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    FROG vintage NIB ??

    I'm pretty sure that is/was @Crash Cramer
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    FROG vintage NIB ??

    Well - here in the US the Tamiya distributor for most of the vintage period was MRC. They used to do the shrinkwrapping, after putting their own part number stickers and other promotional stickers on the box, then shrinkwrap over it. It's pretty easy to identify their shrinkwrap... it's much less elastic than newly applied wrapping would tend to be. It feels closer to cellophane and tears easily. Have a look at this entry from my TC showroom to see some examples:
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    FROG vintage NIB ??

    For me, that's all I collect now vintage kit wise. This thread and others are exactly why! Some people think it's a risk. I feel a lot more confident that the kit inside is complete and proper.
  4. Wouldn't it be cool to have caricatures like the below for the first 100 Tamiya R/Cs?? I've been chatting with the guy who's the artist behind these trying to persuade him to try it out with a few of the first 100, famously arranged in the below graphic... He said he's definitely interested, but very busy, and he doesn't know when he'd be able to get around to it. It also seems like he's pretty unfamiliar with vintage Tamiya. So I have the idea that we may be able to simultaneously (i) help him choose the first 1, 2 maybe 3 old school Tamiyas to try doing first by voting on each of our top 3 picks from the First 100 - in order of preference - that we'd love to see made into cartoon caricatures; and (ii) simply by doing so nudge him into action a little by seeing how much interest us Tamiya fanatics can muster over this sort of thing! Sounds logical, right?? Sooo... I'll start! Once a bunch of us have added our lists I'll tally them and come up with the top 3 based on the voting... Super Champ Monster Beetle Bigwig LETS SHOW THIS GUY HOW EXCITING THIS COULD BE FOR US !! IMAGINE IF HE DID A SERIES AND EVENTUALLY DID ALL 100 !! Heck, I bet he could set up a Cafe Press type thing where we could order up coffee mugs with quality cartoon versions of our favorite vintage Tamiya buggies on them --- just IMAGINE living in a world like that.
  5. beefmuffin

    FROG vintage NIB ??

    Holy carp! I can't believe I missed the re-re body! The pictures were a bit small but once I expanded them, no switch holes! Someone appears to have intentionally made this look like all original -- eg, they removed the overspray film from the body to make it sit on top of the decals and look almost identical to the original. But the switch holes missing is a dead give-away. Hats off to you, Terry!
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    FROG vintage NIB ??

    Yeah, all looks vtg to me. LOL. You're pretty thorough. ;-) EDIT: @Frog Jumper was right on the money here. Not a complete, original kit. Dang!
  7. beefmuffin

    FROG vintage NIB ??

    Yep - the little FRP tongue that goes under the bumper is tan.
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    Kyosho Optima re-release coming!

