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  1. Bah, knew this would happen.. I'm hosting a slot car race on the 20th so I'm out.
  2. Looks like I can access these forums again (Chrome wouldn't let me for ages..) Would be keen for a catchup if it fits between life and my other hobbies.
  3. These are now SOLD, thanks.
  4. I'm a possible maybe Then again, I might be tempted to represent Kyosho at a Tamiya meet haha Busy time of year coming up
  5. Ahh I stand corrected! I just kept stepping back year by year 'til I got to the same type of grill, but didn't check the lights. Does the original Tamiya Hilux share the same front body sections as the Bruiser? Thanks for the info
  6. Thanks guys - there's a few imperfections which I'm not happy with in the paint, but overall it came out ok. Still aiming for that flawless finish lol. Clearcoat to come, which makes me a bit nervous as I'd rather stuff things up earlier than at final stages The original paint was more red than orange, funny how photos can mess with colours, and the paint was a bit lumpy and uneven. As for colour choice, I did consider doing something different to yet another blue Bruiser, but the metallic blue (over aluminium base) just says 1985 all over A quick bit of research tells me the body is modelled after the 1982ish Hilux, which I'll use as a guide to detailing. Have seen a few Bruisers with the shiny new wheels, they look great, but I've been aiming to keep this build as OG as possible (hence shelling out for an original body set), and the chassis itself is clean but not blinging. I do agree they'd work very nicely with new paint though! Might need to get some as "spares".
  7. So I spent an exorbitant amount of cash on an original Bruiser body, only to hit it with the ol' brake fluid... Here's some before n after pics, not finished yet. Detailing, assembly and tidy up to follow
  8. Just did Thommo - way more cars than I expected! Does Carine track still exist, or did it become the Belmont one??
  9. SOR in Bibra Lake. Heck if there's gonna be RC10's, I may as well sneak in an old Kyosho Cosmo or Lazer ZX or something else obscure Dave
  10. Meanwhile, back in 2015 Hi all, I got some comments from other Perth/WA members in my Bruiser parts search thread, so figured I'd say hello here. Who's up for a quickly organised 2015 vintage rc bash?
  11. Yeah that'd suck - aren't you just lucky I'm in Australia Perth though, so still not cheap.
  12. Thanks, explains why my msc has taped joins on the battery wires. I'm sorta aware of other Hilux bodies out there, mostly for the scale crawler guys, but my guiding theme with this build so far is to use as much original gear as possible, even if it means old/damaged parts (including the body). It'll never be a shiny new looking chassis, so hoping to find a body of similar condition I do realise however that even a well used Bruiser body will cost a bit! Another possible 750SH motor source is from nitro bump start boxes, but I'm waiting for a Bruiser motor to arrive all the way from Canada (from earlier tipoffs in this thread ) Appreciate everyone's info!
  13. Thanks Chris After a bit of work it still looks rusty, have rebuilt the trans which runs/shifts smoothly, this is where it's at:
  14. Hi, I have 3 sets of Marui Big Bear wheels/tyres available, 1 set exc cond., 2 sets good cond.(perfect for running).
  15. Hi, I'm chasing a few original Bruiser parts, though will have to go for some RN36 parts as well: Chassis: motor stay (4245009) rear bumper stays (4015016 or BA-37) rear bumper (D parts, probably rere) battery stays, L+R (4305134, 4305135) mech box lower half (also called "servo lid") Steering linkage trans linkage msc linkage H parts (may as well go new rere I guess) All body parts - would rather a used body, figuring it would price similarly to all the pieces of a new one. Is it possible to buy an entire rere Bruiser body kit?? If anyone has ANY miscellaneous Bruiser parts I'd be interested, really hard to source from here in Australia! Thanks Dave
  16. Looking for a) Someone with an old but complete-ish Bruiser body assembly (main bits plus grills, interiors etc). I'm good at repairing stuff, but chasing parts is way more difficult outside the US. OR Somewhere that sells a re Bruiser body parts set, I can't find one for sale, does it even exist?? Thinking a new body set would price similarly to an original set in poor/average condition. Prefer original though, as my chassis is a bit rough (chrome missing) and a new body would look out of place Also need a pair of rear bumper stays (original, or BA37 or 19804583) and a motor stay.
  17. Thanks Many listings don't appear on my Australian ebay searches, so miss out on alot of stuff. Post from Canada is hugely expensive, but I've asked anyway!
  18. Have been working on this old thing for a bit. One of the chassis rails has lost most of its chrome (rust) so I wire-wheeled it back to bare steel. Same done to various smaller rust patches. Still yet to decide on leaving it bare or chrome paint. Thoughts? The better chassis rail has most of its chrome, have left it "as is" for now, but might look funny if I paint the other one. Rebuilt the gearbox thanks to the excellent service manuals available, inside it was pretty clean but missing shift spring B and one of the 5x12.5mm collars. Still turns and shifts smoothly. Cleaned the silicone from the outside, didn't reapply any new stuff and used sparing amounts of lithium grease during assembly. How do you guys rebuild these if they are to be very lightly run (ie paved/indoors) ? Absent parts (besides body): Mechanical Motor (anyone found a 750 motor in appliances or power tools??) one 1150 bushing for diff pinion shaft Chassis rear bumper staysPlastic Lower servo box cover Upper radio cover Battery tray Rear bumper Wheel inner H parts Rubber trans/shock bushings 2x shock boots trans plugs Body - all I haven't yet scoped out the rere Bruiser instructions for parts compatibility but hoping some will be ok. Feel free to chime in with any suggestions, I've rebuilt plenty of old rc vehicles in the past but this is my first 3 speeder! Cheers Dave
  19. Yep, bit of work to do Not sure which path I'll go with yet, I do have the gearbox with shafts too, but would need batt box, 750 motor, lower plastic radio cover, the all important body bits plus others that I haven't noticed yet! Is it a total sin to mix OG with re re parts??
  20. Thanks for that Wheels are 3 piece, but as for the battery box I don't know because it's not there! Can't post pics as I'm already past the upload quota on here
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