'll (hopefully) get better quality photos of the finished product. Shodog, I couldn't agree with you more. I love everything about that modded Blackfoot, the chrome chassis, paint scheme and of course those awesome wheels. It's part of what steered me away from purchasing the XB version. I now have a theme in mind for the new 'foot's paint scheme....
  18. Its an honor to abide by the rules lol. Mind you, I build a bit slow and methodical so it will take awhile. Just finishing the last details of the interior on my Blitzer Beetle and I'll start on this one over the winter holidays. Speaking of that.. I suppose I should drop some pics of my Blitzer Beetle in the thread I asked for input as well..
  19. @moffman I hear ya. I lucked out and married a good one, don't mind admitting that she's right most of the time.
  20. My wife (of all people) talked me back off the ledge. I guess the appeal was to have a Blackfoot that is a genuine "box art" display. But who are we kidding? I'm going to run it. Indeed.. if the diff issues arise I would be seeking MIP for another cure. The counter argument was this: I can buy a Blackfoot kit, full bearings, MIP diff and a radio w/ esc and 20-turn black can motor for around the same price as the XB. She opined, "wouldn't you rather build it yourself anyway and make it the way you like?".. Indeed I would.
  21. Question: Would you purchase an XB Blackfoot..? I saw one at my LHS today. Price was up there, but not quite stratospheric. I have a Monster Beetle all done up with mild brushless/MIP diff already.. and wondered about this. Would an XB version with a stock silver can develop diff issues..? I'm all ears if anyone would like to chime in and talk me out of this..
  22. I would imagine that one could stuff quite a bit of narcotic material inside the 4 tires of a Clod/Bullhead. Edit: (why am i putting thought into this..)
  23. The MLST dampers arrived and it looks promising. Larger diameter makes for better dampening effect, and the springs are soft enough to be just right when the collars are backed off all the way. The blue anodizing is a slightly lighter color but when looking at the car in person you really don't notice it. I'm happy this worked! And now I have two extra dampers for the rear as spares.
  24. Count me in as part of the "build it" group as well. I suppose it depends on the model (rarity, vintage or no) and considering that the chassis is quite common, I think the most rare bit would be the chrome body. Building as a display model would in no way devalue that. Build, enjoy the process and admire the diplay.
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