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  1. Wanted to chime in as well, I love my Wild One. I went to my local hobby store one back in April with plans to buy a Grasshopper and do crazy suspension mods in hopes of having a cool looking scale buggy that was fun to drive along different types of terrain. I went as far as picking out the Grasshopper kit and a basket full of parts when I walked past the Wild One and thought.. hmm.. "Why haven't I ever purchased one of these?" I put all of my assorted parts back and got the Wild One kit instead. I'm running it with a black can Sport Tuned motor on 2s lipo. No gearbox issues to speak of. As Saito2 mentioned, perhaps Tamiya sorted out the issue with later releases. Driving is just plain fun. Handles well. With a lipo battery, understeer is reduced. I don't go over any jumps, just run mostly on paved bike paths with occasional bumps which cause it to catch some mild air occasionally. At that, it never gets out of line. **This was in no way meant to offend any Grasshopper owners. I ended up buying one later and did some minor upgrades to it as well. I love it for what it is, but it doesn't come close to being as sooth and as fun to drive as my Wild One.
  2. I'm running with the 380 Sport Tuned motor now actually. It moves the car along very nicely (I think it is the perfect balance of torque/top end on 3s) but gets a little hot sometimes. There was a bit of tinkering to mount it however.. had to combine an aluminum mount with the regular plastic grasshopper motor mount and use a brass sleeve with a 10t pinion normally used in the Lunchbox/Blackfoot/etc. Oh.. I also used larger gauge wire. Hope this helps!
  3. I have a grasshopper and purchased the oil shock set from Ebay. They add the bling factor, sure.. but for performance, I think one can only expect so much. As Juggular mentioned, a fundamental design flaw is the amount of unsprung weight. That being said, here's my setup and experience with them: I'm using the 380 motor and a small 3s 2200 mah lipo battery. My intent was to keep the weight down. In addition, I wanted to have some good top end but not so much torque that disrupts the chassis under hard acceleration as a 540-sized motor seems to do. The shocks came with thin oil which I replaced. The springs were a bit stiff for my setup, but I imagine that if running a heavier battery and/or 540 motor they might be ok as-is. For my liking, I used ball-point pen springs on the underside of each shock piston (sliding the spring over the shock shaft and inserting into the shock body) to counter the spring rate. The end result is a ride that no longer "hops" around when going over rough pavement or gravel. It won't handle large jumps or very rough terrain very well, and I suspect that the basic chassis design never will. Still, I'm very pleased with the results.
  4. I'm still searching for replacement dampers for my beloved GB02...
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