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  1. Will the WW1 alloy windscreen hinges fit on to the WW2 body set? Are there any alternatives to the very rare original ones. Thanks In advance. Paulo.
  2. Oh that will be a very sweet collection, I only have the Terra Scorcher.
  3. Great Work! One of Tamiya's most underrated chassis. Great rough ground buggy's.
  4. you spend all your spare time building, repairing and running/flying them. you spend your work time thinking about building, repairing and running/flying them. you spend all your hard earned money on building, repairing and running/flying them. you spend all your time while asleep dreaming about building, repairing and running/flying them. Do I sound like a well rounded guy?
  5. Here's how I store mine for now. I plan to build them all when time allows.
  6. Hi Max, I'm loving your thread. Please don't stop. I love the tr-15t. I prefer it as a GP model but what you are doing is very interesting. Keep up the good work.
  7. It was released about 1987 but it was still in the 1990 catalog. That's why for me the 1990 catalog was Tamiya's best year.
  8. 1990 was for me Tamiya's golden year. It contained all of Tamiya's greats from Hotshot 2 - Egress. 2016 is also great because I have so many Tamiya's I could only dream about all those years ago.
  9. Not sure about these but I haven't seen any other for sale.
  10. I just recieved the last bits for my NIB TRF414.
  11. I have no secret formula, I buy what I like which tends to be the cars we could never afford or really high end designs. I love milestone chassis and a mix of drivetrain & suspension types. I'm not into chasing numbers, definitely quality over quantity.
  12. Hi, great thread. my two rarest are a NIB 49132 TRF414. NIB 44001 TR-15T with every period Tamiya Hop-Up.
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