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  1. Hope you're well Ben! 


    1. beefmuffin


      Thanks man - am doing OK.  How's it hanging with you?

    2. NWarty


      Hey Ben,

      Life has been um...super interesting to say the least in the last 2.5 years, apart from the RC stuff. But I'm doing well, and happy, and the family is good.

      Picked up a slew of new projects and 90's Tamiya cars, two F103, a TT-01 and M01 Mini. Built brushless missiles in the forms of a Grasshopper II and Wild One re-re.  I'm ordering the very last two remaining parts for my other project next week (Avante). Other than that, it's fall and with winter coming, will probably tinker and paint a bit. 

      Hope everything is fine with you and your family back there on the East Coast. Don't be a stranger homie. ;) 


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