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  1. One tip I have seen is to paint a good thick spot on a large spot of masking tape and once that's good and dry you know the main painted surface is dry and ready to remove the masking tape.
  2. The exhaust is from the kit but is painted using an airbrush.
  3. Yup, was trying to gauge how old things were on there by the age of the packs of cells and also the bottles of shock oil at the end. Just praying its as close to the original, fragile or not.
  4. LOL, thanks mate. Nice to actually have a dabble again. Got bored of the scaler scene. Its actually nicer plodding along with a project and playing on here. Think another SRB might be on hold after the impending Avante announcement though
  5. You cheeky git. I'm gonna perhaps plumb for the conversion at some point. As I would love to do another one. I'm still figuring out what coil overs to fit yet as thereareplenty out therebut each have there pros/cons with regards to fitting. My pleasure, go ahead, thanks for asking
  6. If anyone could translate any of this from the link i posted then i'd be grateful
  7. Have just found this. Sorry if its already been posted.
  8. Cheers guys. The wheel covers are actually from RA1028 (Peter). They are great quality and fit perfect. I missed out on the RcChannel rims as they don't seem to have any for sale. But these covers from Peter are great and also a lot cheaper.
  9. My RCChannel front and rear bumpers arrived today. Just in time as I have just finished lettering the tyres and paint the inside of the rims black behind the alloy wheel covers.
  10. I've also come across a compass like tool like we used to draw circles with at school. It had a blade where the pencil would usually be and was good for cutting wheel arches out with. If I had a straight line to cut I would score along it CAREfULLY a few times then just snap it away leaving clean line. Dremels are ok, although as they spin so quick they can usually melt what you are cutting away which can get in the way of the line/curve you may be cutting.
  11. Which plastic, See through polycarbonate or solid styrene/ABS?
  12. Don't know if THIS WEBSITE will be of any help.
  13. Ditto here, Thanks Andy I'll get e hang of this search feature one day. Will have to contact Dale to see if he's still making.
  14. Sounds, cool. What's the detail like. And what did it cost?
  15. I'm sure ive seen a pic on here, or if not, then else where. But is there such a thing as a scale sized engine that'll fit in-between the rear gear case and the rear cage on the Scorcher?
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