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  1. Got my Neo Fighter fully up and running ....does the Racing Fighter body fit straight on !!! Do I need any parts to fit the rear wing etc
  2. Got a 540 Tamiya Tuned !!!! Do I need any adapter and what size pinion 💪💪
  3. Soz if this is a silly question..I tried to search the forum for specific 'Grasshopper' builds but doesn't seem to find anything.....just finished my DT03 and found the forum a massive help...apart from it causes my wallet untold damage with all your hop ups and bling advice 👊👊
  4. With the 15T modified it was a little lively on tarmac,but really good fun not had chance to take her off road ...spins out if you floor it on full lock 👍👍 got 2s lipo to play with next ...oh yer forgot I need too glue tyres on as the modified rips the tyres off 🤯🤯
  5. Did some speed testing today with my Neo Fighter using a 3500mah battery 😁 Standard out the box Tamiya Torque tuned motor 19mph 🤔 Absima 15T from my AB3.4 kit 21mph Etronix 15T tuned motor 26mph 👊👊
  6. Loads of annoying play in the front 'hubs' on the DT03 🤔 anyone found any shims to tighten her up ? Thanks
  7. Having just stripped and rebuilt my rear shockers ...I noticed that the step screw that you use to secure the top of the unit to the tower allows the top of the shocker to move about along the actual screw shaft (smooth bit)...wanted to remove this play and found the perfect fix...😉 Having upgraded my shock 'O' rings to the red ones..I found that the standard black 'O' Rings fit lovely on the step screw acting like a washer and takes all the free play out 👍
  8. Took a look round my build today and noted the 'Torque Tuned' kinda looks a bit sad... probably thinking a 'nice brushless' set up might make my Neo Fighter feel better ..hit me with recommended 'cans'
  9. Update..... Had 700cst oil on order and red 'O' Rings... Rebuilt rears today much happier with performance Not sure i am going to need the harder springs 😬
  10. Yer thinking I may strip shocks down and rebuild them ...using a heavier oil 🤔
  11. Hard too see on photo but my new DT03 has a saggy backside... currently on standard shocks and springs and standard kit oil weight.. Please advise on getting her rear in check 😁
  12. Allow me to share my finished Neo fighter build...but I have plans hatching 🤯🤯. Needed a furlong hobby folks..got following Tamiya Legends on You Tube..and had to get a kit 👊 With much help and advice from the forum I have possibly/nearly finished my Neo Fighter...I say possibly/nearly as after getting her going and running around I definitely need to 'hop' some stuff up 🙈 don't we all ? Current build = PS-7 Tamiya Orange paint 'dyed black' standard rims Standard front ribs Schumacher Venom 88 rear rubber Torque tuned motor Nim battery packs Front turnbuckle hop up Carbon front shock tower Painted springs first impressions out on the road. Turns lovely do prefer 2wd to my 4wd Absima buggy 😳 Currently too slow so I am going to start on a brushless motor set up ...and lipo battery 😁 Back end way way to soft 😟 so that's my first and second plan of attack Rear tyres need foam inserts and glueing on 🤯🤯. Apart from that I am happy with her... Next build is a standard Grasshopper 😉 as that was my first ever kit back in 1984 that my dad bought me.. But currently serving a purchase ban from the good lady wife 😉.... Hope you like my build and would gladly welcome any advice on my build plus and areas you see I could improve her 👍 Happy and Hooked
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