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  1. Thanks everyone it's painted on the inside 😊.... currently stripping paint back using Wilko's paint stripper 🀣
  2. Thanks everyone it's painted on the inside 😊.... currently stripping paint back using Wilko's paint stripper 🀣
  3. School boy error folks ....what do I need to completely remove paint from my bodyshell πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ sprayed it wrong way round didn't use strongest colour first and it's a right mess 😭
  4. Hi everyone, (None Tamiya) hope that's ok anyone out there managed too refurbish plastic RC wheels ! I have a old set off my 8th Scale buggy that need attention....was thinking if sanding them back and either dipping or painting...can the plastic surface be filled ....bet some ones done some In advance thanks
  5. I had to throw Frank's head away made a right mess of it πŸ˜₯
  6. Hi everyone, Finished my 'birthday Hopper' all ready for its place on my shelf (1st one) ☺️ what do folks do about the insides to tidy the build up ? As she is a none runner nothing installed inside apart from our 'Frank' currently waiting on new Frank as I made a mess of the supplied one 🀯
  7. Disaster strikes damaged some of the green paint .....can you only get Candy Green in spray can ,? Or can you get the little pots πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰
  8. Question for ya, Do I paint my 'Candy Green' body for my Grasshopper ? As we know it comes green but I am thinking of getting the Tamiya paint 🎨 and spraying it....she's going to be a shelf Queen πŸ‘‘ anyway
  9. Hi everyone....hope we are all staying safe πŸ‘ updates on the 'birthday' Hopper .... Obviously really enjoyed building the basic kit πŸ™‚ really good fun looking at how far RC cars have come since my original 'Hopper' back in 1984 But I made a couple of 'boo boo's 😳 yes I spent hours painting the lettering on the tyres only to find that when I built the wheels up all the white lettering cracked 😬 I now remember someone mentioning that on the forum πŸ™ˆ second was the classic not remembering that the front and rear screws for the wheels are different lengths .....it's all part of the fun...I guess got bodyshell to paint 🎨 and decals to apply probably not going to run this build as it's a 'shelfie' 😍...
  10. Birthday 'Hopper' still not made the production line 😳πŸ˜₯
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