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  1. Hi all, I am selling this large scale toy grade rc crane, its a champion blue and yellow version with wired controller, it is missing some of its accessories(bucket/lift/stabilisers). It hasn't been used for around 10 years or more but has been stored without batteries so it's terminals are in good condition. Would make a great project whether thats replacing the electrics and motor or just salvaging the body. Seems a shame to waste but if I can't sell, it will just go in the skip ill be ordering in a few weeks time!!. Price wise please make an offer and we will go from there, will be posted via hermes tracked and insured due to the sheer size and weight lol.
  2. Random but I wonder if using a graffiti spray paint would work, I know that there is a brand called Montana and they do or did a chrome silver, which when sprayed onto any surface would have a lovely chrome shine to it, I can only vouch for it working/taking to brick walls, metal panels and outdoor plastic surfaces, i have a huge tin of the chrome, if I find a cap for the can I'll see if I have anything to test for you and take pics.
  3. God I want the Michelin cossie shell now, always have, and the mondeo looks tempting!! Thanks for the site, I might have to sell my parma escort shell now and buy some from L and L ..🙃🙃
  4. I agree doc it is a shame, and definitely looks better with a cockpit, thanks pal, I did a fair amount of research into using car spray paint but didn't risk it, and couldn't find a polycarbonate match. I love the old range rovers especially 2 door versions! To be honest, I asked what your plans are and realised it was a stupid question. I stripped my TA02 completely, bought some new parts and then life took over.. what grease do you use or plan to use on the resto? Caz12 its an electronic speed controller :]
  5. Loving your find doc, wish when I got my TA02 escort it came boxed with the cockpit, I got the instructions so that's something haha.. I would love to get my hands on a new tamiya escort shell!! But I do have put away an old Parma pse ford escort bodyshell, which does have an oval shape grill, but I got it to make a replica of my very own 1996 ford escort 1.8si in rs2000 factory aubergine paint.. wanted to paint it dark metallic aubergine but was too scared to paint it as I wanted to use an exact colour match to the real paintwork.. what's your plans for your resto escort that is soon to be delivered doc? Not my shell but the same as what I have below
  6. Caz12, looking good mate, makes me want a tiger stripe escort shell now..
  7. Took the words right out of my mouth..
  8. Fair point svenb 😂, I can only offer a pic of the shell, the chassis is in a shoebox in pieces and bagged lol.. Be prepared for the red and gold shock horror..
  9. I'll join the cossie club 😆.. more pictures please caz12?.. I have a used TA02 repsol, although the bodyshell is fairly good, it has had the front splitter trimmed and is painted in repsol style but red and gold 🤢.. I'm about to start building my chassis up after recently getting back into the hobby, I have 4 of the escort wheels also lacking tyres. There is a seller on ebay with a variety of tamiya escort decal sets, even tiger stripes in orange.
  10. I'm in need of a receiver and the heat resistor for my TA02, the motors would also help lol, I haven't got much to pass on just yet but I've got a fair amount of spoilers, tamiya ps paints and bodywork bits plus wheels and tyres I will happily pass on once I can actually go to my storage unit to dig out my tamiya box.
  11. I received these today, 2 x batteries and pinions.. I'm doing basics at the moment on my FF02 and TA02.. so no fancy batteries,radio gear or motors, Yet!.
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