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  1. Hey @Problemchild what I suggest is this: by FAR the hardest thing to find for the Terra Scorcher is good quality original (white) wheels. They were never released as spare parts so all those in circulation had to come from NIB kits. If you plan to run it you should pick up some alternate wheels + tires for running and swap those on and off. The rest of the chassis parts, etc are easy to find. Original body is also hard to find but repros are available. Original decals are scarce but not nearly as scarce as the wheels. I had a lot of trouble locating decent original wheels for my previous Terra Scorcher and fitted white Vanquish wheels and tires instead and they look really smart on it, take standard-size 4wd tires and are far easier to find. Even Bigwig Mooncraft wheels are easier to find (and it'll be interesting to see if the forthcoming re-re Bigwig wheels are a close copy of the originals).
  2. Yeah having owned and sold a re-re body and roof I can confirm again that the shade of blue on the re-re is lighter, but not an issue painted. Also the markings underneath will almost certainly be different - the original will have "TAMIYA", "RCC F BUGGY" and "MADE IN JAPAN" as can be seen in this album of pics of a Super Champ I recently found for @chickenman242tk with a particularly mint condition unpainted body: https://www.flickr.com/photos/59257621@N03/albums/72157674637984446/with/30062497396/ Interestingly both the original and re-release will have "RCC F BUGGY" despite being known outside Japan as the "Super Champ". As I understand it in the Japanese market the original was released as "Fighting Buggy" like the re-re. Other than that the markings on the re-re will have had "MADE IN JAPAN" replaced or blotted out and have the model/part number, copyright date and a material code like ">PS<" added. As for the roof, it's identical in shape but the metallic sheen is subtly different - lighter tone with more of a matte and less of a brushed finish. This would only be noticeable compared side by side and only by someone who knows to look for it. The same is true of the rooves on the re-re Hotshot and Super Hotshot vs original Hotshot and Supershot but you would be hard pressed to find a reference to the difference anywhere. The finished body + roof will pass for original with vintage or repro decals, but will be obviously non-original upon close inspection... so if you ever sell it be sure to mention that about the body.
  3. http://tamiyablog.com/2016/11/officially-still-unconfirmed-surprise-of-tamiya-47330-110-the-bigwig-2017-re-release/
  4. http://tamiyablog.com/2016/11/officially-still-unconfirmed-surprise-of-tamiya-47330-110-the-bigwig-2017-re-release/
  5. Well so far we have @mtbkym01's LHS leaking the news, which may or may not be the same as the link (Metro), plus @chickenman242tk's has heard confirmation from his LHS too (don't think he'll name names though). It smells like the real deal to me for sure... though Metro might have waited to get the correct pics at least!
  6. pics are def bogus (some are from IconicRC!) but description mentions redesigned decals. my money is on not bogus, just too early for official pics.
  7. NICE!!! Here's the link: http://metrohobbies.com.au/tamiya-1-10-the-bigwig-2017.html Although the pics are obviously bogus! Def the original with Penzoil and the others are from IconicRC
  8. I did notice that... just curious though. If you're waiting on me, sometimes it can take me a while to get to things with my work schedule and stuff. Sometimes the stars align and things are super quick, other times super slow. But I eventually git'er done.
  9. I was curious seeing your post and slot car pics. I had no idea these things got up to the speeds they do. I thought Mini4WD speeds were crazy... these things are like racing photons in fiber-optic cables. Just a blur... amazing. Obviously there's an important distinction between the extreme adaptation of the slot car bodies and the more general lack of concern for scale details on modern R/C race cars: the slot cars need to always stay in contact with the track, lacking batteries and being dependent on that constant contact for power.
  10. What do you need? I def have some, but I'm doing some work on my runner MB so I prob will need to finish that to know what I can spare..
  11. Awesome! And Erich gets to use that 3d-printed grille insert without the guilt of cutting up a decent vintage one. Always happy when things work out like that. Will send you the tracking details via PM in a bit.
  12. Hi Terry OK so lucky you I have spares I don't need or care to sell of all the stuff you need, all vintage (other than possibly point (ii) below). Plus a NIP roll cage if you want it. There are two caveats: (i) the servo cover was living on a vintage runner and at some point I deepened the opening on one side for the steering rods (see 2nd pic); (ii) I'm assuming by 'strut brace' you mean the part that connects the rear body mounts... if so I will have a re-re one you can have in a week or so but no vintage spares left. I can have this stuff on its way tomorrow or I can send it when that re-re part is in hand - let me know your preference. Also, if you meant something else by 'strut brace' let me know!
