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  1. Clocked the Aggroshart at 35mph on Sunday! Got Pin Spikes coming for the Orange Blitzer wheels I bought a while back. Also got some JB Weld so will hopefully be able to remove the hex bolts from the rear of the chassis and fit the sway bar kit.
  2. I'm on my 3rd 2.0mm tip but all the others are still as they arrived. Good set of tools.
  3. Thanks. I'll start looking for a set.
  4. Do the Chevron tyres as fitted to the Dual Hunter fit the wheels from the Aqroshot/Stadium Blitzer?
  5. It's a common phrase over on that other forum and one I rate highly. Basically, it means that you never know what mood the guy who built your rig was in. Therefore it's never a bad thing to give it a full check over before running. I didn't think it was necessary at first but I'll do it with every RTR I buy from now on.
  6. Hi mate, no, no Outlaw in the fleet yet. Personally, I wouldn't go down that route. There's not enough gearing options available.
  7. Nope, no fan. I used to run one in my Wraith on 3s with a 55t can, still running one on 2s with a 45t can in my SCX10. Have consulted an experienced 1060/Firebolt 15t user and his theory is that the can would burn out after a short period of use, most likely taking the 1060 with it........
  8. A nice set of shy and retiring wheels arrived today. No pics yet but I'll try and persuade them to pose for the camera when they're dressed..........................
  9. You know it's a retorical question lol. But great suggestions, the Falcon would have to be done, defo brushless!
  10. Great thread Nito. Cracking build as always. Shame about the crash damage, unlucky there, I've given the 'Shart badword and so far the only breakages have been a rear hinge pin holder and rear damper mount. I have the ARB set ready to fit but need to get a new chassis due to rounded hex heads in the bolts holding the gearbox on.
  11. This thread should be locked until 9pm, it's so full of Aqroporn!
  12. I do have plans to add a 'Box to my fleet, but I want to do my Mad Bull build first.
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