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  1. Ideally looking for a face to face meet and if I end up having to post it will be UK only.
  2. Hi just tried to PM you, however it's not letting me, it says you can not receive new messages. Rob
  3. I'm looking to sell or trade a couple of buggies, I'm based in Tamworth and I would prefer collection or I'm happy to meet up. Thunder Shot in great overall condition, new Gearbox covers and bearings recently fitted. £75 collected Thunder Dragon in average used condition A5 has been repaired and now has a metal plate fitted, shell is a bit tatty £35 collected I will do both for £100 collected and may trade for a 2WD Buggy(Modern or Vintage any Manufacture)
  4. I do have a plate on my runner and will get a metal A5 of I can't find a stock one.
  5. I'm looking for a rear anti roll bar/stabaliser and part A5. Thanks for looking.
  6. Any pictures or the brat and do you have a price in mind?
  7. Ah shame it would have been for the DT-01, still might be a good option for other applications.
  8. Anyone tried these http://www.modelsport.co.uk/overlander-7.4v-30c-3250mah-lipo-sport-track-pack/rc-car-products/379011 according to the comments they fit a Brat just fine.
  9. What normally happens to me is I tend to periodically search for different models once or twice a month. I then check completed listings and find two or three have sold in great condition for a great price two days before I decided to search and there will be no current listings in the condition/price I'm after.
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