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  1. if berman won - and barring any phenomenal contender from rosey that i don't remember - i think he should, he'd better build that hilux and put up some pics of it running on that same beach! that would be sweeeeeet....
  2. it sounds to me like your rear shocks aren't the original GH shocks. they are either hornet or GH2 shocks. the original GH shocks are pretty small and wouldn't have a problem with the 540 motor. i've done both motors with my GH1's and never needed to add the hornet extensions. here are a few alternatives for you... 1) buy a rising fighter chassis (cheap) and make this into a GH2. gear box is essentially the same. the axles are slightly different to allow for the GH2 rear wheel adapters...but you can always run GH1 wheels. the rising fighter chassis is identical to the GH2 chassis. keep the GH1 chassis to build a GH1 with, or sell it. 2) buy a cheap hornet body and decals and turn it into a hornet. all that you'd need to do is slide the lower shock mounts from a hornet onto the arms of your gearbox to attach the bottoms of your rear shocks to. this is how the hornet was designed to accommodate bigger shocks and a 540 motor. the parts you'd need are on the hornet D tree...which is easy to find and cheap on ebay. then you can keep your GH2 shell and decals for a GH2 build, or sell them on ebay. the GH2 stickers are rare and would sell for $40. 3) pull off the big rear shocks and replace with the original grasshopper shocks. if you go to tamyiausa.com and search for grasshopper you can download the manual which will show you what the original setup should be. then, you can save or sell your GH2 decals, etc. your GH1 body will fit and so will your 540 motor. 4) send me your GH2 decals in exchange for any of the above sets of parts...since i have spares of them all and would be happy to trade for the GH2 decals. ben
  3. ditto - the results page is confusing! it says that rosey won, but lists berman as #1. it doesn't show rosey in the list at all and i don't remember his entry. i know rosey won last year, so is this a carryover in the code for the page?
  4. these look like good options at ikea: http://www.ikea.com/...ducts/60128562/ http://www.ikea.com/...ducts/10011055/ i personally am setting up my collection in my garage, so i'm using culinary-style stainless steel wire shelving. it's a great deal for the amount of shelf space. here's an example: http://www.amazon.co...uct/B0038KVQHK/
  5. i'm picturing these bursting into flames and turning my beloved tamiya runners into fireballs. has anyone had this experience with these? or has it been less ... dramatic... the price is right... unless they explode or just suck. THANKS!
  6. you didn't like my self-portrait. and you hate kittens. you are a bad man. send me some spicy rice. can i list nando's chicken and spicy rice as "wanted" under trades? they are R/C related because they are the platonic ideal of a source of R/C car building and repairing energy needed by my chiseled male stripper body to tackle my bigwig restoration. it will take large quantities of spicy chicken for me to complete the task.
  7. who is this mysterious 'twinset'? what is the matrix? who framed roger rabbit?
  8. aha i came across this with the help of others who had the same problem. sorry others but i forgot who you are. but many thanks! http://www.tamiyaclu...=0
  9. i was wondering (1) if the guy who runs bjmodels repro decals ebay store (terry i believe) is a TC member, maybe reading this, who can help me get my orders; and/or (2) has anyone else had the same problem? i got several orders from him in the past and liked them and ordered more...but the last 2-3 orders have never come. ordered in mid-october. i don't think that's me being impatient...
  10. can anyone tell me how to update my board account pic? i've tried uploading all different sizes and it always says "too big" no matter how small in pixels or kb. i also tried hosting on flickr and linking and no dice. am i missing something that proves once and for all that i'm a complete idiot?
  11. i like it too! i might copy your idea with my super hornet runner i'm working on since i only have one set of NOS decals and two super hornets in the works. does the frog skid plate strengthen up the chassis?
  12. i was kicking around the tamiyausa.com site looking for super hornet parts and was surprised by the attached picture, sitting there right on tamiya's website. the stickers and body art is something i've never seen used on the super hornet. does anyone know anything about this? thanks!
  13. just wanted to share a place i found some excellent deals on a couple of hard-to-find mini 4WD's. it's actually a brick and mortar hobby shop in greece, but they have an online store and ship internationally. but shipping for two mini 4WD's was only 10 euro to the US/NJ. specifically, they seem to have a lot of hornet and grasshopper II mini 4WD's in stock for like 6 euro a pop. as in plain vanilla retail pricing. here's the link: http://www.e-kalfakis.gr/login.php?language=en if you email them you actually get a response from a real human too! ben
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