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  1. As a side note: thread locker is your friend! After a few races everything loosens. The buggy did pretty well but is a little slow. I want a few more laps for experience then I will go to a brushless system. The stock shock with heavy oil weren't bad either. As long as you don't floor it off the lip of a jump it stays straight in the air.
  2. Unfortunately I have managed to completely destroy my Madbull's body and front body mount. The body mount can be figured out but I am unsure of aftermarket bodies that will fit on this odd ball vehicle. Has anyone tried something that has worked?
  3. This is exactly what I was thinking. Besides the local track only has short straights with tight turns at the end or a large triple. I think a set up with more torque out of the corners would be more useful then blinding speed. I do have my Lipo's and servo. Everything is ready to go except I have to change one connecter (changed the ESC) and fit all the wires as clean as possible.
  4. Awesome to know thanks guys. Not a lot of people here know jack **** about Tamiya, I am the only one in the off road and on road club that uses a Tamiya.
  5. Cool good to know. I have the slipper and I will purchase a shaft. Did you guys switch the gears or run the stock set up?
  6. I own a Tamiya DF-03 and recently I have joined an RC club. I would like to make this car competitive. The stock motor isn't going to cut it. I have search online and found mixed information. Some say they have converted it to brushless and it shreds the gearbox after a few races. Has anybody here done it and what set up did you use? I heard switching the metal gears from the front gearbox to the rear one will help it hold up a little better. Any help would be great.
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