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  1. I've got the last one in world (not USA) in germany after (long) search: 17€ incl. shipping for a 40 years old switch. thanks god for it. *prey*
  2. I mean number 11 in picture above! This is the eco switch, holes distance is 46mm. I do NOT mean on/off switch!
  3. I need a simple on/off switch for the my LED light kit in clod buster chassis. So I see the battery (eco) terminator switch. The holes measure 46mm distance. Where I can get a simple switch in this size? I don't know the industrial standard....
  4. Can you open this? https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/carbon-chassis-cfk-tamiya-wild-dagger-twin-detonator-wt-01-wr-01/995253805-249-3262 Onlx available in CFK. And wonderful quality!
  5. Maybe the clone.... I don't know. I have ordered ball bearings in 22mm size and that's the easiest way to "fix" the problem.
  6. I have looked into manual and see this: But MY brusier wheel hub looks bit other: The inner circle seems to be smaller than in the manual shown and have no black bearings carrier inside. My wheel hub contents only the bearing. However, I order now 8x22x6 ball bearings. These have the same dimension like the black bearing carriers.
  7. The seller Tamico says: "RC4WD says, the carton content is wright, no extra accessoires" I say: that's world biggest bullsh*t I ever heared. Not possible to mount! Here you can see it:
  8. ...but I havn't this 4 black round ball bearing carriers... sh*t!
  9. I've bought new RC4WD truce scale rims for my Brusier but I can't mounting them. It seems, that some parts missing. I think there is missing 4 ball bearings and/or a filling part between ball bearing and rim. Is this part exclude or what do I need? Shown on this picture, but I havn't got them:
  10. Rangers 2.2 fits to every 2.2'' rims. The midwest wheels have 3 different offset adapters. JC is a wonderful firm. Nice JC-shopping.
  11. JConcepts #332 Silverado Body fits perfect on WR-01. This body have 280mm Wheelbase and same width like Blackfoot 3.
  12. I use two HPI Firebolt 15T Motors and Quicrun WP860 ESC....since years...works awesome.
  13. I hope NOT the alloy gear boxes!! They are terrible rare! The damaged trucks shows the bad quality of rc4wd products. thats typical for it....
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