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  1. OK I'm not going to write a lot here for these right now since there are a lot of images to post. I pointed out key differences in the first for pics... you can use those to help identify the spots on the close-up pics.
  2. Hi guys - OK so I finally had a chance yesterday to work on replacing the gearbox on my Supershot with the early (correct, or so we concluded) one for the Supershot. I was also working on a Boomerang and had a NIP vintage G parts to also compare against the early G parts (had been NIP), vs the version that came with my Supershot, vs the later but still vintage spare G parts. I found that all three had clear differences. Having the Supershot open I also took the opportunity to check a few other things and found other things including an interesting and unexpected difference in the chassis between the Supershot and a pair of NIP ones I have on hand. The difference in the chassis actually makes me wonder if we weren't wrong in thinking that only the early-style G parts are correct for the Supershot - perhaps there were later runs of Supershot kits with the later-style G parts (or something in the middle). I'm going to break up the pics into three separate posts to avoid any one post being wayyy too long: (i) chassis; (ii) G parts; (iii) misc. All of these pics can also be downloaded directly from this Flickr album: https://flic.kr/s/aHskFuR7kK First, the chassis. Both the chassis that came with my Supershot and the new-in-pack old-stock ones are obviously vintage, having no access door. The two NIP ones were identical, so I only used one for comparison here vs the Supershot one. The primary difference is the location of the "MADE IN JAPAN" text. I've added text and arrows to point out the location of the markings. The other pics should be self-explanatory. I took a bunch and am just including many here, to help illustrate.
  3. OK @Terz1 I spoke to @mongoose1983 about an idea I had Blackfoot grille related. I have a bunch of parts going down to him in Chile soon, basically a whole Blackfoot in parts, which included a nice used vintage grille (top pic). I do have another vintage grille I can send you if you'd want it, but it's in far less good shape - most of the chrome has flaked off. However, there's an alternative solution, since I'm also sending Erich a 3d-printed grille insert from @Pintopower that he said he would be just as happy taking a re-re grille and using the grille insert as having the original grille. So the proposal is to send you the nice original grille if you'd be willing to send him the current re-re grille you have. I wouldn't ask you to cover shipping the parts from the U.S. and you can use those funds to send your grille to Erich. OR if you prefer you can just take the less nice grille, if you want it - up to you... I have all the rest of those parts for you so it's down to the grille choice. Here's the nice original one: and here is a pic of both grilles: Have a think and let me / us know what you decide!
  4. Hey Mat - it's all good, I found a W1 chassis a while ago. Still have yet to get to the build but I think I've got everything I need for it now. What are you looking for - parts, decals, other?
  6. Come now, who doesn't like a nice box packed full of adult toys? Is adult toys inaccurate or something?
  7. Hey @Terz1 I'm waiting to hear back from @mongoose1983 (sent you a PM Erich!) on one thing before getting back to you on the parts. Then you'll find out for yourself how twisted, how stupendously demented @terragni, @matman, @chickenman242tk and others know the BEEF brain truly is... muhahahahaha!! Heaven and Earth trembles before the unholy descriptions of the contents of packages I visit upon this puny world.
  8. LOL, yeah... I'm pretty much the most awesome guy ever. Suck it Gandhi and Jesus. Except I'm not always the most punctual about getting to stuff. But I do try. Yeah man - any time you need a little screw, you know you can count on me. Too bad it didn't come up a few weeks ago when your neighbor Bruce got his hands on my little brown package. You guys could have arranged a quick little hand-off somewhere...
  9. You're in luck if you don't already have Mudblaster body mounts as I have a pile of NIP sets for some reason. Will send you a set with the rest of the stuff. =)
  10. Yeah man - let me know here or via PM what you need and I'll see if I have them for you.
  11. @Terz1 I agree with Erich 100%... that one is in great condition. Just a couple things needed to have a mint shelfer. Used and abused Blackfoot chassis are always popping up for cheap, and if the Blackfoot 2016 bodies end up selling anything like the Monster Beetle 2016 ones, you'll be able to get a new re-re one for $20 or so soon (I've seen the MB ones selling for $18 each). Also the re-re red chassis / A-parts are selling for $10 currently... compared to $100+ a year or two ago. So keep the original mint and you can get a runner together cheaply. I actually have a bunch of Blackfoot parts currently set aside to send down to Erich but I might have another spare grill and certainly an MSC cover (and likely any other misc bits you may need). If I do have them spare, you can have them for just the cost of shipping - a small package to the UK is about $13 IIRC. If that sounds good can you make a list of everything you need for it? I might actually work on organizing Erich's stuff tonight and could look for stuff for you at the same time.