  13. You know I thought I remembered @Rosey having written up an article or two about the Hotshot differences. Well I found one over on Tamiyabase - apparently originating here, so please feel free to add a link to the TC version, or any similar resources for that matter. Paul would you have any objection to throwing your research into the pot here? https://tamiyabase.com/blog/technical/176-distinguishing-the-hotshot-supershot-and-hotshot-ii.html
  14. I've been putting together a box of goodies for @mongoose1983 and have a set of Blackfoot wheels headed his way shortly. Had a look at them and noticed they are the earliest version of vintage Blackfoot wheels so thought I'd take a pic next to a later vintage wheel (front) as well as a re-re one (rear). The early wheels don't have all the added structural ribbing on the inside. On the outside they are pretty much identical - and both have the text "RCC BLACKFOOT" and "MADE IN JAPAN". The re-release wheel material is a bit more flexible and much more lemony yellow, and have the part number in place of the "MADE IN JAPAN". They also appear to have smaller lug nuts around the middles.
  15. I wonder if @Rosey has any thoughts on the Hotshot chassis + gearbox variations. I also wonder if people get an email when they are tagged in a post (@beefmuffin).
  16. OK so lastly, of my pics from yesterday's Supershot rebuild two things: (i) I discovered that I must have replaced the shock mount and battery door at some point with new Super Hotshot parts - luckily I had NIP vintage replacements for both, although I wasted vintage decals on the shock tower ; (ii) I also had my Hotshot out and had a peek to compare the prop shafts from the vintage Hotshot and Supershot - they were identical, as I believe they are supposed to be. However I also have what looks like it might be an early prop shaft. Does anyone know about this thicker prop shaft? I've kept it from some tear-down or resto or another. If it's correct but rare I may swap it into my Hotshot.
  17. OK I'm not going to write a lot here for these right now since there are a lot of images to post. I pointed out key differences in the first for pics... you can use those to help identify the spots on the close-up pics.
  18. Hi guys - OK so I finally had a chance yesterday to work on replacing the gearbox on my Supershot with the early (correct, or so we concluded) one for the Supershot. I was also working on a Boomerang and had a NIP vintage G parts to also compare against the early G parts (had been NIP), vs the version that came with my Supershot, vs the later but still vintage spare G parts. I found that all three had clear differences. Having the Supershot open I also took the opportunity to check a few other things and found other things including an interesting and unexpected difference in the chassis between the Supershot and a pair of NIP ones I have on hand. The difference in the chassis actually makes me wonder if we weren't wrong in thinking that only the early-style G parts are correct for the Supershot - perhaps there were later runs of Supershot kits with the later-style G parts (or something in the middle). I'm going to break up the pics into three separate posts to avoid any one post being wayyy too long: (i) chassis; (ii) G parts; (iii) misc. All of these pics can also be downloaded directly from this Flickr album: https://flic.kr/s/aHskFuR7kK First, the chassis. Both the chassis that came with my Supershot and the new-in-pack old-stock ones are obviously vintage, having no access door. The two NIP ones were identical, so I only used one for comparison here vs the Supershot one. The primary difference is the location of the "MADE IN JAPAN" text. I've added text and arrows to point out the location of the markings. The other pics should be self-explanatory. I took a bunch and am just including many here, to help illustrate.
  19. OK @Terz1 I spoke to @mongoose1983 about an idea I had Blackfoot grille related. I have a bunch of parts going down to him in Chile soon, basically a whole Blackfoot in parts, which included a nice used vintage grille (top pic). I do have another vintage grille I can send you if you'd want it, but it's in far less good shape - most of the chrome has flaked off. However, there's an alternative solution, since I'm also sending Erich a 3d-printed grille insert from @Pintopower that he said he would be just as happy taking a re-re grille and using the grille insert as having the original grille. So the proposal is to send you the nice original grille if you'd be willing to send him the current re-re grille you have. I wouldn't ask you to cover shipping the parts from the U.S. and you can use those funds to send your grille to Erich. OR if you prefer you can just take the less nice grille, if you want it - up to you... I have all the rest of those parts for you so it's down to the grille choice. Here's the nice original one: and here is a pic of both grilles: Have a think and let me / us know what you decide!
  20. Hey Mat - it's all good, I found a W1 chassis a while ago. Still have yet to get to the build but I think I've got everything I need for it now. What are you looking for - parts, decals, other?
  22. Come now, who doesn't like a nice box packed full of adult toys? Is adult toys inaccurate or something?
  23. Hey @Terz1 I'm waiting to hear back from @mongoose1983 (sent you a PM Erich!) on one thing before getting back to you on the parts. Then you'll find out for yourself how twisted, how stupendously demented @terragni, @matman, @chickenman242tk and others know the BEEF brain truly is... muhahahahaha!! Heaven and Earth trembles before the unholy descriptions of the contents of packages I visit upon this puny world.
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