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  1. I pretty much agree with what other's have said, particularly @Mad Ax. I also hadn't heard of Fan RC until GTodd started repeatedly mentioning it. You won't find me supporting exact copies like the Bruiser clone. However, producing a similar design version in greater numbers because Associated wants to play the "limited edition" exclusivity card is fine by me. That's the risk Associated takes by not approaching to meet demand with a high dollar collector trinket instead. Tamiya could have tried the same tactic with the Hotshot re-release in 2007 by offering it in limited quantities at a premium price (and sold every one as well), but they didn't. It is still available today for all who wish to enjoy them. I don't think anyone's making a knock-off Hotshot either. Needless to say, I prefer Tamiya's take. The Fan RC stuff does seem a bit too close for comfort in some cases, but if there's a market for these vintage designs and if companies like Associated or Losi etc, don't want to meet demand or even try, well, than have at it.
  2. Pretty cool news. As a kid I used to wonder about the lack of a Frog, Grasshopper or Super Shot racing mini 4wd. Later, I just figured it was because the racing minis started with the Hotshot and the Frog/Grasshopper just predated it (always wanted a Super Shot Jr. though). Glad to see Tamiya producing this. It could be my first mini 4wd purchase in a very long time.
  3. The King Cab was released first with the Losi JR-XT following shortly thereafter. The RC10T was a relative late-comer to the racing truck scene (many other manufacturers like Kyosho, Traxxas and Schumacher had jumped into the racing truck pool by then) , first debuting at the '91 Winter Champs. The Stadium Blitzer followed the RC10T in '92 with the Dyna Blaster not being released until August of '93, two years after the RC10T. The Dyna Blaster was probably Tamiya's closest approximation to the RC10T. Although pitting potential re-releases against each other is a fun bit of bench racing to hopefully stir interest, Tamiya has rarely directly responded despite obviously offering vehicles in various competitive market segments. The Clod Buster/Bullhead vs the Double Dare/original USA-1 being the closest to a direct battle with Kyosho in this case.
  4. With the odd lay-down rear shock placement, stronger springs than usual are typically used. Even then, the rear typically squats down under power. Since you've done that as well as checked over the shocks, I'd look at binding in the rear arms as @Tamiyabigstuff noted. With the shock collapsed, as it is in the picture, try loosening the three screws (per side) that attach the outer arm mounts (K3 and K7 in the original manual) and see if that releases the binding and allows the shocks to extend. Assuming the original hex headed half-shafts are not binding in there drive cups (they should slide back and forth in the cups to allow for "length changes" as the rear arms move through their arc), adding washers under the K3/K7 parts can relive the bind. Technically, washers can be added between the red chassis/frame and the gearbox mounting location points to achieve the same purpose.
  5. Probably last drop. Down to $250 shipped, preferably to established member. Paypal accepted. After this, the buggy's going back in its box to sit in a closet for a few years until demand (hopefully) comes back for RC.
  6. I am in no way an on-road guy, though I do look at and read up on some of the more interesting chassis in the segment. I'm never too pleased to see a classic shell return on the TT02 chassis instead of the proper TA02 chassis, etc. however. I do like to see "TT02" in thread titles however. They tell me to avoid these threads unless I need some sleep. Reading about TT02s always makes me sleepy. Speaking off that, my bedtime is coming up...
  7. I always took them to be as mountains as well. What that has to do with "Super Clod Buster" text written in a vaguely 8-bit style (the original Clod coming from the '80s perhaps?) and a Wolverine-looking fellow coming at you over said mountains is beyond me. Needless to say, I find the original Clod decals superior.
  8. I knew the Mid would be a hard sell. Part of the problem was the introduction of the Worlds Spec Mid after the standard version. Everyone leap on the first one and if their was enough Mid love, they might go for the Worlds version too. Add to that is the reduced pool of potential buyers on this forum from the States and things get pretty limited. Worse yet, I get no replies from local listings, like ever. Granted, I don't use Facebook Marketplace because the first thing they want is my SS number so they can report my earnings for tax purposes. Didn't I pay taxes on it when I bought it? Unfortunately shipping overseas is risky. Not because I lack trust in any of you but rather the postal system. I was told to my face at the post office, that once a package leaves the US, they can't/won't track it and if it gets lost somewhere....too bad, that's on me. I lost the first CR01 I sold that way and there went $240...gone. The new Wild One I'm selling is slightly more puzzling as its so much cheaper than ones from a shop and I'm taking a bit hit on it. But again, a smaller US market here plus the introduction of the Blockhead variant probably saturated the market. The sad thing is if Tamiya ever discontinues it again, within a year's time, people will pay significantly more. Patience is the key I guess.
  9. Bump. $260 shipped with original box. Paypal accepted. Established forum member preferred. **$250**
  10. For those into 1:1 cars, where do you see the future of internal combustion engine vehicles in 20 years? There is a part of me (which honestly probably won't win) that would like to simplify life by selling off some of my 1:1 cars to buy just one new car (in this case, a Toyota GR86). This raises larger questions concerning the changing automotive landscape. I could easily get 20 years use out of a car with the limited miles I drive but where will things be in 20 years? What will be the price of gas, parts availability etc.? I have some viewpoints as I've been paying attention to "the discussion" of electrification and the future of personal transportation but I don't want to taint anyone's initial response. Please try to keep political garbage out of it. This is a global issue. What do you all think?
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