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  1. Had one for years but find height clearance a bit of an issue
  2. Got the tt01 4wd lowride pumkin done today,only had a 3s battery out of a boat that fits inside the shortened chassis bashed it around the warehouse at work,its a lot of fun
  3. My mate bought a lowrider pumpkin,i had a look always loved midnight pumpkin had a spare tt01 so thought i would have a play After a few hours with the dremel i now have a 4 wheel drive pumkin chassis And maybe the smallest Tamiya driveshafts
  4. Finally got round to fitting my 6r4 shell fitted to a tt01 chassis
  5. Farecla G6 will be your best bet,use it on 1-1 car paint i would be careful with any polish that contains silicone Good luck
  6. Bought one of these for my son £20 off banggood only took 2 weeks to come For the money its not bad he has fun with it,his mate has a slickrock there about £170 I might buy another and mod it
  7. Thanks for these shots can i ask why you only used one servo
  8. These car's are a thing of beauty and real craftsmanship Such a shame they are kept in there boxes
  9. Have you got a build thread on this just about to mod my clod got some idea's but would like to see yours
  10. Dug out my old clod for a refurb because it has been waiting too long
  11. Just dug out my 1976 clod Thee motors are wired in parallel to by pass the mechanical speed controler What if any problems will this cause,i have a spare tamiya esc to put in Thank you
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