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  1. Never realised you were in the USA, sorry, I was looking to sell in the UK only
  2. I bought a well used Boomerang back in 2003, I bought a lot of replacement parts with the idea of bringing back to it's formal glory. I stripped it completely down, replaced all the worn parts, fitted all metal bearings etc. It has been in the loft since a few weeks ago, I was surprised how much work and money I had spent on it. Just need to go through it and will be up for sale.
  3. Anyone got one, preferably a new one if possible. Think the Hotshot one is the same. Thanks
  4. Having retrieved my Boomerang from the loft after fifteen years, I was surprised how much work and money I had done on rebuilding it. I have just noticed there is no on/off switch, have fitted new racing motor, EPC, receiver and servo, does it need one? If so, how would it be wired in?
  5. Lovely looking Tiger, don't temp me! Still would like to make one as a winter project, sorry!
  6. Original and rare to find, complete with body, wing, decals, clips and instructions. Hard to price, so open to offers.
  7. The Tiger is £500 from Germany, the cheapest in the UK seems to be £600!
  8. Agree about the Panther, but finding it difficult and expensive to get hold of one. I can get the Tiger 1 full option for just over £500.
  9. Will be watching this with interest, about to buy my first RC 1/16 tank.
  10. Would the running gear be the same, gearboxes, motors etc,?
  11. As title, any reason the Tiger 1 is £150 cheaper than the Jagdpanther, when the Tiger has a rotating turret which means it is more complex/expensive to manufacture.
  12. I have this on ebay at the moment, never been fitted.
  13. After retrieving my Boomerang from the loft after fifteen years, I was surprised on how much extra bits I had bought. Also, I never realised how much work I had done to the Boomerang, bearing upgrade throughout, full internal strip down and lube, complete new front and rear suspension, new tub, battery cover, new wheel rims and tyres. All original parts, apart from the tyres. I do have new original Tamiya rims and tyres in their packets, also front and rear joint cup sets, again in their sealed packets. I presume these will have some value, so might sell them separately. Will put some pictures up in due course. Anyway, back to the original post, is there any value in these items?
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