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  1. Didn't have any tubes available so I had to use this. ..cut.. ...bend... ...solder... ...print... ...ready to assemble and test.
  2. Found one more thing to do to delay completion and keep this thread going. I filled up the space where the inaccurate stock headlights go and I'm now modeling the replacements.
  3. Almost there. Still need to do headlights and tail lights and maybe a light system? After that some more weathering.
  4. I've been really busy the past two weeks so not much progress made. I 3d printed embossed badges (painted chrome) and printed decals to go over them. This is the decal on the 3d printed badge still soaking with water. I then squeezed the water out and ... voila! This actually turned out better than I expected. I will probably have to spray a clear coat over them to prevent the decals from peeling.
  5. Thanks! Oh no! You just planted a seed in my mind suggesting the Mini wheels! Too many ideas and not enough time (and money).
  6. I used Alclad polished aluminum. Alclad Chrome would have been better but it's not available anywhere in my part of the world right now. It can actually look a lot better by giving the hub caps a smooth glossy black base. Since I just wanted to see what it would look light, I just sprayed the 3d printed part with a single coat of black paint then gave it a coat of Alclad. Here are the door trims and grille frame printed in Alclad.
  7. Correct, I just scan the decal and trace over it. I suppose you could also scan the side of the shell. The chrome frame on this one is too thick.
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