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  1. Hi I'm using a Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 esc in conjunction with 2S lipos.
  2. Hi the TT-02D has a 22 tooth pinion and I just had a look at the TT-02R manual and it shows a 27 tooth pinion as standard. I know this may seem a stupid question but apart from fitting the high speed gear set and changing the pinion gear is there anything else that needs to be changed. Steve.
  3. Hi all I'm converting my TT-02D into a type R, I have the high speed gear set ray to install and was wondering what would be the ideal tooth pinion to use with it. I'm planning on using a HPI Firebolt 15 turn brushed motor. Also besides the high speed gear set is there anything else I should consider when it comes to the gearing? Cheers Steve.
  4. Hi I've bought the quicrun 1060's from HK (£12-£15 deliverd) and from Modelsport (around £23.50 delivrred). They are freaking awesome for their money and I've run HPI Firebolt 15 turn brushed motors on both NiMH and 2S lipos with no issues. Steve.
  5. Many thanks. Banzai Hobby here I come lol.
  6. Hi all I'm converting my TT-02D into a TT-02R and I'm looking for the correct UJ's and gearbox cups. Can anyone help with Tamiya part numbers please. Thanks in advance Steve.
  7. I take it those are the ones on ebay for £2.60 delivered!
  8. Hi my friend PM replied to. Thanks Steve.
  9. Hi my friend. It sounds promising. Steve.
  10. Hi all I'm looking for a FAV project. Just wondering if anyone here would have something suitable that they are looking or would be willing to part with. Thanks Steve (UK).
  11. Very well put. The only time I've purchased Tamiya branded bearings is from Banzai for a TT-01e restoration as they were stupidly cheap compared to UK prices. All my bearings tend to be bought from HK. It would be interesting to evaluate the quality difference between the two as I presume there are industry standards.
  12. Check with others first before cutting it out. It might reduce the chassis strength compared to the DB01RR chassis that is moulded to take the heating.
  13. What could also be said is that Tamiya could bulk buy bearings that would cost condiderably less than £10 per kit with their buying power and leverage over suppliers. I have also pondered the same question regarding the inclusion of bearings. But I must admit the DT-03 was and still is very good value for money. Steve.
  14. Hi all can anyone tell me the Futaba servo equivalent of an Acoms AS-17 please. Cheers Steve.
  15. Hi my friend the motor heat sink in question fits the DB01RR chassis not the standard DB01 chassis. I had the same issue last year. Steve.
  16. Hi all wondering if someone can help. I'm looking for a Tamiya DB01 Baldre body for my runner. Wing isn't needed. Thanks Steve.
  17. Hi all can anyone recommend a set of rear aluminium oil shocks for a Grasshopper. I understand that standard Hornet shocks can be used but they seem pricey. Cheers Steve.
  18. Cheers my friend. It's fitted with aluminium prop shaft and cups, metal motor mount and full turnbuckles. I'm thinking of replacing the stock sports tuned motor with a 15 turn Firebolt brushed motor and run 2S lipos. I've been looking at the high speed gear set?
  19. Hi all it's been a while since I've been on here. My question is I have a heavily modified TT-02D but can't get on with drifting lol. I want to convert it to a race spec so my question is what should I look to change. It currently has a locked rear diff should I unlock the rear diff? Steve
  20. Freaking awesome brushed esc's and they cope with 2S lipos with ease. Steve.
  21. Some more new releases on Tamiyablog today. Steve.
  22. Open to suggestions my friend.
  23. Hi I'm looking for a cheap TT-01 chassis project. Steve UK.
  24. Awesome esc's for the money and lipo compatible. They are all I use. Steve
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