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  1. Looks like I'm going to be 3D printing another set of tires for another VW!
  2. I could put them on Shapeways but I don't think they have a flexible material for the tires that I know of.
  3. I put them of Shapeways for those that are interested. Just search "Tamiya 1/10 Volkswagen Beetle Rally Headlight". I put the hood/bonnet latches there, too.
  4. Almost there. I just have to finish the rear bumper, wire up the lights, and add some weathering.
  5. I just couldn't wait. I had to see what the tire would look like weathered so I quickIy brushed on some sand colored pigment.
  6. After seeing that pic, I wondered what the wheels and tires would look like on an Alpine. Maybe reduce the diameter and bring it closer into the fenders?
  7. Finally got the time to test run the 3d printed tires. Everything worked out. The tires survived 30 minutes of bashing on a cement road. I did full speed turns, brakes, zigzags, etc.. The tires and wheels stayed in one piece. I tried to drive and take a video at the same time to show the tires in action. It wasn't easy so I couldn't really show the punishment I put the tires through. [media] [/media]
  8. I'll be testing the wheels and tires tomorrow if I have time. I have them on the front and the old FDM printed ones in the rear.
  9. Yes, I printed two sets (wheels and tires) of the latest version to test. I plan to try them on a DF-03Ra since the Beetle chassis has no electronics. I'll be travelling for a week though so the test will have to wait .
  10. I think NinjaFlex should be durable enough to withstand normal running and have reasonable grip. The tires shown in the previous post were printed using an SLA printer. An FDM printer using NinjaFlex just can't give me the level of detail I'm looking for. My latest tires were printed using flexible resin which is much softer and, based on feel, has the same amount of grip a standard Tamiya rubber tire has. I modeled a new tire and will test run it to see how it holds up.
  11. Thanks berman & colda. It would be nice to sell them but probably only on a made to order basis. Maybe I should put them on Shapeways? Anyway, had some time to work on a couple more parts. Here are the new wheels printed using clear resin. Tried a quick shot of flat black to see how they turn out. Here's a failed print of the ver. 1 tire... Ver. 2 has a tighter tread pattern that looks a bit more to scale. Both tires haven't been fully washed and cured yet so they look a bit rough and grimy. Flexible resin!
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