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  1. I looked into importing a Mustang from the US, only to find the costs are massive!! Basically, you pay for the car. Then, you have to pay for the shipping. Then you pay customs around 10% import duty on the value of the car....then you pay vat, at 20% on the whole lot, yes you pay tax on the car, the shipping and the duty!! Talk about taxing tax!! Anyway, we've gone off track here. What i really want to say is this.... If these hobby companies keep rising prices as they are, there'll be no one left in the hobby to buy their items. How many times have we heard about kids not being into the modelling scene anymore..is it any wonder??? Regards Nige
  2. Looking good!! Great choice of colour. I have read that some people turn the LH stick 90 degrees so that the ratchet holds it in gear for you?? Nige
  3. I just love your reply!!! I guess containers will never change, there's just too many of em!! To raise the £500 issue, that's the retail price in the UK. Prices here have gone silly, the shopkeepers are complaining about Ebay and the like. Is it any wonder?? Stella Models can sell cheaper than the shops can buy for!! I bought my trailer from Stella models, and will definitly buy from them again. As an example:- The 1/16 full option Leopard tank has now gone over £1000 retail!! Nigel
  4. You're totally right there Skottoman!! What I'm saying is that Tamiya should at least give us decent bearings in a kit which costs nearly £500 here in the UK. That's like $800!!!! I must say, this kit in particular is not good value. I have always loved everything that Tamiya have produced, but, in my opinion this one is way overpriced. Just my 2p Nige
  5. I hope someone from Tamiya will read this!!! Having just purchased the NYK 56330 tri axle trailer and 40 foot container, I was keen to get the kit open and have a good look at it. I would like to say how dissapointed I am that Tamiya have only supplied plastic bearings for the axles!! I mean, come on Tamiya, we pay an absolute fortune for these kits, and you put in rubbish like this!! If I can buy 12off 1150 bearings for a couple of quid, how much would Tamiya have to pay??? A dissapointed customer!!! Nige Edit:- Just found a set of bearings for an M-03 which has 12off 1150's. Only £6.74 with free p+p!! RC Bearings are the supplier, find them on Ebay.
  6. Hi all, Something I've seen a few times, but never really questioned.............................. Why do some US tractors have their 5th wheel right at the back of the chassis/frame? Doing this leaves a large gap between the trailer and sleeper, which i think looks amazing!! Thanks for looking Nige
  7. Hi all, I recently ordered Tamiya 56330 NYK 40 foot container and semi trailer on Ebay, from the wonderful Stella Models. I would like to thank them for their service. they really do go the extra mile to exceed themselves... My kit came in a very rigid, glued together box, which was totally sealed in film in case of getting wet. Inside the box, I found the kit wrapped in bubble wrap and taped at every joint. I think this kit could have been submerged for an hour and survived?? To my amazement, I then discovered upon opening the box that Stella models had also wrapped the parts in bubble wrap and packed out any gaps with polystyrene slabs. This kit was not gonna get damaged what ever happened to it!! Thankyou Stella models, I wish everyone took this much care with their packaging. Nigel
  8. Thankyou very much bromvw. I've sent an email.... lets see what happens.. Nige
  9. Funny that... I live in the UK, but am a huge US fan. I used to live there and have been back about 10 times since... Last time was 2008 in OC, LA. I guess the grass is always greener??? Nige
  10. Thanks for all your replies Guys. That link to the scale 4x4 website will be very useful. I guessed as much with the trailer situation. I don't recall seeing tri axle trailers in the states?? Thanks again Nigel
  11. I have recently come up against the same issue, running an MFU with a 2.4Ghz set.... The only problem is the digital trim levers fitted to most of the sets currently available. The simplest way of overcoming the problem is to buy a carson radio, which has mechanical trims, so is fully compatible. Nige
  12. Any big conventional US aero-rig tractor would do me!! There's enough Euro stuff in the range already. just my 2 cents... Nige
  13. Hey Skottman, Surprised to see someone in the US building a Euro truck!! Looks great!! Are you going to paint the frame red also?? I am currently building the same kit, but without the MFC, I'm saving that for my King Hauler. I love those wheels...where can I get some?? Nigel
  14. I was thinking the same thing, but trying to paint the Stobart logo would be a nightmare!! Does anyone produce 1/14th scale decals ?? Nige
  15. Hi all, I registered on this site about 30 minutes ago and this is my second post already!! I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction with this build..... As you can see, I have fitted the roof panel all filled and blended. I have also filled the holes all along the back of the sleeper and the hole in the roof for the aerial. i'm using 2.4Ghz, so won't need the antennae. I plan to make this into a scale model of a Peterbilt or a Kenworth, but haven't seen anyone else do this. Is there a "How to" on the net somewhere?? I've been modelling for 43 years, so will manage it, but would love to see someone elses methods before I start. I have a MFC for this kit. I also have a set of motorized support legs, but can't decide whether I should put them on my semi trailer or the 40 foot container trailer I've just ordered? Do the Americans use the three axle container trailers?? Sorry to ask so many questions, but I need to be steered in the right direction. Thanks in anticipation Nige
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