    I finally got my hands on a re-re Optima. Whew - you guys weren't kidding about the smell! The kit has never even been opened and the smell is... quite fragrant.
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    FROG vintage NIB ??
  10. Hi guys - I've lowered the price on this to a bargain price of $250. This is a sealed, NIB, limited edition kit! I only first took it out of the box it was shipped to me in from the retailer to take these pics. Here's the link again: This is the best price anywhere for this... ever, I think.
  11. LOL - @Rosey just wrote to inquire if he could pick up those rib-less G parts and I was down to sell them since now I can't use them (!) for my Bigwig or HS2 projects but I has a double-check of my Hotshot and Supershot to ensure they were both rib-free before parting with these. Hotshot, check! Supershot - OH NO! RIIIIIBBBSSSS! So I have to swap out the G parts from that and can use them for the Bigwig. See! This thread is already starting to pay dividends. Let's keep chugging along comrades.
  12. Hey guys - sorry to be posting things in a pretty scattershot pattern... but that's just how I'm getting to them! Today I received a vintage Lunchbox roller to restore as my new 100% original shelfer. By far the hardest thing to find vintage for the Lunchbox has been the body. In fact, outside of a whole NIB kit I was unable to find a NOS Lunchbox body by any means, anywhere. There were quite a few listed as vintage that were obviously not. A handful that might have been vintage but when checking with the seller they confirmed it was a re-release body. In fact, it was surprising just how many established sellers didn't realize there was any difference between the two. I have, in fact, never even been able to find pictures clearly showing the inner markings on a vintage Lunchbox body and certainly not a comparison between those and the ones on the re-re body. But based on some forum posts I'd read, and pure inference, I was confident enough that I needed to locate a true original body to complete a correct vintage build/restoration. I'm glad I did and now I can share the below pics to help others who may either have a NOS body they can sell and advertise as such or who are looking for one and will know exactly how to tell the difference. I also had NIP sets of both vintage and re-release Lunchbox wheels and checked for differences. As luck would have it, if you have a Lunchbox wheel you can always determine if it's vintage just by looking at those markings. The bottom set of pics shows how. 1) Re-release body (underside of roof, toward the rear) 2) Vintage original body (underside of roof, toward the rear) 3) Every wheel has one side with a version of the below markings. The TOP version is the re-release, the BOTTOM version is the original.
  13. Mike (@terragni) and I were further discussing in email and I think there may be certain parts - the 4wd G parts may be the apex of the phenomenon, but there are others - that were re-used across many models and underwent changes over that time where we should probably dedicate a whole page on the blog to just that part and its changes over time and across kits. We could adopt a version numbering system 1.0.0 to 2.X.X+ where 1.0.0 is the very first Mk1 variant, 1.1.0 is the next, until 2.0.0 which would usually be the re-re version.. The third place would be to differentiate between sub-versions that have already been assigned major and minor versions. Mike also compiled the below list of how the outdrives are seated differently across models (!). I wonder how these compare with physical changes btw 1.X.X, 1.X.Y, 1.Y.X, etc. Hotshot : bearing + c ring Supershot : bearing + c ring Boomerang : plastic bush + thrust washer + c ring Bigwig : bearing + c ring + plastic bushes (A5) Hotshot II : bearing + c ring with the spindle connecting out-drives Super Sabre : plastic bush + thrust washer + c ring with the spindle connecting out-drives
  14. Wow, OK... so the G parts I have without the ribs, etc were set aside for a Bigwig build. But does this mean that you actually need one with the ribs, etc to accurately parts-build a Boomerang or a Bigwig?? LOLOL...
  15. Are these differences only on the front box? I didn't have the front to look at side by side today.
  16. Are you sure about that Mat (@matman)? I used to think that too, but I changed my mind that the difference in thickness only relates to the placement and width of the groove in the outdrives so as to accommodate the C vs E clips. I don't see any difference in thickness... although if you are sure I can figure out a way to compare measurements.
  17. Wow, really?? I think for Hotshot parts especially we're going to need more gradation than vintage vs re-re. Obviously there's Mk1 and Mk2 then onward, but I was unaware there were further multiple variants. Thanks Mike (@terragni)! Rob (@Hibernaculum), I wonder how best to organize / present the internal variations??
  18. No problem! Will definitely do, Rob... but it might be a while to do a proper job of it. If I can get to it this weekend I will, but have been hard-pressed for time not already spoken for. Procrastinating on four 5min tasks somehow feels more acceptable than procrastinating on one 20min task. LOL...
  19. I just did a comparison of the vintage vs re-re rear Hotshot / Boomerang / Bigwig gearbox so adding those pics here. The only visible differences are added braces (i) between the upper and lower suspension arm mounts on the re-re; (ii) an extra brace inside the upper arm mount on the re-re; and (iii) the re-re plastic is a bit shinier. No other significant differences I detect. There, of course, is a difference when using re-re vs vintage drive cups, driveshafts, axles, etc. The most significant of which is that on the vintage outdrives you use C-clips to secure them inside the bearing housing, whereas with the re-re parts you use E-clips.
  20. OK, I don't have time at the moment to compose a very detailed post, and since we now have @Hibernaculum nicely organizing everything it'll probably make it easier to get more into the topic to worry less about composition and more about just supplying pics, details, etc. So, I have two little bits to add at the moment. One on the Frog (plus Hornet/Grasshopper...) and one on the Avante. The bit on the Frog has already been covered: the bumper. But here are a few more pics I took in case they are useful plus an example of a re-release bumper with the "nubs" attached. Indeed, seeing the sprue nubs still attached isn't sufficient to know you're looking at a vintage bumper. Which one is vintage? The top one! Here's the bottom one... Now onto the Avante, for the moment I have a set of both original and re-release decals.
  21. This is off to a great start, Rob! I wish this had existed when I first got serious about collecting. The detail on the Frog one is fantastic.
  22. FYI - sorry again for being remiss in getting back to this. Should have some time to post a few things over the next few days.
  23. Where's the fun in that?! I haven't ripped the skin off my finger tips in like 20 years.
  24. I know I've been late in posting on a number of topics, so I probably shouldn't be posting in a totally new thread (feel free to throw tomatoes in my direction!). But anyway, recently I discovered a (new to me) fascinating German WW2 airplane and decided I had to build a static model of it. I used to love building static models... lots of good memories, in addition to lots of glued-together fingers and such (admit it, you did it too if you used super glue on static models, and I hated the gooey glue). Now obviously, I hate Nazis and all, etc, etc... but they made some pretty cool airplanes. Between the Allies and the Germans in terms of the coolness of the aircraft designs from WW2 I have to give it to the Germans - in terms of looks and creativity anyway. Probably one of the advantages of the less interesting Allied aircraft designs was that they were probably easier/cheaper to produce. Which was probably a good strategy fighting a war. But check this thing weird is that design?! A prop in the front and a prop in the rear. Here are the different configurations of it they made... So I managed to snag two Tamiya static models... one the DO-335 "Anteater" version, and a bonus Messerschitt Me262: And here is a bonus video of a HUGE R/C version...