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  1. Hi it was the Amorak that caught my eye. Steve.
  2. Which mmodel did you buy my friend. Steve.
  3. Surely it's subjective I'm a child of the 80's the so called golden years of Tamiya. Yes you had the likes of the Hotshot, Bigwig, Avante, Egress etc but how many of our parents could afford to buy us our childhood rc dreams.The humble Hornet and Grasshopper at that time were Tamiya's entry level buggies and for most of us that's all we could afford. Yes I'm not denying that Tamiyas of that era looked a lot more interesting/scale and I still love them to this day but times have changed. I personally own and run a DT-03 and in my opinion it's really good value for money and a far better entry level runner than a Hornet, Grasshopper, Frog or a Fox but admittedly hasn't got the same courisma as the 80's models. It's all about different times and value for money. Take the TT-02B enrty level 4WD it doesn't look anywhere near as good as Tamiya's 80's offerings but at under £100 again it's good value for money and a decent runner. Like I said I adore the Tamiyas from the past the same as the majority of us here and that's why Tamiya will keep on emptying our wallets with their re re's if not so we can afford our childhood dreams but for nostalgia sake. Steve.
  4. What would you guys recommend for a bit of off road bashing then. I'm not looking to spend a lot and I already have a couple of buggies. I'm looking for something with bigger wheels/ground clearance. Steve.
  5. Hi all I've been looking at a couple of off road era (58603 vw amorak wt-01n chassis and 58602 pajero cc-01 chassis). Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding pros and cons of each chassis. Cheers Steve.
  6. +1 for the Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 esc. They are an awesome esc for the money. Steve.
  7. Hi my friend the build manual that came with my complete kit is the same as the one that came with the chassis kit. Even though the build manuals are black and white on both manuals it's plain to see that the previously mentioned parts are a lighter colour. I downloaded all the tt--02 variant manuals before I bought anything. Like I previously mentioned I just presumed that because the full kit had TT--02D chassis in its description it was the same as the chassis only kit but with the extras. Steve.
  8. Please excuse my ignorance but I merely presumed that a tt-02d complete kit would have the identical chassis to that of the tt-02d chassis only kit hence the tt-02d reference on both the boxes. There are no references to the differences on any listing description that I can see with on line retailers. Both kits come with a sport's tuned motor, motor heat sink, full bearings and cva dampers which sets them apart from the basic tt-02 chassis. The special hardened plastic parts I previously mentioned are incorporated into the chassis only kit to help with the stresses of drift style driving. Therefore any full kit that is advertised as a tt-02d drift spec (currently 4 that I know of are available) surely should have the specific parts that have been designed for drifting. Steve.
  9. Just an update I went ahead and bought a tamiya 58604 tt-02d Skyline gt-r33 kit to have the body shell and esc. The kit arrived on Friday and Tamiya have done it again. The special hardened parts (uprights, shock towers and upper gearbox cases) and the specific plated parts (battery strap and wheel adaptors) that come with the chassis only kits weren't included. They are replaced by standard spec parts. This is another case of Tamiya given you something in one hand an take something else from your other hand. Please be aware of this if anyone is considering a tt-02d chassis. Steve.
  10. Ok so it's time for a rant at Tamiya I recently bought a TT-02D chassis kit second hand that came with the special hardened plastic uprights, damper towers, upper gearbox cases, metal plated battery strap and brake disc wheel hubs/Hex adaptors as per spec. I liked the chassis that much I decided to buy a complete kit (58604 Skyline gt-r33) that came with an esc, wheels and tyres and a body shell. The kit box comes marked up as a tt-02d chassis but to my surprise the special hardened plastic parts and the special plated parts are not included just std variants. Now I understand that with a full kit you get an esc, body shell and wheel and tyres but surely that's what you pay the extra money for. Why would Tamiya cut corners with regards to the plastic and plated parts. Steve.
  11. Hi all as per title I have listed on ebay a brand new TBLE-02S ESC NIP. I also have a full set of Tamiya Super Driftech Tyres and Tamiya drift wheels (+02 offset) NIP listed. Both of these have been taken from a new kit. Listing number - 252030119743 I also have listed a set of DT02 front wheels, tyres and foam inserts NIP and a set of front 4WD spike tyres vintage NIP. Always happy to deal with TC members. Steve.
  12. Today I got a Tamiya 58604 Skyline GT-R 33 TT-02D kit from Fusion Hobbies. Awesome price and very quick delivery. Steve.
  13. Cheers my friend. Steve.
  14. Hi all would it be necessary to mod the rear diff on a tt-02d as many are recommending on the tt-02b. I'll be locking the rear diff and using 20 turn brushed motors with 2s lipos. Steve.
  15. As per title I have a NIP 54025 full set of Tamiya TT-01 Type E Chassis ball bearings for sale on eBay. Always happy to deal with TC members. Steve UK.
  16. Hi these sets aren't bad. Basic functions compared to others. I used to use these until I swapped over to Etronix's pro wheel version.
  17. Which country is that shop located. All sources indicate that it's September for availability in the UK. Steve.
  18. I use these esc and didn't realise they had a drag brake function. I normally stick the jumper on forward and brake only as I found it increased the breaking ability. Steve.
  19. I was pondering over both types for a few days as they are both good value for money. Let me know how you get on with yours.
  20. What turn motor is ideal for drifting. The kits come with a sport's tuned. Is the efficient or would a lower turn motor be more adequate.
  21. It has the same amount of led's but a different size and colour combination. The set I bought has the following combination: Front 2 off 5mm white led's light up on acceleration 2 off 5mm white led's permenantly on dim 2 off 3mm orange/yellow led's that light up when turning Rear 2 off 5mm red led's permenantly on (dim and then bright when braking) 2 off 3mm white led's that light up when reversing 2 off 3mm orange/yellow led's that light up when turning I think this is why they are called scale as they represent true functionality. I looked them up on YouTube and chose them over the set you have. Hobbyking's website isn't the best for descriptions lol. At just over £11 delivered they offer better value and functionality over Tamiya's basic led systems. Steve.
  22. Functionality it ticks all the boxes and with the abundance of nice looking tt-01 body shells. It'll never be a competent race chassis but there's a jump up in price for the next level in chassis. I have a db01r but I still prefer to take my neo scorcher out bashing lol.
  23. I bought their scale car led system a couple of weeks ago and fitted it on a nismo silvia coppermix shell and they are awesome for the money. I bought the scale version for the realistic effect. Steve.
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