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  1. Thanks for the reply, in fact I don't know if there is such a firm in my area... will have a see!
  2. Hi everyone, I own a vintage Twister Comm Lathe, but the carbide tip is a bit old now, does anyone know where to source good quality carbide or even diamond tips for this kind of lathe? I've been searching on Google there are hundreds of references but are they all reliable (Lots of Chinese stuff BTW)? Thanks!
  3. The only problem with Seidel is that they do not sell abroad if the kit contains electronics… That's too bad their prices are ok!
  4. Aaargghhh did not buy the Tomahawk yet… will have to sell at least a kidney to get both!
  5. I noticed that the alu damper stay have a tendency to bend… You'd rather buy a 3mm thick carbon sheet and create your own damper stay; I've done that and since then, no problems! I can copy it almost as much as I want, you only need a dremel! When you're talking about the one you ordered, you mean you bought an avante 2001 damper stay or an egress one? Fred
  6. Very nice restoration, but tell me if I'm wrong, is there a problem with the rear Gear Box cover? Fred
  7. I've read somewhere that the problem can also be fixed by using the ball diff of the RB5/RB6 instead of the gear diff, the outdrives are supposed to be a little deeper…
  8. Thank you guys for your advices! I already have a comm lathe but one of my BZ's is really tired, that's why I was wondering about changing the rotor… anyway I got a 17t single left in my spare box, the only thing is that the magnets on these motors are so strong, I wonder if a lower turn rotor will no overheat the armature... Fred
  9. Hi everybody, The BZ is rebuildable so I wanted to know if there is a way to get spares rotors, as I've searched on the internet and found nothing… I know it's a 23 turns single, I guess every brand should fit? If anyone has a suggestion, welcome! Thanks Fred
  10. Hi everybody, I'm looking for a 3mm Carbon rear damper stay, as I broke mine on my Vajra... Thanks!! Fred
  11. I've got the original hi-caps (front), so the seal is blue, in fact... I ordered red ones as well, hope they will fit. I bought rere for the rear end (It was for an avante rere), but I find the springs are too soft, and I had to put an o-ring inside the damper to limit droop... the car gets better now, I think I will add a second o-ring to see what happens. Fred
  12. Top ones, they lost their elasticity and finally they got shredded I guess, the club where I Race is a little bumpy... Found a thread apparently the oil seals can be found under this ref: 9805486 Gonna order a pair and I let you know... Fred
  13. Hi everybody, I bought before their re release a pair of front Hi cap dampers; unfortunately the oil seals died (both of them!) today during a running... does anyone a pair of these? Thanks! Fred
  14. Hi, I broke one avante ball end today, I'm looking for two ball ends to buy, I know we can find uniball ball ends on flea bay, but I only need one and not 16... If anyone sells I'm interested! Fred
  15. Sorry for the late reply, no I just need the counter Gear, I already have a set of bevels... Sent you a message Fred
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