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  1. If anyone has a new set of DF-03 aluminum rear gearbox brace (3Racing) and or Aluminum battery cover (Yeah Racing), please let me know. I am located in the U.S. and PayPal ready for immediate payment. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, Anyone know who makes carbon parts for the Dyna Storm? Other than Fibrelyte. Thanks in advance. Ted
  3. Update: Chatted with Dennis from DSRCC. They are in the middle of relocating and business will resume later this week. For those who were wondering, you can contact them via Facebook and put your orders in. Ted
  4. Hi guys, I've been trying to contact DSRCC through Facebook wanting to purchase a set of S.A. arms, but they haven't been replying. They clearly read my messages, but never respond. Has anyone purchased anything from them recently? I'm wondering if they're still in business. If anyone can share their recent experience, or if someone with a better relationship with them can help buy stuff for me, I would really appreciate it. Of course I will pay a service fee + cost to anyone willing to help. Ted
  5. I am looking for Tamiya parts # 53061, the vintage Astute Universal shaft set. I am in the U.S. and PayPal ready. Please contact me if you have one to sell. Thanks! Ted
  6. Hey guys, I am looking for a vintage Tamiya Avante decal sheet. PayPal ready. Please PM if you can help. Thanks!
  7. I have a fresh shelf queen for sale. Tamiya Avante Black Special 1:10. $600 (free shipping within the United States) *International customers must use EMS for delivery. If it doesn't sell here I will put it up on ebay. PM if interested or for pics. Thanks, Since many of you have messaged me regarding details and pics, I have attached pics. Details are below. Freshly built and never run. I have displayed this in my china cabinet which sits in a dark and cool room. The RC was sitting on a stand and not on it's wheels to prevent any flattening of the tires. I don't own any pets nor smoke. *The gold (left) upright came cracked inside the blister pack, so I used a vintage pair of uprights from my very own 1988 Avante* The only hop-up is the turn buckle (Metal turn buckles by Integy) which is connected to the front carbon fiber steering plate. This was purely for aesthetic and durability. Everything else is what originally came with the kit. If you want to swap it out for an original turn buckle, those are very easy to find. The body was painted using Tamiya PS-31 Smoke. The under cowl was painted using Tamiya PS-5 Black. There is a basic Futaba Servo, along with a Tamiya TEU ESC. Again, feel free to swap these with your own. Feel free to PM me with any additional questions.
  8. Hi guys, I am from the U.S. slowly selling some Shelf Queens. For sale is a Tamiya Avante MK II with major hop-ups. This was built purely to be a shelfer so if you want to make it into a race horse, you will need to re-align certain things. Motor is from an Avante 2011 (540 Brushed type) never used or run. Some Hop-ups worth mentioning are Tamiya dampers, Yeah racing alloy arms, front C-hubs, heat sinks, alloy front body posts, alloy battery cover, Tamiya gearbox cover, Carbon Fiber damper stays (Both front & back), Yea racing rear alloy bumber, T-bone racing front bumper, blue alloy gearbox plate, Tamiya turn buckle shafts, front turn buckle by integy, etc. It comes with everything you see. Price is $280 but is negotiable. I prefer to sell this in the Unites States but will ship internationally. *Please note, all international buyers will be charged for tracking. I have had many issues with oversears where tracking was marked "delivered" but buyer claimed to never have received the item. Shipping will be calculated depending on your state/ country. Please message me if interested.
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