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  1. Nope, no tricks... just secure a servo horn with a screw in the same hole where you would screw in the battery compartment 'door'. Pivot it forwards to release yoyr battery pack and pivot it backwards to secure the pack. It will not cover the whole side of the pack, but it will hold. If you bash really long and hard with your Bull, I would recommend getting an aluminium one.
  2. If the packs are only a couple of mm's too long, one solution for the Mad Bull might be to replace the battery 'door' with a simple servo horn. Depending on which way around you install it, it allows for several millimeters and it makes a good alternative to the regular 'door'. That won't solve the problem with your Lunchbox, however...
  3. OMG, that is excellent! Thank you so much. I'm sure I'll be able to make an informed decision based on this information :-)
  4. I got a complete set of what appear to be Egress wheels and tires in a job lot. Seems thay haven't seen a lot of action. Couldn't tell you whether they're original or re-re though. Let me know if you might be interested.
  5. There is a new, finished Advan shell (Tamiya sold them in two varieties: finished and unfinished) for sale on fleabay now from a guy in Germany. He will ship to almost anywhere in Europe, but of course I don't know where you are located Jason1145
  6. Awesome thread! I'd also like to see if there has been more progress lately... On a related note, I wanna ask if someone can give me precise measurements on this body? I'm asking because I recently purchased a Awesomatix A800 touring car and I'd like to have this body on it. I already know the wheelbase is correct (257 mm) but overall length, width and height (on the inside) would be great. I'd like to prevent buying the body and then having it not fit ;-)
  7. In my experience you shouldn't have any problems by charging your lipos the night before the race. I've had fully charged lipos lying around for a week or more sometimes (thought this in NOT to be recommended) and haven't really noticed any negative effects from it. Normally I keep them storage charged though. One night really shouldn't be a problem AFAIK.
  8. That is correct enjay, the ESC replaces the MSC and the servo that controls it.
  9. What do you mean by 'original radio'? If you'd like an old AM band stick radio, I have one of those lying around that you can have for close to nothing. It's a Futaba Attack R and I think I even have two sets of matching crystals for it. Here's a picture of one like it (not mine).
  10. Yeah, as Effigy said those two ESCs for $12 seem like a great deal and if you plan on running the Lunchbox with a plain silvercan motor then 40 amps should be enough for your ESC. The Sanwa will do fine, but if it was me I'd spend just a little more money and get a Futaba 3PV (but I'm partial to Futaba). You can get very simple 2 channel receivers for the Futaba for about $25 a piece if you want to expand your collection later
  11. There's also a company called Aleko that put out a mini Fighter Buggy RX / Rookie Rabbit clone
  12. Welcome to the forum Bytestorm! Where in Sweden are you located? I'm in Sweden myself, in Gnarp (about 350km north of Stockholm) As Effigy suggested, I'd go with a Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 ESC for the Lunchbox if I were you. They are cheap, very reliable and are Lipo compatible. For the DT-03 you can always start out just with the brushed motor that comes with the kit (I believe that is a Torque Tuned, isn't it?) and see if you want to upgrade to brushless later. NIMH batteries will work fine, but if you decide to go Lipo then make sure the batteries fit the battery compartment of your car. For the DT-03 that will probably not be a problem, but the Lunchbox is a bit more 'picky'. Two batteries that I know fit in both my Mad Bull and my Novafox are the Yuki Brainergy Lipo (http://tamico.de/Yuki-Model-LiPo-2s-74V-4000mAh-45C-T-Stecker-Racing-Pack) and the NVision Lipo (http://www.autopartner.se/bilar/batterier/lipo/nvision-lipo-7-4v-3700mah-45c)
  13. On my Mad Bull I have 95mm shocks (eyelet to eyelet) in the back and 70mm ones in the front. Since the Rising Fighter and Mad Bull share the same chassis, I would think these measurements should work for you.
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