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  1. Hi you shouldn't need to plug anything into the batt port of your receiver if it's a BEC (battery eliminating circuitry) receiver. Check the receiver if it has 'BEC' labelled on it your esc will power it via the running battery. In the early days receivers needed an external power supply (4AA's)t to function. The majority of modern receivers don't need this. The Tamiya teu-101bk still has a red lead that plugs into the batt port of a receiver but again the esc supplies the power to it. Steve.
  2. Cheers for that tip Michael how's things.
  3. What's the best type of glue to use to glue the tyres to the wheels. Steve.
  4. Hi all I've just picked up a TT01D and a TT02D both came with a couple of sets of wheels with hard plastic drift tyres. I would like to buy a couple of sets of wheels fitted with normal on road tyres but I confused with all the choices. Can anybody recommend some wheels that come pre fitted and glued with std road tyres. Thanks Steve.
  5. I've dug them out my friend. I have two of them they aren't in the best of condition as the plastic is old. Let me know your delivery address and I'll post them tomorrow morning. Steve.
  6. I'm sure I have two vintage ones from when I restored a frog two years ago using re re parts as the vintage chassis was discoloured. Would they be of any use to you. Steve.
  7. Hi my friend do you have a photo of it. Steve.
  8. Is there such a thing as a hybrid drift/std on road tyre. I have a couple of sets of wheels with the dedicated hard plastic drift tyres but I'm looking for something with a bit more traction/grip. Steve.
  9. Hi can anyone tell me the set up procedure for a Modelsport 's Trident XT-20 ESC. I've seem to have lost my copy that came with the esc. Steve.
  10. Does anyone know what's gone on between Banzai and Tamiya?. Steve.
  11. Thanks for the info and that's a really interesting article. I'm struggling a bit at the moment with the whole drifting thing. As a buggy enthusiast I'm used to using powerful motors and small pinions to keep motor and esc temp down. Is there an optimum motor turn and pinion choice/set up. Steve.
  12. Hi is it worth fitting the tt-02 speed gearing set to a drift car. Steve.
  13. Hi my friend I'm going to use it for a spot of on road/drifting. I went on Banzai's website last night and saw that the mini cva's were compatible with the tt01 and ordered them lol. Steve.
  14. Hi all I'm looking to upgrade the shocks on my TT-01 to dampers. Which Tamiya cva's should I get the mini cva's (50519) or the super mini cva's (50746). Thanks Steve.
  15. Hi my friend sorry for the silly question but what is "24/58". Steve.
  16. Hi can anyone clarify what pitch/mod the TT-01 uses please. Steve.
  17. I've seen diff lockers on ebay that sit inside the diff housing but I've also heard the use of blutac. I'm just looking for functionality ig I'm honest. I want to use my tt-02 for normal road running as well obviously fitted with different tyres lol. Just a second question the tt-02 comes with a 22 tooth pinion is this the best option for drifting. I apologies if these questions seem stupid/naive but I'm a complete noob when it comes to this whole drifting business. Steve.
  18. Hi all just a quick question which is the best way to lock the rear diff on a tt-02 chassis. I'm looking to do a bit a drifting and heard that locking the rear diff helps. Thanks Steve.
  19. Hi all I'm looking to fit uj's to my tt-02D chassis can anyone tell me the part numbers for the uj's and associated cups. Cheers Steve.
  20. Hi I run my neo scorcher with a 15 turn brushed motor and 2s lipos. I fitted an RW Racing 17 tooth pinion but I did swap out the rear plastic diff gears for the df02 versions. I haven't had any problems and I drive it hard. You can pick up the df02 metal gear bags on ebay for around £6. Steve.
  21. Hi all so I've picked up a nice tt-01 drift spec with a locked rear diff and a couple of pairs of wheels/tyres. Can someone explain the different drift tyre compounds, the different wheel types and the whole 'offset' thing. The one set of wheels that came with it have what seems like hard plastic tyres and the other set of wheels have soft spongy like tyres fitted. I intend to mainly drift practice in car parks an would appreciate any wheel/tyre combination recommendations for this type of use. One other question if I unlock the rear diff can it also be used as a standard street car. Many thanks Steve.
  22. Hi does the tt-01 use the same diff housing, planetary and bevel gears as the df-02. The look almost identical in the build manuals. Steve.
  23. Hi my friend I use the quicrun 1060 esc's in all my tamiya buggies. Unfortunately the standard position for the on off switch doesn't really suit a hotshot chassis as the esc's design is more suited for modern set ups. Is the swith lead long enough to bring it out the same recess as the esc battery leads?. Other than that the quicrun switch attached to the esc itself. Steve.
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