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  1. Hope you're well Ben! 


  2. Hey @mongoose1983, @NWarty, et al... yeah @chickenman242tk is right I've been held in a choke hold by work for a little while (that part is a joke). I'm still working to get back on my feet though, make good on my responsibilities to some of you, and generally have a life again soon. Hopefully soon means actually soon... I'm doing my best.
  3. Hey @mongoose1983 this looks great! I haven't even logged onto the board in months b/c of non-stop work pressure... but am working my way back to 'normal'. I'm not sure if you remember but I actually have a bunch of stuff of yours sitting in my den waiting the lifespan of the average gerbil so far for me to send it down to you. I'm going to try to do something about that soon. :‑/
  4. LOL just mute the new video and play this one in the background. Corny voice-over achieved!
  5. Everyone at Tamiya is like "Oh I thought Carl was taking care of that." and Carl's like "Wait, what? I've been huffing a little too much PS-1 lately. My bad."
  6. So you're having trouble using the CVDs with the MIP diff? @Pintopower have you had any issues with the CVDs? Originally I thought you said to get the dogbones but in one of the vids you said the CVDs so that's what I just got to use with my MIP diff. I'm happy with either so long as it works well. ps Pintopower = AMPro
  7. Hi there - I do still have extras of all of these items I think. I can PM you pics of what I have later if you like?
  8. Awesome pics! One question - does it have the little lexan side vent pieces for the body?
  9. Aaaand we have an Ebay listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-The-Bigwig-2017-Reissue-NIB-R-C-4WD-Buggy-Kit-/282305428532
  10. Looks like they're using a pic of the original issue model temporarily.
  11. Vtg Cox (Kyosho) Bandido + NIP Body Set, NOS Chassis, NIP Shocks, Many New Parts LINK: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vtg-Cox-Kyosho-Bandido-NIP-Body-Set-NOS-Chassis-NIP-Shocks-Many-New-Parts-/332057934992 << NOTE: will accept a best offer of $100 (roughly the value of the new parts alone) >> Great Bandido Restoration Setup MANY New Parts, Including: NIP Body Set (body, wing, decals, hardware; part no. CBD-14) NOS Red Bandido / Toyota Ultra Stock Chassis (rare) NOS Front Suspension (bulkhead + swing arms) NIP Shocks (part no. CBD-07) NIP Ball Joint Set (part no. PI-11) NOS Front Uprights (on sprue) NOS (both) Black and Grey Spotlights Bright White (Bandido-specific) Wheels in GC to VGC Front Mudstar and (RARE) Rear PG-22 Tires in GC Includes All-Original, Matching Electronics: Mechanical Speed Controller Cox Cadet Transmitter Cox Receiver Cox MSC and Steering Servos Mabuchi Motor NOTE: Missing antenna NOTE: One post where the rear red guard fastens to the gearbox is broken (see last pic) NOS replacement gearbox sets are currently listed for <$20
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if it actually came out in March, April, May... we've seen delays from leaked release timings like that recently with other re-re's. I'm excited to pick up a genuine (albeit re-re) brand new body. Honestly I'm not sure if I'll buy a kit, given the box layout standard of recent re-re's (just a bunch of parts in a box). If they were to do a really nice job of presentation like we've seen in some other re-releases (ie Sand Scorcher, Buggy Champ, etc) I'd probably grab one. Otherwise I'll probably just grab a body, chassis, subchassis, F parts, wheels... to have around maybe to restore a rough vintage one to make a runner. Of course, if the total cost of those parts adds up to about the cost of a kit I may get one anyway and just part it out amongst other projects.
  13. Thanks @kontemax do you put it under the decal or over top of it, or both?
  14. I have to say I'm really happy with the way my redone Supershot body came out. Very well by my standards for my own work. However even though they were only applied months ago the red stickers on either side of the body are peeling up along the edges! It's very frustrating. I got a whole extra set of original decals to keep on hand in case these ones turn out to be a problem. So, to revive this topic, does anyone want to second any of the above methods? Or do you know of another (maybe better) way to get them to stay in place?
  15. NIB Kyosho Optima 2016 (New Sealed) ** Bonus Mini Diecast Optima ** Model 30617B Modern Re-Release of Kyosho Optima from 1985 -- 4wd 1:10 Scale w/ Both Chain and Belt Options New and Factory Sealed -- Note: has a small dent in edge of cover (see last pic) Includes Free Bonus 1:64 Scale Diecast Optima w/ Pull-Back Action (Item No. K04003) Free Priority Mail shipping within U.S. LINK: http://www.ebay.com/itm/332045149386
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