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  1. Same as above monster beetle re re And a Willys wheeler as well Can't wait for Xmas morning
  2. Hi mate if you look into the for sale part There's a blitzer beetle shell on a scorpion Ok not a scorcher but close lol
  3. We're abouts can you get the option house stuff For the Scorpion All the places I look is out of stock Thanks for any help
  4. The scorcher shell looks way off On the scorpion chassis It makes the Kyosho shell fitment look perfect
  5. There was a scorcher body On a scorpion chassis For sale on here last month
  6. Waz1176


    Best model shop I have ever used So helpful and quick 5 stars around
  7. Thanks for you help mate and for the welcome
  8. Thank you that's great info I can machine up some new drive shafts And spacers and probably cut the front Thanks for all your help really useful Wezz
  9. Thanks mate so could I use the same as my Subaru brat And will the fronts go on ok thanks for the welcome been on here for about for years but I thought I would say hi All I need now is the monster beetle to be re re Happy new year Wezz
  10. Hi ive got a street rover and would like to put the same wheels as my sand scorcher on it Is there any way of changing the hubs Thanks for any help Wezz
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