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  1. Can you open this? https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/carbon-chassis-cfk-tamiya-wild-dagger-twin-detonator-wt-01-wr-01/995253805-249-3262 Onlx available in CFK. And wonderful quality!
  2. Maybe the clone.... I don't know. I have ordered ball bearings in 22mm size and that's the easiest way to "fix" the problem.
  3. I have looked into manual and see this: But MY brusier wheel hub looks bit other: The inner circle seems to be smaller than in the manual shown and have no black bearings carrier inside. My wheel hub contents only the bearing. However, I order now 8x22x6 ball bearings. These have the same dimension like the black bearing carriers.
  4. The seller Tamico says: "RC4WD says, the carton content is wright, no extra accessoires" I say: that's world biggest bullsh*t I ever heared. Not possible to mount! Here you can see it:
  5. ...but I havn't this 4 black round ball bearing carriers... sh*t!
  6. I've bought new RC4WD truce scale rims for my Brusier but I can't mounting them. It seems, that some parts missing. I think there is missing 4 ball bearings and/or a filling part between ball bearing and rim. Is this part exclude or what do I need? Shown on this picture, but I havn't got them:
  7. Rangers 2.2 fits to every 2.2'' rims. The midwest wheels have 3 different offset adapters. JC is a wonderful firm. Nice JC-shopping.
  8. JConcepts #332 Silverado Body fits perfect on WR-01. This body have 280mm Wheelbase and same width like Blackfoot 3.
  9. I use two HPI Firebolt 15T Motors and Quicrun WP860 ESC....since years...works awesome.
  10. I hope NOT the alloy gear boxes!! They are terrible rare! The damaged trucks shows the bad quality of rc4wd products. thats typical for it....
  11. No videos... on german page rockcrawler.de I have a gallery with lot of pictures of the truck.
  12. Yes and it drives good. The drive shaft do a good job.
  13. badword! Where you got these ultimate rare alloy gearboxes? They are made by RC4WD?!
  14. Hey guys. After 2 driving sessions I can't believe the improvements! The truck drives so much better than before!. Great. No swing off in curves and on loose ground. So I can say again: I LOVE the WR-01!
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