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  1. A long shot, but I'm in search of a left rear wheel for a my childhood Vanquish. Would consider a pair of rear wheels or whole set if the price is reasonable. I was hoping spares would become available with the introduction of the VQS but I can't swing $100 a set Ebay prices for basically the one wheel I need. Thanks.
  2. Being a member of the Hotshot family, shouldn't the alloy propshaft and cups from the Hotshot and Super Hot Shot rereleases be a drop in replacement for the Bigwig as well? I believe the Hotshot re-re drivecups listed as MR16 and propshaft listed as MR17 would replace the BA16/A3 drivecups and BC5 wire propshaft listed in the re-re Bigwig manual.
  3. Yes, the extra uprights are an updated part in the Hotshot and Super Hot Shot's case and they left the original old style uprights on the parts tree instead of changing the mold.
  4. Good question. The extra uprights (the ones not on the main parts tree) started showing up in the Hotshot rerelease. These extra uprights gave better geometry compare to the original 3 hole Hotshot and Super (Hot) Shot ones. Starting with the Boomerang, Tamiya changed uprights for the original Boomerang to the two hole variety from there on out including the Bigwig. Why they included extra 2 hole uprights for re-res past the Super Hot Shot and if they are different from the ones on the parts tree is a mystery to me, though I'd like someone with more knowledge to shed some light on the subject. Perhaps the bearing depth in the upright is different? I don't know. Somewhere, in all this mess, I also question why Tamiya used equal length dogbones on the Boomerang, Bigwig and Super Sabre and not on the others originally but only used equal length dogbones on the Boomer re-re but not the re-re Bigwig this time.
  5. I have some of that and it does work pretty decent for restoring old tires. It doesn't quite "break down" new tires from what little I've tried. Works pretty well as a preservative though. yes, I think that's one of the ingredients folks use in their homemade sauces. Is that like Armor All? Never heard of it before. Did a quick search and it looks promising. Personally, since I've never "sauced" tires I not positive on what the results are. Some say it makes the tire stickier, which isn't really the goal, just softer. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  6. This may be way off base as I'm no modern racer. I've heard about applying various chemicals (Liquid Wrench, etc.) to racing tires to make them "softer" or more effective. I'm looking for a way to make Blackfoot/Monster Beetle tire softer, more like Lunch Box tires. Many years ago I had a set of strangely soft (by Tamiya standards) Blackfoot tires and they worked quite well while preserving the stock look (which I'm a stickler for). They looked just like normal Blackfoot tires in everyway, just softer like Lunch Box tires. Indeed, at one time, soft Big Bear tires were the hot ticket for Blackfoot runners, being both wider and softer. Like I said, I might be barking up the wrong tree here with the tire sauce idea.
  7. lol, I'm probably the wrong person to ask as I hot screw probably far more than needed. Are you referring to the areas where the gearboxes screw to the tub? I'm not familiar enough with the Thundershot series over the long haul to make a judgement. I have seen the mounts split on the earlier Hotshot series, but typically only after many many years of (often vigorous) use.
  8. I personally use it in a lot of areas. The main ones are holes that don't have a lot of material them and/or are subjected to impact stress frequently. The suspension arm screw pins on a Fox for example. Anything that initial screw insertion might start tiny fractures that over time, aided by impacts in use, would spread the cracks and lead to part failure. The Thundershot screw pin mounts always seem vulnerable in my personal experience too. I've seen them split over time with very little use. On the other hand, something like the gearbox case screws on a Hornet/Lunch Box never seem to crack as there is adequate material around the hole for the impacts it is subjected to. The multiple screws holding the gearbox together, the way the gearbox halves mate/interlock together and the type of impacts it sees must be below the threshold. Thanks guys. I wondered about the hub carriers too. The entire suspension seem more spindly (though less wear prone) than the Hotshot series I'm familiar with but, as a whole, I don't hear a ton of durability complaints about the T-shot platform (aside from the A5). Perhaps those more resilient arms help.
  9. I have a Thunder Dragon on preorder that is destined to be a runner. Lacking the stockpile of spares that I have for my Hotshot series buggies, durability and longevity are priorities for this future build. Aside from the A5 upgrades/fixes, I'm focused on preserving the suspension arm mounts (and to a lesser degree, the knuckles/hub carriers. Should I replace the screw pins with hinge pins? From the looks of it, only the lower screw pins look easily substituted with e-clip hinge pins. At the rear, only the right rear upper could be replaced as the left rear upper goes into a blind hole. The front uppers replacement might be possible (left front upper=blind hole, right front upper=through hole) as they a trapped at the front by another part. Should I concern myself with replacing as many of the screw pins as possible for maximum longevity? Are there any hinge pin sets from Tamiya that might include useful sizes? My old Thundershot has splits in the mounts from the screw pins. Admittedly, this was not assembled with the "hot screw method" I use now, so that might alleviate the problem.(?) Furthermore, would turnbuckles also be in order to relieve stress from the upper mounts in a collision? On one hand, the turnbuckles could pivot back in a wreck, saving the upper mounts. On the other hand, using the rigid upper links would spread the impact forces over both the upper and lower mounts, potentially aiding the lower mount's lifespan. Of course, this may act inversely toward the lifespan of the knuckles/hub carriers. At least the blue nylon arms are a bit more impact resistant compare to rock-hard ABS ones. Durability and long term use (decades, if my other buggies are an indication, lol) are the goals, not performance. Any help from the T-shot experts appreciated.
  10. Sat the 20th? Happy birthday! That's my birthday too. I also found some glitches in the manual as well. I think the builder's kit has only been around since the updated transmission came out. My SMT10 build is a bit stalled too. Finding my Rangers tires were out-of-round kinda took the wind out of my sails for now.
  11. I apologize if the topic has grown outside its original intent but some of these "branches" have become quite interesting. Birds of a feather flock together still applies. Life is uncertain for a lot of people. I think people (in varying degrees based on the individual) have a fear or perhaps question (sometimes on a near subconscious level) whether they are doing the "right" thing. This could be very surface level. Some like to follow all the latest styling trends, others not so much. This also extend to thoughts and beliefs. What is more addictive than being constantly told and reaffirmed that you are "doing the right thing" that everything is cool and you're cool too because there's no need to change, you're doing and thinking the "correct" things already? Well, social media does that through its AI. Echo chamber with no end. Daily dose of self affirmation. Take it a step further. What if what your doing/believing isn't just "right" but it makes you "better" and "smarter" than the poor "fools" who think otherwise? Go down the conspiracy route and it becomes super-addictive to some...the idea of having this "knowledge" making you greater than those around you. Whether you're "woke" or think you have the inside line on election fraud knowledge or vaccines or 9/11 etc, it all becomes a powerful stimulant. Its powerful enough to angrily turn a blind eye to facts (which now are up for debate unfortunately) staring you in the face or worse, lash out against them.
  12. How did you find a picture of my closet? I keep mine for sure. The boxes with artwork are very carefully stored, although I have a display shelf with about six boxes that I rotate above my model shelves (away from UV light of course). The newer photo boxes I keep around and put spares in. I caught my parents trying to trash my original kit boxes when I was young. Through much begging and pleading they allowed me to cut them up (which I then used as wall art much to their distain, lol). I also managed to keep my oldest two boxes (I was a collector of old RC even back then), a FAV and Fox intact. Of course, the second I left for college, they found the boxes (along with my RC10T box) smashed them flat and trashed them along with a third of my RC collection. The outcome? I'm a bit nuts when it comes to saving and preserving boxart boxes.
  13. Grown up? Nah. I still play with toy cars. Gotten older maybe, but never really grew up .
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