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  2. one factor is, can you deduce anything about the seller? r they a collector? business? old lady? etc.
  3. ah buggy, truggy, snuggy (?)... sometimes people mean it generally, sometimes not. i guess i took it generally. in terms of the buggies... i can't decide! i love so many so much. it'd be easier for me to decided which ones (A) i don't like and ( B ) don't do anything for me / excite me... as for A any and all buggies that have the cowboy hat driver figure (holiday buggy, sand rover, etc) ... same goes for all the willy's (not buggies i guess). i also don't like the FAV, but i DO like the wild one! i pretty much don't like any of the military ones. just not something i like to be reminded of. as for B i really don't have much of any affinity toward the on-road models. race cars, F1, etc. or the big 1/14 scale trucks. for me, it's all about off road, and/or big wheels! also - and this probably puts me well in the minority here - i don't particularly like the avante or egress or other of the 'superbuggies'. they're too slick for me! i guess my comfort zone is with the ugly ducklings and the underdogs!
  4. gosh - it's such a hard question to nail down. as much as i love so many of these classic r/c's ... and although it's not exactly supermodel gorgeous in any sort of comprehensible way ... i'd say the Lunchbox is the tamiya model that gives me the most visceral sense of joy just seeing it. i'm not sure if it's sexiness strictly speaking, but it is a noticeable jolt of sunshine every single time i see one. it's almost like the feeling of seeing a cute puppy... oxytocin? i don't know. but even though there were more iconic, more amazing, better performers, etc, etc among the tamiya pantheon. for me, if only one could survive to signify what tamiya meant to me personally - even though the blackfoot was really 'my baby' - it would be Vibrant Vannie's Lunchbox.
  5. well - here's one article that popped right up on the subject from a major canadian newspaper: http://bit.ly/fdMUfy don't read it if you are very sensitive to this sort of thing. not that it's graphic at all - it's in the *newspaper* after all - but i don't want anyone getting upset at me.
  6. oh my god guys - it's called sarcasm! =) =) ! let's not take things so seriously... i think we can all assume that if we're involved in TC and this forum that we're all pretty much on a similar wavelength - in many respects anyway. besides, montreal is like the strip club capital of north america! i didn't think a montreal dude would be sensitive about joking lightheartedly about the 'adult' nature of one of our side projects. well - i'm sorry if i upset you mon ami! b-muffin
  7. mr hot pizza - suuuuure you have a 'computer business' in your basement. well... i guess, if you USE computers to make and publish these so called 'films' then i guess you could get away with calling it a 'computer business'. ;-)
  8. my gut feeling is that we're seeing the peaks and troughs of popular fads over the years. that sounds trivial, but what i mean is that doing r/c cars in the late 70's and 1980's wasn't considered a 'nerdy' thing to do at the time. it was actually somewhere between mainstream and geek-cool. i remember folks like my uncle who were engineer types and for fun they'd tinker with ham radio and r/c cars and it made them seem awesome. r/c was CUTTING EDGE tech after all. right before that wave i think came a rock n roll wave in the 50's and 60's where the cool kids had guitars and tube amps...which probably tied into the radio hobbyists. after the r/c and ham radio boom i think the next popular wave started up just a little later in the 80's and 90's which was computer hobbyists. i fell more squarely into this period growing up... sort of on the tail of the r/c and analog electronics and the beginning of the digital stuff. i loved my tamiya r/c's but as a young teen i was more jazzed about going to 'computer shows' and running a BBS. i remember harvesting old 8086 boards for spare SIPP chips and doing shady deals behind shops for 1MB SIMM chips. forget about the excitement when 14.4kbaud modems became available. i'm sure many of you can relate. then, the next wave were our younger friends and cousins who came of age when the internet and the 'web' were pretty much interchangeable. by this time, hobby grade r/c became much more marginal to the mainstream. the mainstream were listening to nine inch nails and playing DOOM, and r/c fell squarely into the 'toy' designation in pop culture, something serious or cool people didn't bother themselves with. next we have the iDevice generation who are growing up with a computer in their cribs - like my own son. that's a whole other thing... but luckily there are folks like us who are bringing back that joy for r/c into the next generation. it's not about it being the cutting edge tech, or it being cool... it's about this ironic sense of wholesomeness and purity of enjoyment that's actually pretty hard to find these days. vintage r/c cars are straightforward. 2 channels more or less. you can't hack them. there are no trojan horses or worry about identity theft. there's just simple, easy to wrap your head around and feel a physical connection with, fun. that's also why i kind of resist pimping out my r/c's... i don't need a LiPo brushless gyro assisted sentient lunchbox. i really think that if more kids got into r/c cars instead of violent video games, etc it would have a positive effect on society. what we do is non-violent! and it's fun! amazingly, you can have both...
  9. it reminds me of folks who are into classic cars. but for them there are classic car shows where they can all get together and check out all the equipment. is there something like this for vintage r/c?
  10. sounds like shipping will make it too costly. thanks for the quick reply!
  11. dunno the server. wasn't into #England myself but the wife was. she knew many - how shall we say - academically proficient but socially maybe not so much - brits who were heavy into IRC. figured there must be a few on TC. maybe anyway!
  12. i'm surprised there are more former IRC users, among a group of 30s-40s (mainly) aged r/c car fanatics. i bet there are at least a few more...
  13. fyi... http://www.ebay.com/...P-/120826120659
  14. this is only tangentially related to tamiya, since it's more potentially related to a tiny slice of the TC community. any old IRC users among us? channel #England folks? it wouldn't shock me at all if there were at least a few overlappers given the high concentration of UK TC members. so...
  15. if you need wheels, better act fast: http://www.ebay.com/...2-/230910010238
  16. can't take all the credit - kontemax told me when i was restoring my falcon! can't help w/ the front tires though. i went with NOS. but striker and sonic fighter front tires are also a match, and i think the standard grasshopper 2 front wheels are the same diameter, but not the same tread pattern...
  17. yeah - here you go. but you can't order them until tamiyausa finish their inventory around the 20th(?) jan. http://www.tamiyausa...duct-id=9334103
  18. the rears are identical to thundershot rears. which are easier to find, especially since the thundershot was re-released...
  19. where you at, dog? in other words, where do you live? makes a difference if it's worth shipping...
  20. i've been pondering something all morning. why didn't thorpe name these 'filth warmers'?
  21. don't forget the yellow dampers! the fox has yellow dampers, and i believe they are still available on tamiyausa.com but only described as part [ ]. get them while the getting's good. ps- given the simplicity in modifying these, i've managed to pick up several for a lot less than the kit. for instance, the GB-02 buggy champ in my showroom started out as a dilapidated hornet. i'm watching this but i really don't need any more GB-01's so go for it. almost all the parts for these are on tamiyausa.com and they're surprisingly cheap. http://www.ebay.com/itm/261151532697
  22. you fool! do you know what you have done?! you have killed us all. oh wait, nevermind...
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