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  1. I felt the same way. Willy was out of hobby shops by that point in time and I searched far and wide for one but to no avail. I don't know why but its stand-out looks and proportions from the other cars in the Tamiya lineup drew me in. Other kids teased me mercilessly about liking such a quirky vehicle with a name that begged to be mocked so I eventually kept quiet. I wonder if the Wild Willy 2 would appeal to young kids today?
  2. Updating this thread from last year with some finished projects.
  3. Mostly finished off my German "The Boss" variant of the Kyosho Big Boss tonight. Missing some parts and the chrome was shot compared to my other Big Boss. but its coming along. All this started because TBG sent me an extra Boss body years back...
  4. Got one more run in before the rain starts today and I go back to work on Monday. At least this will be my last week at this job before heading off to what promises to be a better one. Nervous nevertheless.
  5. Not missing a thing. Social media is a cancer. That's not to make "Social Media" into this faceless boogeyman that we can point the finger of blame at. Humans created it, abused it, an manipulated it their our own ends. People can espouse the positive virtues of social media platforms all they want but even certain religions do good while simultaneously committing acts of evil. Its mind rotting garbage and I wish we could turn the whole thing off and forget it ever existed.
  6. I don't know. Its not my car, but another member's. I didn't want to take credit for the idea but thought it might be useful for our problem...possibly.
  7. Here's the picture I was thinking of with the tubing between the arms: It conceivably does transfer more impact loads from one mounting tab to the other, but perhaps the arm's overall flexibility would prevent that occurrence from being terminal. I was just thinking the tubing would make it tougher for the arm to pull out by preventing one of the arm's bending paths in the case of an impact.
  8. @toyolien, the Javelin and Turbo Optima use the same basic chassis as the Optima as well.
  9. Interesting how we're all thinking along the same lines. I was also considering something similar only using a twist of mechanics wire. It was a trick I saw @kontemax use to hold his old splitting Boomerang parts together.
  10. The Optima is a great car and you can see where it revolutionized 4wd off road buggies. In Kyosho's design-style lineage, I'd put it between the mostly metal cars like the Scorpion and the more plastic ones like the Ultima. The gearcases and suspension arms are tough fiber reinforced plastic, but there is still plenty of metal plates and rails in its construction. As others have said, its really built like a tank. Its not a car I'd want to service often because, just looking at it, it seems there would be much tear-down to get into its deeper innards. Fortunately, its reliable and the fact Kyosho gives you the choice of chain or belt is pretty cool. I was shocked how well it cornered and turned in my grassy yard. Its a great complex, but not difficult, build that oozes Kyosho's usual re-release quality. I liked the build more than the Mid build even if the Mid is considered the superior performer. The older Optima is no slouch though.
  11. Yes! I was pondering that too after I posted about the tube bracing. A washer glued to each inner end, like you have pictured and then brass tubing run between them, taking up the gap. I know someone else has done and/or suggested this. As long as the glue is suitable for nylon, it should help. As a total aside, I wonder if a T-shot buggy could keep pace with an Optima Mid?
  12. Took my damaged arm out for quick look under the magnifier. The split is not at the mold parting line, but rather below it. No signs of blushing but some whitish discoloration in other areas from being pulled and bent out of its hinge pin. I've seen another member span the gap between the front and rear inner pivot points with metal tubing. Initial reaction was that it would cause impact loads to transfer from the front mounting point to the rear, i.e. not good. Upon further thought, would a tightly (though not binding) fitted piece of tubing, perhaps with washers on either end (to add support/surface area and prevent the tubing from cutting into the soft arm plastic), help discourage the arm from pulling out on impact? As it stands now the front pivot portion of the arm would need to pull outward (splitting the plastic), but also flex backward. The brace tubing would minimally prevent the backward flex of the portion of the arm. The material may be so soft that it could squirm out regardless, but it might be worth a try.
  13. I decided to keep my Optima an Optima for the time being rather than swap to the Javelin cage. Out for a run in the chilly weather. Actually got a little air on that last one. I have to practice getting more jump shots. I went with B&W for the last one. It kinda reminds me of the early days of RC Car Action magazine, when not all the photos were in fancy full color. I oddly wish I could return to those simpler "black and white" days, even if it means using Nicds and MSCs.
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