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  1. Looks like it, and they would be a valid 3x14mm replacement for the self tappers (50582) they tend to include.
  2. frameskip

    Tamiya Vs SCX10 Vs others

    For me, I think it would come down to which transmission you want. The SCX10 II has a slipper, whereas the Scout does not. The gear ratio in the Scout is also significantly lower than the Axial. Pros and cons to each, depending on if you plan on doing more climbing/crawling versus trail running. I certainly would have purchased the SCX10 II builders kit had it been available a couple years back.
  3. frameskip

    52mm shafts with e clips

    If 51mm will work you might be able to track these down?
  4. frameskip

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Decided to have a weigh-in with some various TL-01 prop shafts while the cars are apart. Per the kitchen scale, the results: The standard TL-01 shaft came in at a portly 33g The GPM aluminium shaft was less than half the mass at 15g (thanks again to @Tamiyabigstuff) The Tamiya carbon shaft was the lightweight champ at a scant 6g Fun times!
  5. frameskip

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Never thought of using a bag within my sonic cleaner -- top tip! Although I wonder if turpentine is a bit harsh on the plastic? I've had pretty amazing results just using dish soap to remove the various greases found on RC cars (including the black molybdenum).
  6. Hi TC, I'm looking for an aluminium prop shaft for a TL01 project in either blue or silver. I believe both GPM and Yeah Racing made these. Posting would be to either the UK or US. Thanks!
  7. Any guess on the overall height of the portals? Wondering if they will even accommodate a smaller rim -- that may have dictated the wheel choice?
  8. frameskip

    avante 2001

    FRP = fiber reinforced plastic As opposed to carbon fiber on the Egress
  9. Maybe the "desert tire" listed here?
  10. frameskip

    How old are these pin spike tires?

    My understanding is that the “Y” and “X” part numbers are the MRC part numbers for when they were the US Tamiya distributor. These look like original spare parts to me.
  11. frameskip

    58028 Hilux Build

    You guessed it:
  12. frameskip

    Oh Dear.... (Bruiser clone)

    I don't think the issue here has to do with brand names, but instead with intellectual property. If these cheap electronics, etc. do not infringe on anyone’s IP, then there is no debate to have. However, in the case of this clone, Tamiya’s IP has clearly been stolen. Regardless of whether someone ever intended to purchase a Bruiser, purchasing the clone directly supports a company that has stolen from Tamiya.
  13. frameskip

    1350 bearing size?

    According to Seidel the standard 1350 is 4mm: Can't seem to cross reference that anywhere, so...
  14. frameskip

    TRF201 gear diff

    I’ve also heard that the FF03 and TRF201 diffs are interchangeable. Just keep in mind that the FF03 requires a special gear case to accomodate the width of the TA06 gear diff:
  15. frameskip

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Please post a pic of the upper arms once you have them off. Quite curious to see how they’re fashioned.