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  1. As per title, I need a Tyrrell P34 rear wing, re-re is fine must be good condition and must ship to Canada, thanks!
  2. Pretty sure I have this Erich, I'll check later today and let you know
  3. Well here in Canada getting parts for Kyoshos has always been a problem, that is not the case with Tamiya. And if you think engineering tolerances in Kyoshos are bad, search the web for the RC10 Worlds re-re, lots of problems with gearbox shafts and tolerances messed up (apparently though the Associated guys send out free replacement parts no problem). Ive yet to buy my first Kyosho re-re, and with the current canadian vs US dollar exchange the Optima re-re would cost me about 500$ which is too steep for me so will probably have to wait until Christmas. Im truly very happy that Tamiya and Kyosho continue to re-release all their classics, so bring on the Javelin and Bigwig!
  4. I have a new built Fast Attack sharkmouth I might be willing to trade but Im in Canada.....
  5. Now this is my kind of Hornet!! Anybody know what's underneath the body? Found this while browsing Youtube, apparently that car won the Kyosho offroad cup in 1986. Seems to be a lot of Kyosho in there like gold shocks, chain drive etc, but the chassis appears to be stock Hornet tub. Just wondering if anybody knows anything about it
  6. That radio looks like a clone of the Airtronics VT2P, might be easier to find and will probably work with your vintage receiver, check your crystal first to see what freq range you need (27, 75, etc). I have that radio but Im way over in Canada.
  7. You might have better luck on a Kyosho forum, or there is also a facebook group called ''kyosho vintage RC'', someone there might have what you need, lots of Optima owners there
  8. pizzachaude

    Shock Collars

    I have plenty of Kyosho Raiders for parts, so I use their shock collars which are same color and size but different material. But if I run out of them thanks for the tip, for a runner I would def go with those
  9. Tamiya polycarbonate paint cleaner, ever since I started using that stuff I swear I will never use anything else. Safest for lexan!!
  10. I have the BT50 manual, but I have the car as well. Not sure if I want to separate them. Are you interested in buying the whole car with manual? The manual itself is mint like new. let me know your offer for just the manual or make an offer for the whole car if you are interested. It has a Tamiya black motor which I can remove and put in the stock original silvercan to lower costs. I have the 2 side mirrors they are not on car, as well as the lexan body which is new. Tires are used but in excellent shape no cracks no rot. Body has some damage but still looks good
  11. Yep, scale series Ultima, with those wheels that would be the Testarossa. Looks like you're missing the gearbox hatch cover
  12. Check it out!! http://www.kyosho.com/eng/
  13. Hi, these vintage F1 cars are not my thing so Id rather sell it. This is how it was when I got it. Body has some damage but still good condition, I have the 2 side mirrors and they will come with the car. Front bumper has scratches and stress marks. MSC is new, it came with the car when I got it but was never used. Also has a Tamiya RS-540SD black motor with red endbell in near mint condition (label is mint). Tires are used but in good condition (not cracked or rotten). Also included is the original manual in mint condition, as well as the original lexan body which I believe came with the car, the body is new and has never been painted. Asking 150$ US plus actual shipping costs, Paypal you pay the fees. Ships from Canada. The only trades I might consider are a Kyosho Ultima or Kyosho Rocky, thanks
  14. This.... I think the only Axial part left is the battery plate
  15. One of my favorite looking trucks, but I also love the Outlaw Ultima
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