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  1. I will take a look around to find a nice dirt track to test the tires furthermore... Keep you posted...
  2. The standard two pinion options are 17T or 19T. I don't have the feeling that it is over-geared, acceleration is good with some gentle nice controllable wheel spin. For my young sons the cars are going fast enough. Hitting the legs of their friends who are standing in the way
  3. Finally the cars setup is completed, they're doing an excellent job... I changed the pinion back from 19T to 17 T and let my son have his car back again The motors are much happier with the 17T option. So this is the final setup : - Ball bearings ( from aliexpress :-) - Aluminium Hex adapters ( from aliexpress:- ) - Lipo buzzer - Kimbrough Servo saver - 17T Steel pinion 0.8mod. ( Tamiya 54628 ) - Proline 2.2 Truck tires Here some shots of the performance on different types pavement.. IMG_7129.MOV IMG_7131.MOV IMG_7133.MOV All you guys thanx for the compliments... !
  4. Finaly they have arrived... The tires fit very well, I glued them on to the rims which come with the kit. As you can read in my previous post, I did change the pinion from 17T to 19T. Now with those big tires, that's a little to much for the standard RS540 as well for the Torq Tuned RS540. The motors are both getting very hot. So I will change the pinions back to 17T tomorrow. But... The main reason I got those big tires was in order to reduce wheel spin and improve traction and handling. That's a great succes. I can hit the throttle without losing control of the car. Now it's a lot more fun to drive the car... on-road as well off-road. I tested both cars on the following pavements : Concrete Tiles Real Grass Synthetic Grass / Turf Sand In all cases handling was very satisfying. There was no big difference between the Dirt Hawg II and the Gladiator II Only the looks... Yellow Aqroshot with Gladiator II ...and the Blue Aqroshot with Dirt Hawg II Let the battle begin...
  5. And so the cheap € 80, - aqroshot will become a € 150 euro Aqroshot ... Still waiting for the tires.. they should arrive any time... keep you posted...
  6. Aqroshot experience... Spinning around... Just bought two new Aqroshot DT03T kits for my two sons. Building the car was very easy, there are already some topics with a excellent description so I won't write about that again. The construction and design of the car is simple and very strong. The car is designed with a gathering of parts from other cars. There is a lot of space between the movingparts like wishbones and shock absorbers, although it doesn't affect the car's performance in a negative way. Only when driving backwards the front wheels wobble heavily. Here you will recognize the low price of the car so no complaints on that one. One thing you must replace right away is the servo saver. It has a lot of space. When you want to use Lipo batteries, a Lipo buzzer is also a thing you want to ad... My first son wanted a neon-yellow one... My second one wanted Blue... The car is 2WD with small wheels. While driving it on the street and in the park, the rear wheels spin a lot. Which results in a difficult to control car spinning around as soon as you hit the throttle. Of course it is possible to slowly put on the power, but that's not the way it should be. Running on grass is not possible at all. So I in order to reduce the wheelspin, I put in a standard 540 motor, instead of the Torque Tuned version supplied with the kit. I also replaced the standard pinion with the bigger one. The result was not satisfactory... So the tires are the problem... Changing the tires for bigger truck tires changes the Aqroshot from a road car to a all-road / off-road stadium truck which is a lot more fun I think. I hope it will improve driving characteristics in two ways : 1. Bigger tires = less acceleration / wheelspin. 2. Better quality rubber and profile will give more traction. In the topic of Thommo here , the Aqroshot is fitted with 4 Proline Dirt Hawg II truck tires. It is also possible to fit the smaller front wheels with Dirt Hag I tires, but those have a smaller radius so that's a personal choice. I preferred four of the same size tires, so while I have two Aqroshots to mod I ordered one set of Dirt Hawg II and one set of Proline Gladiator 2 M2 . In the Netherlands were I live, they were not available, so I ordered them online, and now I am waiting until they arrive. As soon as they're mounted I will come back with the results... Dirt Hawg II 2.2 Truck Tires Gladiator II M2 2.2 Truck Tires
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