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  1. Not 100% sure but I think they wild Willy and wheeler versions are shorter w/b. I know you didn't ask about them but thought it might help.
  2. What?!, Tamiya scrimping on parts?............Never!!! Oh, unless it saves them money.......then they will. :-)
  3. Two runners, in case one needs fixing. :-)
  4. I use Dettol to strip paint off, it doesn't appear to affect the plastic as brake fluid does. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=73854&hl=dettol#entry550412
  5. I've posted stacks of them. I just write 'toy car part' in the description. Never had a problem in 25 years. I've got a few NOS hump batteries.
  6. Yeah, I don't know why they do that, it's not like it's anything special. Even though most of my cars are shelf queens, they all get proper bearings and super lube in gearbox.
  7. make more cars with hard bodys, the P/C bodies should just be for the budget line. Oh, and yeah, drop the weirdo bear, it's seriously a bit strange.
  8. where did you get them, I've only found rims
  9. You could just use a real can. (fit extra batteries in it)
  10. Tamiya should do a Wild Willy style kit as well.
  11. 57, two days ago, although I must be going backwards because the older I get the more toys I buy.
  12. Oh well then in that case I think you're not allowing it to be used as it should, set it free to cruise the cycleways............sell it to me.
  13. HE won't be doing anything, it'll probably be up to me. I just didn't want to have to paint bits etc. 57785 is the kit number
  14. Does anyone know if the RTR Hotshot is the rere kit built up? I've never bought a RTR Tamiya car and a mate wants a Hotshot, I suggested a RTR one as he can't /doesn't want to, build it but wants to put hot up bits on it. On that subject does the Hotshot have much in the way of hot up stuff? I suggested a brushless combo, bearings and shocks. He's not keen on lipo's.
  15. yes......... truth is I don't remember, I've had them for years, just thought l'd use them.
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