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  1. Had some free time today and was able to get more done to the body. Primed the bed and masked the body, ready for paint: I was going to go with PS12 Silver, but I was torn. Mercedes does silver so well it would only be right. But I have a few silver vehicles and wanted something a bit different. But it had to match the grey interior I had chosen from the Axial Wraith. So I asked my wife for her opinion and she liked PS32 Corsa Grey. So here we have it, PS32 Corsa Grey: Married the bed to the body: I've learned a lot this go around with making the drop bed. Easy to tell where I rushed and mis-measured, but it will do the job. Body on chassis, setting the body mount height: Toying with the idea of mounting spare tires: What really was bothering me was this huge void in the middle of the chassis. So a little creativity was needed: The remains of the cut bed: Some pieces cut out: Test fit: And painted: With the body on: I think it's a perfect fit! And lastly, I touched up the edges of the bed: If time permits, this weekend I will apply the decals, fit the light buckets and start figuring out the scale bits and led's.
  2. Love the paint work, great job!
  3. Got a little bit more done to the Unimog..drop bed nearly completed. Some sheets of styrene, some angled pieces and some glue: Temporarily holding it together with some double sided tape: Glued and test fitted: Some corrugated styrene: Glued in place: And added some more to the front and rear of the bed: Next, I will prime and paint it. And then paint the body. Still up in the air for a final color so I may just have to leave it up to a coin toss
  4. Sunday, fun-day...got a little more done to the Unimog. Started with trimming the Axial Wraith interior in hopes of making it fit. Before modification: Moved the dashboard forward a bit and started some trimming: Also cut the bed out, I'll be doing a slight drop to make it useable: Now to make it sturdy: I used some styrene sheet to support the interior. drilled a hole and affixed it to the transmission: Looks like it's going to work Using more styrene sheet, I boxed in the interior for added rigidity: 3M double sided tape holding the pieces together for now: My only issue is that you can see part of the interior from the front wheel wells. I think I will have to try to make some sort of wheel liner to hide it. Also, I will need to find a proper driver, and then sever his legs below the knee Next will be paint, hoping for some fair weather next weekend. Thanks for viewing!
  5. I've never seen the parts in yellow before..very cool!
  6. Always enjoy reading these write ups and viewing your work, thanks for sharing!
  7. Small world! I’m in Bergen County, near Paramus.
  8. Some more parts arrived, so that means more work can get done The new wheels arrived (well, only two of them), so I anxiously started the disassembly of the Gmade wheels and the assembly of the RC4WD Humvee wheels. So many little nuts and bolts! The Axial Wraith interior that I plan to modify to fit: The correct MST rear prop shaft: And I used some of JennyMo's great advice and moved the fan to create a little more room. Moved it from the top, to the side: And finally, I ditched the MST "hop up" dampers in favor of some 75mm Gmade piggy back shocks: These new shocks look and should perform much better than the previous ones. I have these Gmade piggy backs in some of my other vehicles and they haven't disappointed. Best part about them is their ability to change stiffness with the turn of a screw. Thanks for viewing, more to come. Still having trouble deciding on a color. I've narrowed it down to two choices, but am open to suggestions!
  9. Thanks for the reply Jenny! Don’t know why I didn’t think of the wheel weight idea, especially when I’ve done that in some past builds-but thanks for reminding me! I used a band style-cut to desired weight style on my Tundra build a few years ago. But..I did order a set of alloy wheels from RC4WD and 2 of them arrived today. As for the esc and receiver, do you think bringing it up front would bring too much weight forward? I know they don’t weigh much but just considering. Also with the fan, it’s probably not necessary. Just wanted to use it since it was sitting in my spares bin. The heat sink does have a provision to mount it sideways instead of on top. Additionally, I did pick up an interior for an Axial Wraith which I plan to chop up and modify to fit the passenger compartment. Fingers crossed I can get it to work. I was somewhat successful in doing so with my Unimog 405 build. And lastly the drop bed. If I do a small drop (again like my 405), I think I can be a little conservative yet still get away with adding some scale items. Another pic from my 405 build: Thanks for your help and insight Jenny, it’s greatly appreciated! I hope to get some more work done this weekend
  10. Next up, the front bumper and the battery tray: Test fitting a battery (I plan to order a hard case battery): Routing the wiring and electrics: Had to make a little extension harness for the motor to the ESC: Wiring to the receiver: Pic of the Axial waterproof ESC: MST's alloy wheel hexes: RC4WD's 1.9" Mud Basher Tractor tires, with Gmade bead lock wheels: On it's feet for the first time: Not 100% that I will keep these wheels on. They are very light, so not the best for what I'm going for: A little articulation: And finally, the body. Rough trimming of the Tamiya Unimog 425: Amazing how its almost like this body was meant for this chassis. Body posts line up perfectly! Still need to decide on a color and to decide if I will attach the body with magnets or attach it conventionally. Also toying with the idea of an interior and a drop bed like I did with my Unimog 406. Thanks for viewing, there will be more to come!
  11. On to the rear axle: Simple solid axle design: Hop up link mount: Front and rear axles completed: Hop up front and rear drive shafts: Front axle fitted: And the rear: I had ordered the wrong drive shaft (too long), so the original is on for now: On to the suspension-MST's hop up dampers: Impressive that both the original and hop up dampers come with soft/medium/stiff springs: Fitted: Can't say I'm particularly impressed with them though. Since they do not aerate they don't feel as I would expect a crawler's suspension should. Additionally, there is a lot more room in the suspension for some longer dampers (these are 70mm). So I placed an order for a different set, hopefully they'll fit
  12. Next up was the assembly of the frame rails/chassis: A few chassis hop ups: Fitting the transfer case: Suspension links and the hop up alloy links: Suspension links assembled and assembling the steering links: MST's hop up skid plate: Assembling the front axle: Some more hop ups: On to the CVD's: Some hop ups for the front axle: Servo mount: ECO Power waterproof servo: Due to the shape, I could not use this alloy servo horn: Front axle complete: Tomorrow, I start the rear axle:
  13. OK...so the motor arrived and I was able to get some more done to the chassis. I went with Tamiya's Torque Tuned motor. 33T, meant for the Tamiya tractor trucks. Not sure how it will work out, but I'm guessing it shouldn't be much different than the CR Tuned 35T motor. Added MST's heat sink and an electric fan: Next was the transfer case:
  14. Thanks Jenny! And I agree with you 100%. It’s a shame Tamiya haven’t produced a CC02 or kept up with a category that they created. Makes me wonder who’s steering the ship over there.
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