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  1. Thanks everybody. It was fun doing this and having you guys along for the ride (pun intended). 😀
  2. Here's a video to close the 2CV build. I should have taken the video before driving FPV and slamming into things in my house. I broke the frame of the front grille and the badges on the rear are coming off.
  3. Oh no, I may have unintentionally set your expectations too high! Okay, let's see... Wipers - Would be awesome though if I could do it and they actually wiped the windshield. Steering wheel and driver's head - Hmmm, sort of (steering wheel would look good). Hood pop up and retractable canvas top - In my dreams. Anyway, here it is. I hope it's not too anti-climactic.
  4. Moved the steering servo to make some room in the chassis. Added a servo...
  5. Didn't have any tubes available so I had to use this. ..cut.. ...bend... ...solder... ...print... ...ready to assemble and test.
  6. Found one more thing to do to delay completion and keep this thread going. I filled up the space where the inaccurate stock headlights go and I'm now modeling the replacements.
  7. Almost there. Still need to do headlights and tail lights and maybe a light system? After that some more weathering.
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