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  1. Still need of L parts..... Anyone?
  2. Where did you get this, if is not a secret? Thanks!
  3. Hi Everybody, does anybody knows if this Korean Hobby store is Ok (or not) https://www.yshobby.co.kr Thank you for any feedback!
  4. We need first to buy a 3d printing machine ...
  5. Thanks for the info! Even though the price is too much ...
  6. Hi All! need of an L-Parts Tree (TRF201/Dn-01) If anyone has a spare... Thank you!
  7. Topic Updated Only the Nissan GT-R LM Nismo Launch F103GT 58617 is still available Thanks!
  8. Hi All does anybody knows where to find this custom made chassis kit Thanks in advance for any info provided!
  9. New options added for trade. See initial post If this edit is not allowed please cancel this Thank you!
  10. Hi All, I have the below items for trade if someone is interested (will never build these) 1) NIB Nissan Tamiya Nissan GT-R LM Nismo Launch F103GT 58617 2) M-08 (almost NIB, a few bags opened, nothing missing + a couple of spare parts_ NSU Body) Looking for kits of the same status (Nib, almost Nib) and similar price and most specifically: 1) For Nissan: Chassis Ta02/01 (Manta Ray re-re, Calibra Ta-02, etc) --- TT-02 (racing / rally kits) -- Fire Dragon 2) For M-08: Terra Scorcher, Thunder Shot or TT-02S / Sr / R If someone wants both kits: TD2 TD4 DB01 DB02 TRF201 Also used (decent condition) TRF201XR / TRF211Xm / TRF501_502 P.S. You can check, in the forum history about my credibility and apologies for my not so good English
  11. Sale ended Thank you all for watching! Hi everybody For sale is the above parts seen in the photos divided in two lots TB-03 [ TB-04 [ [/url] Some info; - the front tower of the Tb04 car is a Tb03 carbon tower - the car has rear gear diff and front solid axle - the assembled shocks are from xv-01 pro - not all the parts seen without plastic (bags) are used. It is easily shown in the pictures.Were used as a shelf queen (initially tb-03 then tb-04 mixing the parts) - Paypal only (please use Paypal balance or bank account money - with credit/debit etc cards Paypal has 3.4%+0.35 fee which is not included in these prices,so the fees must be paid by you otherwise the sale is NOT VALID ) - shipping worldwide - if you need more info just pm me (or for a reasonable offer ) - what you see in the photos is what you will receive Asking 115usd for Tb-03 (shipping included) 135usd for Tb-04 (shipping included) Thanks!
  12. Re shaped the lots and some numbers are gone Sale still valid for a few days Thank You
  13. Hi I made a notice in the original post in the Paypal sector about fees for which i wasn't aware of So you have to consider this making your payments Sorry if this creates any problems If anyone wants to cancel his order because of this just send me a pm Thank you
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