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  1. Pteppic

    What 2s lipo fits egress/avante?

    Pretty sure that these: fit all cars that were designed for rounded stick packs. Certainly happy in TA01, TA02, CC01, Fox and Hotshot to name a few.
  2. Pteppic

    M-08 predictions?

    Renault Alpine is 210mm Has been on M-02 and M-06 (Also I think on M-05 but that was just wrong!)
  3. Pteppic

    Few Fox Questions

    Just checked my Fox manual (dated 1985) and step 35 shows the windows being masked with strips of masking table. It also shows you paint the body with a brush! Hopefully the attached picture shows what I mean.
  4. Pteppic

    TB01 Part Numbers

    You mean like on the last page of the instructions here: ??
  5. Pteppic

    M05 Traction Issue

    Don't know what radio gear you run, but if you have it make sure the throttle punch is turned down, as that can effect the minimum amount of power you can send to the wheels, and if it's too high you're going to keep spinning them up.
  6. Pteppic

    DF-03Ra Help Please

    DF03RA owners need to stick together!!
  7. Pteppic

    DF-03Ra Help Please

    According to the manual, CVD's are 53792 and are listed as for TT-01 and TA-04 Manual: Last Page in the Tamiya Spare Parts & Hop-Up Options section. And they are available at Modelsport: or eBay: Or Wheelspin:
  8. Received an order from them with an item missing, and spent the last week trying to get in touch. No replies to emails, no reply from website contact form and so far phone number goes to answerphone. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks.
  9. Pteppic

    Window rubbers

    Just had the 3mm 3M 471 tape arrive and on a scrap piece of lean looks to be just what I need to go around the windows. I can easily make 90deg corners without creasing appearing. Will try to update with pics once the Pug is painted...
  10. Pteppic

    Window rubbers

    OK, so I have a Peugeot 205 bodyshell and decals from DeltaPlastiks, but there aren't any decals for window surrounds/rubbers. Any suggestions on what I could use? Ideally a narrow (2mm) vinyl tape that can happily stretch around corners would be good. Otherwise I'm going to have to try and print my own on clear inkjet vinyl. MCI do decals, but I'm not sure the scale and shape will be correct when resized to 1:10 scale. Thanks.
  11. Pteppic

    Converting M05 to rally car

    Pleased it's all worked out for you! Did you get the underbody protection sorted? Tamiya's official solution is part number 51426, they have to be cut and sprayed, but protect the front and the battery from flying rocks.
  12. Pteppic

    Battery for TB01

    These: Are the same size as the NiMh packs and fit in my TB-01's without any modification to the chassis at all.
  13. Pteppic

    air brush cleaner

    All depends on what paint you're using, the Vallejo stuff is good for water based acylics, but if you're using something like Tamiya acrylic (which isn't water based) it won't be as good. And it'll be even worse if your using oil based paints. I only use Vallejo Premium air and Tamiya acrylics. When I use Tamiya paints I then to then use neat X20A thinner to clean the airbrush, before Medea Airbrush cleaner. For the Vellejo paints usually just water then the Medea cleaner. I also use Needle juice after cleaning to make sure the needle doesn't stick due to any residue.
  14. Pteppic

    Rally car. Which one and why?

    I think XV-01Pro has TRF shocks and turnbuckles. Plus a few other bits of blue aluminium - but no body included with the kit.
  15. Pteppic

    Rally car. Which one and why?

    I have 2 XV-01's so can recommend more than one, but then I also have a pair of TB01's one with the Long Arm suspension kit (which took a lot of hunting for!) - As I say Rally cars become and addiction... ...there's a 037 just arrived and I rather like the look of the soon to be released Yaris WRC too!