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  1. Here's some more weight at the front for you
  2. If they are the same frequency xtals, and both rx and tx say AM27 (are xtals also AM?). All I can suggest otherwise is to try inserting the xtal the other way around in the receiver but I can’t remember if orientation matters with xtals, it’s been a while failing that a different pair of xtals you may have a bad one (again make sure they are AM xtals)!
  3. I appeased my wife with a Kumamon Tractor
  4. Astounding stuff Alberto, congratulations, that is really awesome. Cheers Nito
  5. Awesome paint scheme, works really well with the wheels too, you have my compliments
  6. Thank you, good news for the WT01 then
  7. This fits and is the only lipo you need for all your Tamiyas! https://www.modelsport.co.uk/core-rc-4000mahr-7-4v-30-60c-2s-lipo/rc-car-products/388538 ps, I posted a pic of the core rc in a Hornet compartment earlier in the thread. It’s great as the reduced weight means the cover rarely comes off!
  8. Not for me. They’ve revived the appeal and brought them back to life, allowing them to be useable once more, whether that is through parts to refurbish them, or keep the shelfers as shelfers and enjoy the rere’s as runners in the spirit with which they were originally intended, I’ve no doubt Rere’s have destroyed values, but I was never invested in this hobby as an investment. I own a few vintage ones, that I paid a fortune for but it doesn’t upset me that the values will drop (though none of mine have been rere’d yet!) because that will be more than offset by gratitude for affordable parts availability. Aside from deflating a marketplace for overpriced snotters, it takes nothing away from the authentic vintage kits as they will always remain such and the best ones will still command their values I suspect.
  9. Great new pics Mokei. Good news as far as I'm concerned on the front hubs, looks like they will definitely be hex fitment rather than bearing. There's no mention of 2 piece wheels in the latest, I really hope they are beadlock but there are no visible screws unless they are on the rear of the wheel. For brushless applications beadlock are fantastic, in fact gluing tyres is just horrible, beadlock are the way forward, or backward as the case may be , either way, I'm really hoping they are beadlockers. I wonder if they have gone with 2.2" rims or if they are the odd 2" lunchbox/WW size? Loving the look of this thing, the exhaust are great, lots of new options for us fans of mongrel WR/WT/GF series chassis.
  10. WT01 all day long gets my vote. We bought our son a Mad Bull to start and within about 6 months upgraded him to a WT01 (well the WR01 4wd variant) and never looked back. Then same for my other son. A couple of their friends also have them on our advice and have loved them. They take a real hammering and are massively modifiable but even in stock trim are great. The only thing I would advise is get a decent metal geared steering servo and waterproof the electronics for a reliable runner. All the other bits like metal servo mounts and longer shocks and towers just improve it further overtime.
  11. That's awesome, thanks Mokei, I predict this will sell very well indeed. What a cracking concept and by the looks of it, execution.
  12. Sounds interesting!! TR...hmmm. You mean 'Trail' Mokei? Well the crawling scene is big. I think it would need substantially more suspension travel if that were the case and maybe wider track. Perhaps it has extended towers at the front, middle, rear, for long travel suspension, that would be cool. Thanks for the heads up. Dynahead is an interesting name, I'm expecting something brutish from the head, like the konghead, bullhead etc. The Dyna suggest some performance slant to it or racing truck?! Like the TR15T Stadium racing truck? who knows, certainly one of the more interesting news releases, I like these chassis variants, opens a host of possibilities potentially. Lots of stuff filtering through.
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