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  1. Wow! Haven't visited Tamiyaclub in a while (into RC planes exclusively now) and didn't know there was a party going on here. Unfortunately, I'm all the way on the other side of the world from most of you in the Philippines. Sending stuff out into the world from here is crazy expensive. You can check the couriers' websites if you want. Fortunately, I've sold most of the kits locally and only have the Fast Attack and the XR311 left.
  2. I'm into RC planes now and have been for a while so I'm letting go of some of my kits. They are unopened and the boxes have been wrapped in plastic. Shipping one kit via courier with tracking is $80 to the US and $85 to the UK (I know, shipping is crazy now). Please message me if you have questions. Open to reasonable offers. Tamiya 1/12 XR311 - US$300 Kyosho Scorpion - US$300 - SOLD Tamiya 1/12 Hummer - US$380 - SOLD Tamiya 1/10 Fast Attack - US$300
  3. Beautiful! I love it! Thank you for using the parts. I've been caught up with RC planes lately so haven't been around Tamiyaclub the past couple of months.
  4. I broke the 2cv's front grille when I ran into a wall so I printed another one and made it a one piece part that's easier to install and more durable. While I was painting it, I realized I never finished the A110 wheels. So let's see how they look in chrome!
  5. Thanks everybody. It was fun doing this and having you guys along for the ride (pun intended). 😀
  6. Here's a video to close the 2CV build. I should have taken the video before driving FPV and slamming into things in my house. I broke the frame of the front grille and the badges on the rear are coming off.
  7. Oh no, I may have unintentionally set your expectations too high! Okay, let's see... Wipers - Would be awesome though if I could do it and they actually wiped the windshield. Steering wheel and driver's head - Hmmm, sort of (steering wheel would look good). Hood pop up and retractable canvas top - In my dreams. Anyway, here it is. I hope it's not too anti-climactic.
  8. Moved the steering servo to make some room in the chassis. Added a servo...
  9. Didn't have any tubes available so I had to use this. ..cut.. ...bend... ...solder... ...print... ...ready to assemble and test.
  10. Found one more thing to do to delay completion and keep this thread going. I filled up the space where the inaccurate stock headlights go and I'm now modeling the replacements.
  11. Almost there. Still need to do headlights and tail lights and maybe a light system? After that some more weathering.
  12. I've been really busy the past two weeks so not much progress made. I 3d printed embossed badges (painted chrome) and printed decals to go over them. This is the decal on the 3d printed badge still soaking with water. I then squeezed the water out and ... voila! This actually turned out better than I expected. I will probably have to spray a clear coat over them to prevent the decals from peeling.
  13. Thanks! Oh no! You just planted a seed in my mind suggesting the Mini wheels! Too many ideas and not enough time (and money).
  14. I used Alclad polished aluminum. Alclad Chrome would have been better but it's not available anywhere in my part of the world right now. It can actually look a lot better by giving the hub caps a smooth glossy black base. Since I just wanted to see what it would look light, I just sprayed the 3d printed part with a single coat of black paint then gave it a coat of Alclad. Here are the door trims and grille frame printed in Alclad.
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