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  1. Ta01/02 project requires some parts to run (electrics, Motor mount, motor, spur and pinion) The rest of the chassis and running gear seems in good order and would make a great basis for rally or trail project. ( has ball bearings and oil shocks) £25 + post at cost ONO Other one is an unknown belt drive good order just needs some rear shocks and electrics and its a runner have had this one running but the rear shocks were not correct so I removed them. £25 + post at cost ONO. I am having great trouble at uploading pics but will keep trying. Screen locks up when I try to add an IMG. In the mean time if you are interested PM me and I will email pics or something Regards Andy
  2. That's a shame can't you just keep the car and dump the diff etc out of the back. Or would it not. Be competitive? I like what you did with it by the way. It was a good car
  3. I used tg10 rear axles and 10mm hexs to widen my tl01 enough to fit a bruder cab on the front. Adds about 6-8mm. Other then that I don't really know what the options are to be honest . Sorry just realised this won't help as drive shafts remain the same.
  4. The ansmann look rather a lot like mtroniks esc. So much so I they could be the same and if they are they are really good. I have had a 20t version for years and never had any issues with it at all. It's even waterproof.
  5. I think you got it in one buddy your soldering iron just isn't up to the task. You can get cheap 60w ones which seem to do the trick. I find it helps to rough up the tabs on the connectors too to help get a stronger bond.
  6. Got plenty of normal servos nothing high torque or anything. Got wheels that are from a king Blackfoot and covered in paint but in decent nick no tyres though. I have a tub chassis and spare gearbox but perhaps not uprights will check.
  7. Your better off storing the batteries at 50-60)% about 3.8 volts per cell. That is what I was told anyways then charge allow to cool and use
  8. This thread inspired me to check my lipos and I found one that was puffy in storage. So have binned it. Dropped it in the bin and heard a little fizz so cArefully fished it back out and put it in the incinerator just incase.
  9. They look like a fun compact truck looks very much like a wild dagger chassis just shorted and connected to a single motor
  10. Just to help buddy probably trade can't have too many goodies just depends on the chassis parts you need.
  11. I may be able to help with the chassis parts and I have a set of wheels that while covered in nasty paint are in good condition no tyres though.
  12. I may be able to help with the chassis parts and I have a set of wheels that while covered in nasty paint are in good condition no tyres though.
  13. I bet it's just too hot for the cheesy esc. I would get a cheap no limit brushed esc and stick with it sounds like it could be a screamer of a motor. You can get no limit forward only brake escs for peanuts on eBay
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