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  1. The guy I bought it off had it running before I bought it (sadly he's passed away now so I can't ask him) he topped up the fuel tank with some clear liquid out of a drinks bottle hense didn't know what the engine ran on
  2. Post man brought me something iv been after for a while a m03 chassis complete with mini shell... Might not sound much but iv been after it for nearly a year and now I have it need a motor and ESC but other than that its good to go
  3. So what fuel do I use? It was from a Rc airplane that I bought second hand, unfortunately the body was beyond repair but the engine ect was sound. I was thinking of turning it into some sort of boat, slow moving(I.e not speed boat more like cruise liner or aircraft carrier replica).
  4. hi sorry if its in the wrong place :s i have a small nitro engine off an airplane, an enya ss25 i have a few questions tho.. firstly is it a nitro engine? i mean iv googled it but iv come accross diesel/gas too, so im confused :s also and this is a weird one i suppose im planning on building something with this engine, is there like an air filter or something i need to be worried about? sorry if its in the wrong place
  5. So I should be getting a genuine 1987 clod buster soon. It comes with everything except a controller and batterys it will be my first rc of this type. Quick look on wiki shows it has 2motors and 2gearboxes, 4wheel steering ect I was just wondering, the ad says its in working condition but like all my second hand rc cars (tl-01, tt-01, ta-01, grasshopper/hornet) this will be stripped down, cleaned and regreased before it even gets a battery pack connected. Is there anything I need to look out for? Or anything I should upgrade? Any advice would be well appreciated
  6. i think its a 540 motor anyways :s i do have a 380 that came with the car but i think its goosed :/
  7. brilliant! life saver infact! haha and @mongoose thanks but no thanks, prefer the 540 motor(i think)
  8. i will take pics as soon as iv finished my shell.. at the moment its like it was when i started. id defo love the wheels @badwagon if you can find them, but im in the uk
  9. im bacck! got the grasshopper/hornet up and running at a friends in wales, still need a new axle :/ should be coming from ebay soon enough! need new back wheels, and finally still need to finish my shell! running wise, it runs like a dream, actually put a smile on my face ! tried it with the motor out of my ta03, unfortunatly it was wayyy too powerful (15t brushed) and ended up making one of the smaller gears in the diff jump out of position. :@ frustrating to say the least! ran it on gravel, ran it on grass, struggled a tad on the grass but im assuming this was down to tyres more than anything else. new plans 1) - Post more pictures! 2) - Paint the shell and wing 3) - get metal gears if there an option? or a tuned standard motor
  10. haha yea i guessed that i just want to do something different tho and i love the red baron and his triplane! as for the cost, im not that bothered about it, im not guna do it all at once, its going to take a few months by my reckoning, but once its all done, it will be worth it and i cant wait
  11. flippin brilliant... according to the website, theres no clubs in my area :/ that sucks. and as for the ailerons, the middle and bottom wings are static then? so i wouldnt need to slave them? thanks for all the info fastfordrc ok, the initial website lied!, iv contacted my local club and and await a reply
  12. well il see how the construction goes before deciding on a power plant! still undecided! iv found some model blueprints which iv upscaled and printed ready for building when i get the balsa wood. dont ask me why i want to build a triplane, iv always had a fascination with them ah right i see, having a bec would make sence. also do electric rc planes have rudders on the tail? or could you impliment something like the thing thats designed for countersteer for rc cars? or just leave it? in fact if you didnt have a rudder, whats the worst that could happen?
  13. sorry, BEC? whats that? whats this website by the way?edit - Just found this on ebay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Small-nitro-engine-/290852476231?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item43b8289547&_uhb=1 something like this would be perfect. as long as i can keep the weight to scale, then theoretically id need a scale amount of hp, as the original only had 100 hp, a 1/10th scale model should be fine with something like this
  14. haha no, add away what plane did you build if you dont mind me asking?
  15. i see the scale might be an issue then. as for the construction, balsa wood seems to be the material of choice according to some research iv done, someone has made a bi plane at about 1/16th scale, and used 2servos and motor, esc and lipo, as i already stated tho, as long as it 'moves' il be happy if it doesnt fly :)editlooking at this pic, this is the british version if you like, and it looks like the bottom of the 3 wings is the one thats controlled, and the middle and top are the slaves, fishing wire and push rods maybe?
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