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  1. I am currently selling my BMW Z3 M Roadster on eBay from the year 2000 It is completed but has never been fully run (it has obviously been tested but not used) Take a look- http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1555.l2649
  2. Still requiring some assistance on this if anyone could give me an idea? - Caz
  3. Hi there, I hope this is the right forum, apologies if it isn't. Several years ago I acquired a Tamiya R.C Car and although it has been assembled, painted and tested, it has sat in the original box and has never seen the tarmac. I wish it hadn't been assembled but it is still in mint condition. I am not a collector of these in any sense (comics and action figures are more my thing) so I have searched around and thought it was time to ask the experts. So what do I have? I have a Tamiya BMW M Roadster, 1/10th Scale R.C High Performance Racing Car on a M-04L chassis. It is painted blue all over (poor choice, the "soft top" roof could do with painting black and the windows are just plain plastic) and all the appropriate decals have been attached with great care and attention) It is still in the original box, with the original documentation and the construction guide. With it I also have a Acoms Techniplus 2 channel radio control unit again with original box and booklet (which I have been led to believe is a good model?) and also a Ansmann AC14 Overnight Mains Charger. I am saddened every time I walk past it on the shelf in my storage room and feel it is being wasted so am looking at selling it as I will not be able to bring myself to use it. Could anyone give me some advice on what I have here and if possible what it could be worth (I have a rough idea based on similar models I have seen on ebay but nothing conclusive) and if there is a market for this model? Any help would be greatly appreciated and again I apologise if this is in the wrong board. I have photos of the item but they are too large for the system it seems so if anyone would like to see images please ask and I will provide
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