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  1. Paypal as a Gift offers the buyer zero protection. Consider it a 3% tax on the convenience.
  2. All three motors are tested and in great shape. Technipower $45 obo Black Endurance $25 Black Sprint $80 All three for $135 All prices are shipped USPS Priority with tracking.
  3. $425 Shipped within the CONUS I originally built this truck last fall. I sold it in September and then re-purchased it last month. I'd been itching to get it buttoned up. Truck has under 2 hours on it. Truck is RTR. Axial 2.4ghz radio setup SCX10 Kit HHBRXL Waterproof With TEKIN HD motor Savox 1259 Titanium gear servo Custom front bumper with brushbar and brush wires Kamtec ABS Land Rover Body painted correct Camel Trophty Sandglow yellow NOT TAMIYA CAMEL YELLOW Proline roof rack Proline light bar GMADE Beadlock wheels with RC4wd Trail Buster Tires (copy of Simex Jungle Trekkers) Speedwiegland Oil pan Also have a rear spare carrier to fit the body with a steelie and tire. Interior is a Dingo interior panel. Zillions of custom decals I made up (all on oracal Vinyl on pro equipment) The passenger side rain gutter WILL BE reattached Out of every build I have done, this body, by far, has the most time into it. Every window had to be cut as well as the grille and lights. The Headlights alone were a project LOL It looks like the truck will also be featured in one of the upcoming issues of Rovers Magazine from Rovers North. Link to build thread... http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/1-9-scale-rigs/399032-land-rover-discovery-i.html
  4. Ok folks, I have two Technipower motors I'm listing up here. Both have been tested and work. Likely could use a freshening after all this time. I purchased them over the last two years in hopes of putting one in an OG Hotshot that I have yet to acquire I'd like $40 OBO shipped within the CONUS for the two motors. Shipping elsewhere will be a bit more. Would also trade for a new Tamiya FJ40 body. PM me here or email me directly at thebrickboy at Gmail Cheers! RJ
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/120993921223?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649 http://www.ebay.com/itm/120993922985?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
  6. Very true and think about the difference the RC10 made at the local parks on race Saturday back in the mid 80's. Suddenly my neighbors frog was getting crushed.
  7. the Mog really lends itself to a hybrid approach like you show! Love that! RJ
  8. Thanks Here's another Kamtec 2mm abs body I just finished up...the headlights and grille too a bunch of time on this one. Then again, with some imagination and some vinyl lexan can really POP!
  9. I agree that each medium has it's place. As an in between on some of my scalers I've been running Kamtec 2mm ABS bodies. They're very resilient (almost as tough as poly-carbonate) but they're able to be detailed very nicely. The downside is that it is harder to work with (cut) than Lexan but you can use the common ABS/Styrene and PVC cements with them. here's a Kamtec Defender 110 pickup I recently built from their 2mm ABS. I could etch, carve and cut detail in and if it rolled on the trail it was a non-issue. I finished the bare body in black primer, then covered it in a testors metallic silver. Finally it was given a coat of tan. When the tan was scratched or weathered away, the silver showed through nicely.
  10. I'm a huge Gordon Lightfoot fan so I figured it was OK That song was sampled back over 10 years ago so I figured it could be MUCH worse
  11. Yes, the Axial is 4wd and uses 3 Diffs as opposed to the BigWig's two. While the sheer speed and ability to handle cast a big shadow, the Bigwig is as fun to drive...maybe more Here's a vid I made yesterday with the GoPro stuck to the front of the Exo. http://youtu.be/a3jHfuai9pc?hd=1
  12. That's the rub isn't it? Tamiya set the bar, long ago for scale detail and I'd love to see something like the Exo or an HPI Apache C1. Either way it makes for a fun morning I installed a spare Technipower motor into the Re-release Hornet and decided everyone might like to get some air on such a fine morning.
  13. I guess I'm saying that with the very basic brace, from CRP, or hand made, the issue is moot Drilling out the outputs etc is far more involved than 2 nuts and 2 bolts
  14. Don't mind at all! Yep, it's a Kamtec shell (as is the Defender 110 Pickup) made of 2mm ABS. Harder to work with but it's able to be detailed better than lexan. It's like a slightly flexible hard body...takes a beating but looks 100x better than lexan.
  15. Long overdue on this one as I lurked for a long time and then finally signed up recently... I’m a Rover/Jeep/’Cruiser guy and a scaler guy. Just recently started actually realizing my Vintage-Lust Owned a ton of both and always wheeled them…from comp level crawling to day trips and week long treks with zero pavement. I’ve also done the RC thing for years and years, but now it’s getting crazy…I have a WONDERFUL wife, two great kids, 2 dogs and I weld Black Hawk parts for GE Avaiation. I used to be part owner of a pretty big regional mountain bike company (I guess technically I still am 1/2 owner ) Some of my past 1:1's 110 Hi-Cap. SIIa Bugeye on Parabolics... My dog Duncan at the wheel (he can't drive stick so he was just posing....) my old 1:1 XJ The Camel Trophy Disco I I'm in the midst of (whilst scouring ebay for parts for my newly aquired Bigwig :) Getting a bit better as I move on. The thing I always wrestle with now is realism versus how I want to drive them. I always drive them and really have fun thinking back on the 1:1 wheeling days before kids It's not that a true scaler can't hang...you can obviously build them so they can...it's the damage I inflict :evil:
  16. It's you! It's your bigwig that ***** used in their ebay ad! Is there a build thread on this amazing buggy? Cheers! RJ
  17. I just won one this evening as well! Not as nice as yours but I'm stoked This car is my holy grail of vintage RC's...a buddy had an RC10 in '86 and his dad had the Bigwig...I'd never seen anything move so fast and handle as well...amazing what 8.4 volts and 4wd will do haha!
  18. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-Blackfoot-Adjustable-Motor-Mount-CB18M01-easy-to-adjust-for-gear-mesh-/200818204057?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2ec1b29d99
  19. You're right, but that's why I popped some dates into my crazy point of view Everything we raced back in the mid-late 80's came with a motor/ESC.
  20. All better! Thanks guys! My login was fouled up
  21. Things go a bit sideways when you factor in the Ultima's and the RC10's Speaking of Ultima's.... HEH HEH...sitting in my Vault-o-fun
  22. In a purely analytic manner, you're correct. Historically, you might be off a bit. For a HUUUUUUGE demographic, out of the box performance is all there was way back in the 80's. In '85 and '86 the aftermarket wasn't as diverse or nearly as accessible as it was even in the 90's (much less so than now with the Internet). As a 11-12 year old kid the resources just weren't there for so many and your RC car usually stayed stock until it broke, and then it was repaired with whatever the local shop had in stock. When we bought out cars, we wanted to know how it stacked up stock, because that is how it would likely stay for a long, long time. The same relationship can be seen even now with folks and performance cars. A fella buys the WRX version of the Impreza and it stays bone stock because the cash to modify it, or the know how, just don't exist. Of course while my Blackfoot stayed mostly stock for it's life back in the day, my WRX is a real monster
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