  12. Vintage Tamiya Saint Dragon - Good Condition w/ CVAs + Madcap Shocks 58083 58082 Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331991317244 Good vintage condition; great to restore or run. See pics. Black oil-filled CVAs installed; also comes with blue Madcap shocks. Madcap and Saint Dragon body mounts are both installed. Transmission smooth with spare spur gear included.
  13. Yeah - if anything I'd think part of the 'crisis' for Tamiya relates to a recent string of disappointing re-releases. If they'd done a re-re Optima-level job of the Monster Beetle and Blackfoot I'd have bought two of each, even if that meant selling some vintage stuff to do it. That would be $ in their pocket they didn't have before. What happened instead is I bought one Monster Beetle kit and sold it, and bought a few spare parts on the secondary market at dirt cheap prices. Maybe having to charge 25% more to make the kits great instead of meh would have killed sales to people who don't care much for vintage-ness. However, regardless of what people say to that effect, I can't see how paying a bit more to get a much better product would really turn anyone off, and I doubt many people buying these are really as disinterested in their vintage-ness as might be claimed.
  14. One thing for sure, they could definitely get a lot of mileage out of re-re'ing the Astute gearbox. Astute, Madcap, Saint Dragon, King Cab, Monster Racer. That's a nice series there... not unlike the ORV mileage from the Frog gearbox. Though, judging from the experience with the Frog / Brat / Monster Beetle / Blackfoot 2016 / etc I wouldn't be surprised IF they went ahead and re-release the Astute if they kept the gearbox identical, warts and all. The issues with the Blackfoot / Monster Beetle gearbox were well known before they re-released those. Same for the King Cab and Monster Racer now... neither gearbox design handles the big wheels/tires all that well. BUT I'd still prefer to see that series re-release parts-wise identical to the originals just to have a supply of fresh parts for runners, like was the case for the Fox. Wheels, gears, suspension arms, drivers... the supply of Novafox parts has already nearly dried up! I wish I'd grabbed some more when the prices were dirt cheap.
  15. Oh I totally will / have already begun! I did the same after we started discussing the Hotshot gearboxes and realized my Supershot had the wrong one. Luckily I had a NIP early one too which I'm planning to swap in once I have a chance to perform some surgery on it.
  16. I've twice met strangers at night in parking lots to do in-person trades, LOL. One was a NIB QD Thundershot I traded in exchange for this Fox (I wrote about the story in that showroom entry). Another time I met with semi-former TC member @unclepunchy also known as Transamman908 on ebay and Eddie in person in the parking lot of a gluten free burger + fries place (sadly now closed) to trade a different Fox runner for what would become my Bigwig runner. That was the first time we met and now we're buddies... but those clandestine night-time exchanges always feel somehow illicit - like a drug deal. LOL
  17. You know... I was looking at the re-re Boomerang C parts, how they include all the special blue Bigwig parts like the front shock mounts, steering rack+pinion, etc and it reinforced my gut sense that Tamiya had been and hopefully still are planning to re-release the Bigwig. Looking at the re-re Boomerang parts the following parts trees could be re-used exactly as-is from the Boomerang (and Fox): B parts (bumper etc) C parts (blue parts) D parts (battery door / rear skid plate) G parts (gear boxes) R parts (rear arms) T + U parts (rear shocks) X + Y parts (front shocks) Z parts (from Novafox) Tires Gears Pro Joints+Shaft / Axles / Drive Cups+Shafts / etc Hardware bags A-E are almost a match All they would need to come up with are: A parts (yellow parts) F parts (front arms) Wheels Chassis + Sub-chassis Press parts + steering boots Body + Decals + Manual That seems nearly irresistible. It's less than they had to do for the Novafox. Although, by the same measure they could re-release the Super Sabre literally with ONE parts tree + Body/Decals/Manual.
  18. One thing I notice is that of the 3 Blackfoots we have 3 configurations; 1) Black MSC + Black End Bell 2) Black MSC + White End Bell 3) Beige MSC + Black End Bell Also, the Midnight Pumpkin was Black MSC + White End Bell. I'm pretty sure they were all U.S. release kits. As I understand it the Black MSCs were the earlier variant, as ostensibly were the Black End Bells. The first one has Black and Black, but the 2nd one is Black + White and 3rd is Beige + Black, Thoughts?
