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  1. Hi Danny, You could also use the Hop-up wing that was released for the Madcap, Astute, Avante and Vanquish. it's part number 53055: Racing 'A' Wing... (Currently on eBay for £14.95) Looks pretty cool... Check out my "showroom" as one is fitted to my restored Madcap, Andy
  2. Attached Photo: My non "Box Art" Madcap, Painted Egress 2013 Bright Silver (PS-41) with Smoke windows (PS-31) Custom Black & Silver Decals... Plus lots of Hop-ups! Andy
  3. Attached Photo of repaired Madcap :-) Hopefully you guys approve of the mods If you download the photos, let me know what you think of it. Andy
  4. Thanks Snappy1 & Max for your helpful suggestions, I knew that I could rely on the Tamiya club Forum :-) Car now fixed and running again with a Blitzer C-Hub.... photo attached, 58082: Madcap (owned 26 years) - but most parts replaced with new. Genuine body-set (New) - Painted Egress 2013 Bright Silver (PS-41) with Smoke (PS-31) Windows 53055: Racing "A" Wing - Painted Egress 2013 Bright Silver (PS-41) Custom "Black & Silver" Madcap Decals (from ebay pc-rcworld) 53060: Madcap Aluminium Gearbox Plate Aluminium "A1" motor support (USA) Aluminium "C3" Hex-Spacer (x2) 53061: Astute Universal Shaft & Cup Set 53043 Ball Diff Internal Set (Egress & Astute) Egress 2013 Hi-Cap Dampers (Front & Rear) 53053: Hi-Cap Spring Set - Mini 53054: Hi-Cap Spring Set - Short Full Ball Bearings Set (from ebay rcbearings) TU-104BK Speed Controller Vintage Acoms BEC Techniplus 53779: GT-Tuned Motor Alloy Turnbuckles (Front & Back) 53046: Astute 2WD Lightweight Wheels - Front 53050: Astute Lightweight Wheels - Rear RW Racing 0.6 Module Steel Pinion 23T 54154: F103 Carbon Reinforced Front Uprights Any more hop-up's or mods, please suggest If you download the photos, let me know what you think of it. Andy - Madcap74
  5. Hi all, I'm hoping that one of you guys will have a solution for me. I've fully restored my 1989 vintage Madcap 58082 and taken it out for a few runs now. It runs great, especially with the Hop-ups and the GT-Tuned motor, but I keep breaking the C4 part - Front C-Hub (not the steering arm, which is now upgraded to carbon reinforced) I know its 26 years old buggy and not up to todays quality standards, but its so annoying as this is the 2nd time now in a month (and sourcing new C4 parts is getting harder) I know newer models have alloy parts from GMP, Yeah Racing etc. Is there an alloy part that will fit my buggy Tamiya or otherwise?... or am I destined to spend £££ on 3D printing an alloy version. Photo attached Thanks Madcap74
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