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  1. Upgrading the the steering to a Savox SC-1257tg going to better than the Futaba S3003 that was in there!
  2. More work on the truck today. Now I need to find side mirrows for the D90 body. Any ideas?
  3. Not binding on any body part but click when compressed from fully extended. Question. Can you remove them? I cannot see a use for them at 10kmph???
  4. My second RC was a Turbo Opimia Mid SE. Nearly 30 years ago..........
  5. Ok. Did this today and now the "shocks" are binding. Going back to original setup.
  6. I'm back. Was a look at me on the shelf while I chased speed with varoius expensive offrorders. Got to 100kph with an eRevo but I'm back. Love my Tamiya What wheels do you recomend now?
  7. Added some bar work. Cost about $5 for the ally and a bit of fab work. Pretty happy with the result.
  8. Now I have. Nice rig. A little high for my liking but if is was mine I wouldn't complain. Still got a long road with this one. So much to do. Added some lights for night driving. It looks so cool. I'm such a kid. Headlights next.
  9. The body is a great fit. Not sure who makes it but here's an eBay link. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/RC-GO-LAND-ROVER-D90-Bodies-for-AXIAL-SCX10-RC4WD-/130764236180?pt=UK_ToysGames_ModelKits_ModelKits_JN&hash=item1e7227e594#ht_500wt_1288 . Modified the rear brace plate thingo. This is a great improvement. Front is still stock..
  10. I've noticed. So what do you get for 15 pounds? Still trying to work my way around this site.
  11. Can anyone explain the rear hub locking bar to me. It looks stock but is a bit of a weak link?
  12. What next. Love tinkering with this thing. Have taken the diff lock pins out as the turning circle was atrocious. Might put the rear back in
  13. First mod. The Landrover is now brushless. Installed a Hobbywing 45amp esc and 1500KV 3650 motor. It has begun.
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