  19. Twisting the knife, Rob...TWISTING THE KNIFE! LOL I was curious, based on this discussion, to go check the motor variants of some of the NIB kits I'd sold in recent years... many of which I sold specifically because they were unsealed (of course, my NIB collection was never enormous and is smaller now that it's only sealed kits... but I'm content to grow it slowly as I stumble on the odd bargain here and there). Here are pics I could dig up of probably 2/3 to 3/4 of the sold kits. It looks like there were examples of early Frog, Hornet and Blackfoot kits... based on our observations. In the case of Thunder Dragons I wonder if there was any impact of the 'earliness' of the kit on non-JP versions coming with white EB motors or if they all (or nearly all) did throughout production. Hmm...
  20. Yeah so I think no 'rule of thumb' is going to be sufficient to determine which kits came with what and when and have to stick to cataloging examples. Though there's no harm in observing that the majority of kit X, variant Y came with motor Z so long that's definitely a clear trend and clearly indicates the existence of, and possibly the estimated rate of incidence of, examples that contradict the trend. We don't want to inadvertently call into question the authenticity of kits or unintentionally suggest that kit contents have been re-boxed, etc. When it comes down to uncertainty as to the absolute genuineness of the contents of NIB kits this is what drove me to start to only collect sealed ones. Obviously, there is a certain amount of satisfaction denied by not being able to look inside - especially related to this topic (it would be nice to see what variants they are) - but there's the alternate satisfaction of knowing the contents are exactly as they were intended.
  21. OK let my try to find and intersperse links below... then a few new examples below exploring the current theory. Any time an example diverges from the theory I'll bold and italicize the conflicting details. 11) Thunder Dragon - Non-Japanese - Metal EB - http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=114651&id=24856 12) Thunder Dragon - Japanese - White EB - http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=116034&id=37496 13) Thunder Dragon - Japanese - White EB - http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=112157&id=5927 14) Thunder Dragon - Japanese - White EB - http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=58707&id=9757 15) Thunder Dragon - Non-Japanese - Metal EB - http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=36155&id=945 16) Thunder Dragon - Non-Japanese - White EB - http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=35387&id=9871 17) Thunder Dragon - Japanese - White EB - http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=23410&id=4901 18) Thunder Dragon - Non-Japanese - White EB - http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=11931&id=31 19) Thunder Dragon - Japanese - Metal EB - http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=8658&id=944 20) Thundershot - Non-Japanese - White EB - http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=108298&id=34053 21) Terra Scorcher - all Japanese and Non-Japanese kits I found had Metal EB ...except this one: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=5136&id=24 22) Fire Dragon - all kits on TC follow the Japanese - Metal EB / Non-Japanese - White EB rule
  22. Did any of the Thundershot chassis kits come with white end-bell motors (Japanese / Non-Japanese)? I was pretty sure they all came with the metal inset ones. I was looking into it because I just picked up a beautiful Terra Scorcher that had the metal-inset motor and I wanted to check that it was original and not a modern replacement. Everywhere I looked the Terra Scorcher at least only had the metal end-bell version... granted I wasn't looking for it exclusively, just enough to know it wasn't not original issue.
  23. Well @Hibernaculum and @chickenman242tk I guess that answers the question of whether some Frog kits came with white vs black endbell motors (thanks Rob). The thing I find curious is that the MSC included here is a black-plate style. I know for some kits that came with both black and tan MSCs the black ones were the earlier of the two. Did Frog kits ever have tan MSCs? Also I wonder if, for the kits that just say "MOTOR", that general term was used during a time when more than one type of motor was being included depending on whatever was on hand in the factory on that given run/day. The juxtaposition of white endbell motors and black MSCs may be why I had a gut sense that white endbell motors came first in some kits.
  24. This topic definitely needs to be discussed and determined. @chickenman242tk and I were just discussing this the other day. There seem to have been white-endbell motors in both kits that came before and after the black-endbell motors. I have a vague memory that some variants of the same vintage kits came with black and some with white for the same model. There are also the 2 and 4 vent/hole distinctions as well as wire/lead color variants and whether or not bullet connectors came pre-crimped. What we really need to do is break down all the stock motor variations that existed and have a motor-specific page then indicate for each kit which of the motors were included, as well as whether more than one version made it into those kits.
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