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  1. The last time i visited GPM in Hong Kong, they were very accommodating with all requested parts. They have CNC equipment. If they didnt have it in stock, a phone call to the "factory" was made and and i picked it up a day or so later. I could even choose the colour of the anodising!!!
  2. depends on the type of (enamel) paint. if none of the above methods works, I'd try ( on an inconspicuous area ) acetone / nail polish remover. If all else fails strip it with sodium hydroxide / dish washer tablet and hit it with chrome paint. ( yeah, i know that stuff is not so good, so how about flat black???). anyhow, i've felt your pain, good luck.
  3. How is the jet?? Can you blow air through it?? Is the needle valve straight?? Are there any air leaks?? Play between the throttle body and the crankcase attachment?? Might be worth running a light bead of silicon sealant around the base of the carb and attatchment screws. As far as i know, the irvine 20 carby on the aeroplane and marine versions is the same as the car-buggy version. The parts were still available last time i checked. I have not had much luck mixing and matching carbys. Mardave and Irvine is like strawberries and cream.
  4. kyosho scorpion is lighter than a standard srb. I would expect the kyosho rims and tires to be less durable under the load of a srb.
  5. have you still got the charger?? Wouldnt you like another drive??? Worth………..I know i'd pay a pretty penny to be behind the controls of my childhood RR. Look it over carefully, those dents and scrathes are priceless.
  6. ……… and if you were aiming for that effect the first time…………………irony….. there must be a song about it. Good job!!!!!
  7. It was called a sand scorcher for a reason. Have your tools on hand and be prepared for a strip down. Some of my greatest childhood memories include destroying a srb on the beach!!!!
  8. The results will depend on the type of plastic, pressure applied, depth of scratch, etc. The general rule is the cutting compound / abrasive must be capable of removing enough material to level the surface. Before spending any money, I'd be tempted to try tooth paste!!!
  9. Thats pure gold!!! Microfiber might make for a reasonable mattress?? This sends me back many years. I can remember seeing these ( 1:1 ) lined up at the beach at ocean grove. As a child. It was a special treat to get fish and chips for dinner and eat them sitting in the car watching the surf. How about a monaro with fluffy dice next???
  10. Big thumbs up for Kamtec. The traditional process of making the forms / moulds is not easy. And given the reality of the number that would be sold, I feel very lucky to have guys like Kamtec making it happen.
  11. Anything vinatge from Futaba still looks modern / cool today.
  12. Feel your pain on the 4mm tap. Heaps on da evil B. Or there is always JB Weld. The other way you can win, is to drill a 2.5mm hole in the pins that connect the swing arm to the gear box and tap 3mm through them. You can then use a longer set-screw / or cap socket without worring about the stripped bit. This keeps more "meat" on the swing arm and less likely to crack / break!!!
  13. Love looking at the box ( art work, info, diagrams, cut-aways etc ). Love opening the box ( like when I was younger and have saved up for so long ). Love lining all the boxes up and pretending i'm in a hobbie shop in the 80's. My wife hates model car boxes, parts, etc!!!
  14. felt your pain. SG made a tank with a similar shape and neck ( suitable for a bung type top ) might be ok??? EvilB??? Is it to run or look at????
  15. Kom sar har mid daaaas. Kim Chee and Bim Bim Bop aside, pargu is your man in south korea!!! Thumbs up for everything South Korean, except having to eat while you sit on the floor!!! Mick, relativly short flight from HK. PS hows wan chai these days?????
  16. Yeah, TamiyaUSA is correct. Its was only available in Japan. Keep searching, one might turn up on EvilB, but I think you have a better chance of finding a Unicorn. Sorry.
  17. well spotted. neighborhood watch works!!!
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