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  1. My 7yr old has a QD Peugeot. He gets on fine with that. Can be picked up fairly cheap on Ebay.
  2. Yep, standard that one. Although not sure on the front wheels though being narrow??
  3. The chance I took buying a box of bits. Missing 2no Y2 damper tops and 2no BD3 screws. I don't suppose anyone in can help. )
  4. £160 inc electrics, local to me had in ebay I done a deal.
  5. Picked up cheap, It will make a nice addition to the rest of my collection.
  6. Ball joints well worn the arms are a bit so so, so new bits ordered. I will have to sort some pics out of the Boomerang @ Avante 2001 when its all done
  7. Ok cheers for the extra info, I will take apart and report back. The Boomerang is my first baby being back into the scene after a fair few years, although I have just picked up a Avante 2001 as well.
  8. I have a Peak Racing Dynasty 19 Turn Green and a Pink Parma Stock but i will honest and know nothing about them.
  9. Cheers i will look at this later when home. Yes stock wheels.?
  10. Hi all, I got a Boomerang and for the life me i cant work out what needs fixing. The front arms rub on the inside of the wheel.! At the moment i have a elastic band wrapped around each side to keep it from rubbing. Any help
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