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  1. One last comment. If the frp, graphite or carbon fiber chassis were the same shape as the tub with the side walls and the same thickness...then they probably would be stiffer. But just using that flat plate as the chassis can’t possibly be more durable. I could be wrong but currently this is just my opinion.
  2. Thanks LeftyAl. I am going to be building the re-release lancia. I bit the bullet and paid the MAP price which I suspect most of us on here will eventually do. I have a graphite chassis for it. I am going to use it to off-set some of the weight of the ABS body. However, if I wanted to make the car bulletproof and weight was not a concern I would use the tub supplied. Goodnight everyone.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a quick question. Why is it that manufactures advertise frp and carbon fiber chassis as more rigid than the plastic tub type chassis’. I understand they are lighter in weight but clearly it takes more effort to bend a plastic tub than that thin piece of frp or carbon fiber??
  4. Hi everyone, this is very disheartening. I’m glad I have a nice amount of NIB kits to build. At the same time, I guess my NIB bruiser is now worth 1K wow. How does this price hike affect individuals who profit from selling tamiya vehicles? I never thought Towerhobbies would be destroyed like this (at least for me).
  5. I would also like a release of some current muscle cars. Maybe a challenger or a charger. And, I would like an ABS body corvette. Please Mr. T
  6. I would also like a release of some current muscle cars. Maybe a challenger or a charger. And, I would like an ABS body corvette. Please Mr. T
  7. Does anyone know if the lancia will have off centered wheels like the other two TA02sw Porsche’s had?
  8. Thanks for all the insight. I think I'm going with the Optima. I enjoy building the vehicles the most so 4wd in most cases trumps 2wd. Thanks again, tamiya club members are the best. Chris
  9. Hi everyone, sorry for this non-tamiya question. Can anyone tell me from personal experience which car performs better straight out of the box between the Kyosho Optima and the Associated Rc10? The Rc10 I'm talking about is the one with fewer gears in the gearbox. However, I would also like the comparison between the Optima and the other Rc10 also. I owned an Rc10 when I was a youth but never had a chance to see nor drive an Optima. Also which setup is better on the Optima chain drive or belt drive? Thanks a lot for any input. Chris
  10. I just discovered a quarter fits perfectly into the area I need to mask. So now I can find a way to temporarily attach the quarter or use it as a template to cut the tape.
  11. Thanks again, I like that "spiral staircase" method. And, I will eventually try both ways mentioned. I just don't have the liquid mask and I want to get down to spraying. Chris
  12. Hi tamiya club, I have built the tamiya Porsche 911 gt2 (ta02sw). I want to add headlight buckets. The kit does not include a sticker to mask lights before painting. Is there some method for cutting out some masking tape to fit the inside of the body where the headlights will go? Or is it simply trial and error until the tape fits? I tried for an hour last night but was not satisfied with the results. Thanks for any tips or advice. I would really like to get this part of the body done correctly.
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