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  1. Coming along nicely, great photos, thanks for posting
  2. essexbill


    Hi. Thanks for this post. Like you I enjoy the builds and I always seem to struggle with the painting as its my least favourite part of an build. My nearest RC shop is about miles away , on Saturday I visited them to find they do not stock Tamiya poly paint, so I opted for an alternative brand. I should have done a little more research but I was hoping to get my paint on before this weekend. I fancy a Beetle , not sure if it will ne Blitzer, standard or rally yet though. Please keep posting updates of your progress.
  3. Just back from holiday, read your post and requested as well
  4. Hi. I always fancied a WW, never got one until the WW2 then built it to standard spec used it a couple of times in the garden got bored with RC so sold it on. Since then been in and out of the hobby a couple of times. I have lunchbox that is going into its third colour of paint having been pulled out of the loft last week. My Scania needs finishing. But I am looking for another project. Yours have inspired me, love the WW garage.
  5. Hi. I have not been to Rother Valley Country Park for years, I was wondering if they have a good area that could be used? On a positive I have been able to get some paint on my LB shell. Also , been looking at other peoples builds and ideas for another project. I'm thinking my Scania is going to have to wait in bits for a while.
  6. Hi, I have a part built lunch Box I have had several over the years but usually sell them because they don't get used. I'm not into racing just some fun with like minded individuals. I am just to the North of Chesterfield
  7. Had a great afternoon at RC Models Direct on Saturday afternoon. Plenty of trucks to watch and nice people who were happy to talk about the hobby.
  8. Thanks Stroker Boy, I am hoping to visit this Saturday.
  9. Hi Backlash, thanks for all the Face Book links, although I am on here as EssexBill I have now relocated to Derbyshire. Thanks for your comment Mad Ax. I have requested to join several of the groups as its great to see what others are building and doing.
  10. Hello. Yes I am on Face Book, found South West Truckers, and a Group in Leicester, although their page seems to be out of date.
  11. Hello. I am thinking about buying a Tamiya R/C truck, if I do I will add the MFU so my investment will be £500-£600. Having built many of the cars, and 3 tanks, I know the pleasure that is obtained from the build. But with a truck once its built its fine to run it around the house a few times, and that can get boring, I don't want to end up on a shelf covered in layers of dust. So my question is who uses theirs, do owners meet up and if so where? Thanks everyone.
  12. It sounds like you enjoyed the build, and your having loads of fun driving it.
  13. Thanks guys for all your comments and suggestions. Ended up using bleach overnight
  14. Hello. I have been trying to de chrome some parts, tried the dishwasher with no success, so I am guessing its paint remover or ??? Any suggestions and tips welcome. Many thanks
  15. Take a break and step back. Don't sell anything, store it, take a break for a few weeks, then one day you will either see a kid in the park, something at a car boot sale, or even the cover of a mag will catch your eye then you will be inspired to get going again. Believe me as I speak from experience and regret. Take care.
  16. Hello everyone. During the last couple of years due to personal problems my magazine collection has all been recycled. I remember seeing an article some time in 2014 where someone had changed the wheels on a Farm King and painted it Yellow and called it Farst Trac. Does anyone know which mag, as I would like to get a back issue? Also if the builder is a member on here and posted anything I would like to see some photos. many thanks.
  17. Dug my LB out of the shed yesterday, sadly damp has got under the stickers so she is going to get a rub down and a respray. Then kept in warm dry part of the house
  18. Wheelbase needs to be shorter than a TT02. Is the MF01 a front wheel drive?
  19. Hello everyone. I have read and looked up different chassis and ended up getting confused. I have just bought a standard TT02 chassis and find its a bit to long for my project. What options do I have it needs to be either 4x4 or rear drive. Many thanks everyone.
  20. Looks like everyone is building something different. As for me hopefully going to take the chrome off my lunchbox and paint them black to match the wheels. it has not been run for two years so test that it all works as it has moved from a warm home to what has become a damp shed via 2 warm sheds. Then I am going to open my ebay capri tt02, and consider what to do with it..
  21. Hello. We have all had a post Christmas bills in, valentines day is behind us. So I was wondering what everyone is buying and building.
  22. Purchased a tt-02 zak speed capri and a bruda scania cab for my project. now waiting on pat the postman.
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