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  1. The tire will be molded in one piece using a 3 piece mould. I plan to use syringes and rubber tubing to pull the resin from the bottom to the top of the mold hopefully without leaving any air bubbles.
  2. I tried something a little different. The problem with using flexible resin is that it's not really that flexible and definitely not stretchable. If you try to stretch it to mount on a rim, 9 times out of 10, it will break. That's the reason I print the wheels in two pieces. This time I tried printing a mold for the 2cv tire. I printed a 2-piece mold with the joint down the middle of the tire. However, I realized that there would probably be an ugly line where the 2 halves of the mold meet. I decided I was going to make a new mold so I used one side for a test mold of the resin I had. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a picture of the resin in the mold. It turned out pretty good though. One thing I didn't apply was a release agent so the tire stuck to the mold more than I expected it to. Since I was going to make a new mold, I decided to just break the mold and get the (1/3) tire out to see how detailed it would be. Honestly, I really like the result. This is a much faster and cheaper way to make tires. Furthermore, the tires now stretch and bend just like real tires. Super grippy, too.
  3. Still waiting for the 2cv body set to arrive. In the meantime, I tried this.
  4. Done. Substantial savings. https://www.shapeways.com/product/8LFQS2HZV/tamiya-1-10-citroen-2cv-wheel-set-with-hubcaps?optionId=161502423&li=shop-inventory
  5. Thanks for the compliments. I suppose it would be possible. It would depend on my ability to model the tire in 3d and make it suitable for 3D printing.
  6. @Joe Bo I'm afraid it's only for one since Shapeways tends to be expensive. As you mentioned, when the current climate calms down, I'm hoping I can offer these directly to those who are interested at a lower total cost than Shapeways. Besides, the only available flexible material they have is white TPU (not very flexible). I'm currently experimenting molding the tires in RTV so they're more durable and faster to make.
  7. @Collin Here are a couple of test prints of the A110 rim using an FDM printer. Nothing a little surfacer can't fix. The 2cv tire was printed on an FDM printer using NinjaFlex. You can also check out my old Beetle build that has pictures of rims and tires created on an FDM printer.
  8. Created a tread pattern for the 2cv tire based on pics from the web .
  9. I made two types of hub caps. One will require cutting the shaft and using a low profile nut so everything fits underneath. The other will allow using the stock nut and shaft with no mods but will not look as scale.
  10. I'm still not convinced with pressing in the hub cap into the middle of the wheel. Removing it will be a pain. I'm thinking of maybe putting a hole so you could poke the cap out from behind the wheel with a paperclip. I also checked Shapeways and they only have TPU in white. Who would want a white tire? If anybody is familiar with alternative materials on Shapeways, please let me know. If there isn't a material that works, I may just put sets on E-Bay or sell directly like I did with a couple of Beetle wheel/tire sets. Below is a test print of the 2cv wheel. Gave it a quick and dirty spray of PS-1 White (can't go out to get some TS-1). Don't mind the crude looking tire. It was printed on a FDM printer using NinjaFlex. The tire is slightly smaller in diameter and narrower than the Alpine A110's tire.
  11. @Joe Bo Veering a bit off topic, here's a rendering of the 2cv wheel and tire I plan to upload to Shapeways for anybody that's interested. I simplified it so that no screws are needed. The hub cap is held on by friction. Tire should be printed using TPU. TPE would be better but I don't think Shapeways has that yet.
  12. I actually prefer the Sonic Mini and so do a lot of others based on the positive reviews it's getting. The printouts were better and easier to produce than on the Moai. The Moai needs a lot of fiddling to work properly. Dimensional accuracy seems to be better on the Sonic Mini, too. Unfortunately, the LED of the Sonic Mini had to be replaced after only a few prints. The LED driver issue turned out to be a known problem and (hopefully) has been addressed by Phrozen. They shipped out a new part to me but the pandemic hit and now it's stuck in a Fedex warehouse. I've successfully printed tires on the Moai using Photocentric3d's flexible UV resin. I've ordered the LCD version of the resin to try on the Mini for tires but I don't know when it's going to get here. The thing about these "flexible" resins though is that they will bend but NOT stretch. For this reason, I design the wheels with front and back parts so that I don't have to stretch the tires when mounting them. The flexible resins are durable and you can run them without breaking. If they do, print another one!
  13. For this wheel/tire set, I used a Moai 130 with Anycubic resin. I would have used my Phrozen Sonic Mini but I'm still waiting for a part to get it working. I can't really give my opinion regarding the part you are printing until I see it but you can try adding a lot more supports with smaller contact areas to the object. I don't have experience using Elegoo resins but from what you describe, it's seems too brittle for your intended purpose. Try looking for a "tough" resin. Something similar to this resin from a quick Google search - https://epax3d.com/products/esun-hard-and-tough-photopolymer-resin-for-lcd-3d-printers-uv-405nm-0-5kg. Laying the wheel flat on the build plate should work. Just make sure there are vent holes in your model so you don't create a vacuum that may cause it to stick to your vat. Maybe also add about 0.2~0.3mm to the bottom/rear part of the wheel as the first few layers tend to get compressed.
  14. Thanks! However, to get the hub caps that small, the threaded shaft will have to be cut and low profile wheel nuts used. I ordered a 2cv body set but don't know when I'll receive it given everything that's happening. I'll try to make wheels and tires for it based on pictures for now.
  15. I believe those wheels and tires can be printed. Do you have a closer or more detailed picture of the wheels and tires? I could put them up on Shapeways. However, the only flexible material they have is TPU. It could work but I find it too hard. ...and I totally agree with you regarding wanting more cars with scale appearances. Next in line to get the wheel/tire treatment are the 2cv and Karmann Ghia .
  16. The tires are soft enough to be useable. Here's the link to my Beetle build with more details and a video of the tires in action.
  17. Test fit. The axles will probably have to be shortened for the hub caps to fit.
  18. I use an SLA 3d printer. It can produce way more detail than an FDM printer.
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