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  1. cool.. Do you know what material he printed the blade out of? I would love to build a plow for my HG407. Your info so far has helped thanks
  2. Well this one is not strong enough. I did finish it to see if I like it. It needs some work and would need to be printed out of ABS.. the original design had the push bar out too far here it is complete for a first prototype
  3. Body mounts are done.. stock rear works perfectly, I 3D printed the front mount, not sure if I need side mounts or not. I assembled most of the truck, but need to take it apart for paint. Hood is a bit tight so I need to clearance it as the paint will make it a bit thicker. Also anything needing glue is not installed. Suggestions on glue to use.. i also have on picture of my 4wd converted Blackfoot Extreme with a Clod Body. The clod is definitely NOT 1/10th scale. I would like to find some sort of push/bull bar for the Blazer. I might need to design and print it..
  4. I found a set of aluminum 2.2 wheels.. they bolt up like stock.. That might be the best for me.. I do like how these wheel fit size wise with the Blazer body
  5. So I am liking the stance of the wheels (I have 3d printed Adapters in the front) so the wheels are the same width. I am considering the 12mm conversion kit , however I am not sure how I would extend the front to match the rear width with the conversion kit. I have also seen the 12mm Adapters in aluminum or printable, but I think I run into the same issue with width. Any ideas or suggestions on the 12mm conversion while making the front the same track width as the rear?
  6. Yep same here and I remember the transition from manual to auto. off topic, my youngest is finishing Drivers Ed, my oldest did 2,5 years ago, they don't speak or teach much about manual transmissions here. Sad really
  7. Finally got my Servo horn and drove the chassis a bit in my basement.. pretty cool with the 3 speed. now to start fitting the body to the chassis
  8. In my younger years I would have just done the Chevy Bow tie..
  9. Awesome, yes that was what I was going to do matte black and thought of krylon. I assume you are using primer first?
  10. Me either.. need warmer weather here, wife will not let me paint in the basement or garage with it closed. still deciding on color, initial thoughts are a medium to dark red metallic (or a candy red) and the removable roof in black..
  11. yeah and setting on there.. All it looks like I need to modify is the Radio Lid.. it is too tall. I will print a new one tomorrow.. I also need to print the body mounts but one thing at a time. I really want my steering horn to show up, tanking a long trip from somewhere.
  12. I miss my Clod.. bought it in 87-88 when they first came out.. sold it in 97 I think..
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